Top 5 Best Realism Mods for Minecraft

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If you love Minecraft, chances are you sometimes (or often) spend extended periods of time playing it.

With all these mods about dragons and floating islands and Cyclopes and whatever else these mod creators can conjure, it’s important to stay grounded.

And in this list you’ll find a handful realism mods for Minecraft, to ensure that you only partly lose your hold on reality.


5. Mo’ Bends

Mo’ Bends Minecraft mod screenshot

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Supported Versions: 1.7-1.12

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the human experience, it’s that people are complicated. I’m not just talking psychologically either.

Did you know that the human body has 206 bones and 360 joints?

Despite having backbones, we’re some pretty bendy creatures.

This’s why pressing F5 in Minecraft to view your character can destroy your immersion.

Minecraft characters are not bendy and the game, therefore, does not capture the complexity of the human experience.

Mo’ Bends adds a whole new layer to our beautiful game by allowing your character to bend as they move and do things.


4. EnvironmentZ

EnvironmentZ mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.16-1.18

It’s a cold world out there, and you’re really going to feel it with this mod installed.

Those snowy biomes will require you to take steps to stay warm with special armor and hot rocks. Maybe you can even go for a custom wintry skin too.

And in the hot biomes?

Just follow the rules of a beach.

If you have too much on, you’ll suffer!


3. Familiar Fauna

Familiar Fauna Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.12

Have you ever installed a mod, only to be overwhelmed by the new mobs it adds? Giant worms with one eye, sharks that swim on sand, creatures that inflict every potion effect known to Stevekind… things can get pretty crazy when it comes to modded Minecraft.

Familiar Fauna throws in a bunch of new mobs without overwhelming you.

It does this by reintroducing some familiar species but in pixel form. Deers, butterflies, snails, etc.

No weird things that move here!

Just normal things that move.

You can hunt for food well within your comfort zone!


2. Dynamic Darkness

Dynamic Darkness mod for Minecraft

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Supported Versions: 1.12

The gods of vanilla Minecraft protect you from pitch-blackness.

And Dynamic Darkness makes the game more realistic by removing this protection.

That means no more minimal light level.

If you’re stuck in a cave without any light sources, well… I hope you know how to echolocate because your sense of sight won’t be much help!

And if you think you’re not scared of the dark, just wait until you have to echolocate your way through a gang of creepers.


1. TerrafirmaCraft

TerrafirmaCraft Minecraft mod

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Supported Versions: 1.12

TerrafirmaCraft makes vanilla survival mode look like a cheap knock-off.

It adds a lot more realism to Minecraft in various ways.

Specifically, this mod adds a skill tree to the game. In real life, most people aren’t born with extraordinary abilities and skills. They’re developed over time.

So now just like in real life, if you want to become a successful TerrafirmaCraft farmer, you need to build up your agricultural skills.

TerrafirmaCraft will change your world – literally.

It completely wipes the original world generation and replaces it with a much more realistic one.

With this world generation, there are:

  • More ores (realistic because there are a lot of ores in the real world)
  • New stone types (realistic because there are many stones in the real world)
  • And the sea level has been raised (realistic because global warming exists)

But possibly the most unique addition this mod offers is the game progression system.

You start in the Stone Age, where you use primitive tools and everything just takes forever to do. Lots of fun to be had.

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