12 Best (And Free) Armor Mods For Minecraft

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Minecraft is cool because of all the stuff you can create there.

But come on, what game would it be if it fails to make your avatar look badass? Video games are still in large part power fantasies.

And being “fantastic” means you get to look cool while doing your thing. Thank goodness more than a few modders in the Minecraft community still realize this!

So as it relates to defensive goals, I’ve collated a bunch of the best armor mods available for Minecraft. And (like all great mods) each one in this list is totally free. So let’s get to it!

12. Fulfilment Armor

Fulfilment Armor mod

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“Fulfillment” is just about the right description to apply to any Minecraft playthrough.

It’s the game which allowed players to create ridiculously large structures or play at being overpowered heroes before other games realized they could mix-and-match crafting and combat together.

In my opinion, this is perhaps one of the “easiest” introductions to crafting mods newbie players could be exposed to when playing Minecraft for the first time.

The Fulfillment Armor set is now on version 1.3.2 (as of this writing) and features such stuff as the Obsidian Armor set, Electrical Boots, and probably my personal favorite, the Regeneration Hat.

Suck it, mobs!


11. MasterCraft

MasterCraft mod

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Out of all the Legend of Zelda-inspired mods released on Minecraft, the MasterCraft mod by XeroSphex is perhaps the most thorough in its recreation of transforming players into their pixelated versions of Link.

Be forewarned though: most of the armor sets featured in the mod are inspired by the 1998 version of The Ocarina of Time.

So if you’re looking for Chibi Link, Brooding-and-Mature Link, or Breath of the Wild Link, then let’s cross our fingers that some modder out there with loads of free time attempt to do any of these.


10. Iron Man Armors

Iron Man Armors Minecraft

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Come on. Of course someone made an Iron Man mod in Minecraft!

Thankfully modder SquidDude5 didn’t stick to just the MCU stuff; he included even the more obscure armor sets from the comics too.

This commitment to superhero geekery is just something we need more of in today’s world.


9. Future Warfare

Future Warfare mod

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I’m going to be honest here: this has “Infinite Warfare” vibes written all over it.

And really, that isn’t supposed to be a bad thing, hardcore fans be damned.

Along with an armor set that makes your character look like a faceless-yet-menacing foot soldier from the sci-fi future, the 1.5.2 version of this mod also includes weapons and alien mobs to test your brute strength against.


8. Gods Sacred Items

Gods Sacred Items mod

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You can finally be… inevitable (Thanos FTW) with this snazzy set from modder BlastedEuro.

At its current version, the more obvious standouts are the Reaper Armor set, and of course the Thunder Armor set. Because it’s fun to be Thor.


7. More Armours

More Armours mod

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Oftentimes you’re just looking for something new to play with because… well, it’s just exactly that: you want something new to play with.

The More Armours mod from modder TheProMinerNL features armor sets that can be crafted from wood, cobblestone, and even dirt.

Because why not? Variety is the spice of life and all that jazz.


6. WarStuff

WarStuff Minecraft mod

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War: what is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Except in the video game world where war is absolutely everything!

This mod charmingly titled “WarStuff” features camouflage sets for forest, desert, and snow environments, as well as the requisite weapons and items to protect your fort like sandbags and barricades.

Of course, no one’s quite sure how you can delude mobs when your character is wearing camouflage print. But hey, at least you’re looking the part.


5. Armor Extended

Armor Extended mod

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Oh now we’re talking some serious stuff here.

The Armor Extended mod extends armor life by tons.

With this, you can just bum-rush any size of mobs you want and not worry about your puny health bar ruining the mood for you.


4. Minecraft Mob Armor

Minecraft Mob Armor

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If Billie Eilish can be the bad guy, why not you, too?

The Mob Armor mod features armor sets from just about every mob type featured in the game.

Of course, you won’t be just getting kicks out of bad-guy aesthetics here; each mob armor set also comes with its own set of upgrades and perks.

Seriously if you’re in Minecraft to just grief random players, might as well do it in the most authentically evil way possible.


3. Armor Movement

Armor Movement Minecraft mod

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You know what video game armor does that real-world armor can only hope to do?

Well it’s obviously doing all the fancy video game stuff: swim faster, jump higher, fly around, and all those things.

So for the armor connoisseur for all of us wanting to milk the most out of the fancy-schmancy armors in Minecraft, this is certainly the mod for us.

From gliders to jetpacks and ice skates and every freaking thing in between, this is the “… and includes the kitchen sink” mod that makes videogames such an awesome thing to play in.


2. Block Armor

Block Armor mod

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Now the whole spirit of Minecraft is about making stuff that’s interesting to you.

So what better mod to live up to that lofty ideal than one that precisely lets players create armor sets the way they want them to look.

The Block Armor set allows players to craft armor from the thousands and thousands of pixelated blocks depicted in the game.

Not only does this let you import custom blocks created by other modders, it also allows you the very cool option of importing even animated textures on your armor like you’re Eru Ilúvatar wandering through the world with your skies-and-stars cloak.

Also, I’m aware that I’m so old I’m just dropping J.R.R. Tolkien references whenever I feel like it.


1. Emerald Equipment

Emerald Equipment mod for Minecraft

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When compared to many of the mods in this list, the Emerald Equipment mod seems… well, pedestrian?

Like, the other mods lets you get away with so many amazing things. But why does this mod just nets you a green armor?

Because Minecraft is first and foremost a video game.

And this here mod is what we typically refer to in other videogames as “endgame” items; you know, the super-overpowered ones where every challenge you encounter in the game immediately becomes a breeze.

However, rather than considering this as a mod that makes Minecraft “boring” it should at least free you with enough time to create stuff that you would find more interesting to you.

If we have self-actualization in the workplace, then so too does Minecraft!

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