MHW Dash Extract Farming: Methods & Common Uses

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Dash Extract can be found when taking on Diablos, Black Diablos, Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, or Banbaro.

The method with the best chances of getting Dash Extract is having the Tailraider Safari hunt a Diablos in the Wildspire Waste, preferably in Low Rank, as it drops two Extracts instead of one at the same 47% rate.

47% Chance for x2 Dash Extracts - Monster Hunter: World Screenshot
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Investigations are your next best option, as all successful hunts of the four potential monsters have a chance to include Dash Extract in the main hunt rewards – and investigations provide up to 5 extra opportunities to roll those dice.

Although the 4 hunts at all difficulty levels have similar chances of dropping some Dash Extract as a reward, the best one to grind is going to differ from player to player.

For example, if you can take out the Master Rank Tzitzi-Ya-Ku particularly quickly, it has a 10% chance to drop the highest number of Dash Extract (5) as a gold investigation reward, in addition to having an 18% chance of getting 2 as a hunt reward.

It’s also the only monster that can give Dash Extract as bronze, silver, and gold rewards at Master Rank.

If you have a Banbaro investigation with five bronze rewards available, each one has an 18% chance of being three Dash Extracts, on top of the 18% chance of three being given as one of Banbaro’s hunt rewards.

Banbaro Hunt Rewards Screenshot in Monster Hunter: World
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If Master Rank investigations aren’t available to you (or if they aren’t efficient for you to grind yet), the Low Rank and High Rank Diablos investigations present a lot of opportunities to get Dash Extract with slightly better odds than Tzitzi-Ya-Ku.

Dash Extract Uses

As far as uses go, Dash Extract only has two:

Selling or crafting into Dash Juice.

When used on a hunt or expedition, Dash Juice raises your maximum stamina and reduces the amount of stamina needed for four minutes.

Given the wide range of abilities that require stamina (especially defensive ones such as blocking or dodging), this buff is quite helpful in many situations.

Dash Juice isn’t particularly useful in Low or High Rank.

But it can be extremely valuable at Master Rank, due to the lack of Wiggly Litchi (a bug that provides the same stamina effect when eaten). Especially in places like the Ancient Forest that would ordinarily be crawling with them.

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