The Best Star Trek Skins For Minecraft (All Free)

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Star Trek has been a staple in the sci-fi world for decades. And I don’t see it going anywhere anytime soon.

Whether you’re an old-school Star Trek fan or just getting into it, so many characters of the world are recognizable.

So why not show off your favorite characters with a crossover into Minecraft?

While we’ll venture into some recognizable characters here, we’ll also take a look at some lesser-known characters as well.


1. Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk Minecraft Skin

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This is one of the most recognizable captains from the Star Trek universe – none other than Captain Kirk.

He first appeared in the original Star Trek series, and he captained the USS Enterprise.

Captain Kirk was born in the 23rd century in a small town in Iowa. He quickly made his way to captain in Starfleet, and soon he became the captain of the USS Enterprise.

After that, he set out on many adventures over many planets with his trustworthy crew.

Captain Kirk’s series and crew are some of the most memorable. And most of the time when people speak of Star Trek, they usually refer to the era of Captain Kirk.

He’s the perfect skin for anyone looking to create some outlandish vessels in Minecraft.


2. Spock

Spock (Star Trek) Minecraft Skin

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Spock is undeniably the most recognizable character in the entire Star Trek universe.

If you don’t recognize him by his persona, perhaps some of his quotes are more recognizable.

Spock is the source of the “Live long and prosper” quote. And if that isn’t enough, then Spock’s v-shaped hand salutation is even more iconic.

He was a half-human half-Vulcan male who was born in the year 2230.

While his original storyline was pretty straightforward and seemed to follow that of Captain Kirk, it has been found out that his timeline actually fluctuates into time travel.

But we’re still learning more about his life as he continues to pop up in Star Trek shows.


3. Data

Data (Star Trek) Minecraft Skin

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Data is actually our first entry from the Next Generation series.

Data is actually a Soong-type Android, and appears in all but one episode of season four. He became a symbol of the series, and pretty darn recognizable by his off-color skin.

All those design choices carry over brilliantly into the Minecraft design too.


4. Geordi La Forge

Geordi La Forge Minecraft Skin

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Honestly, I watched Star Trek when I was younger. But I don’t remember Georgi for anything he actually did in the show.

It was always just the glasses.

His VISOR is a memorable piece of technology from the show, and I think that the VISOR made Geordi’s character.

Geordi was born in 2335 in Somalia where he was picked up by Starfleet.

Thus began his journey with Captain Picard.

Even if this skin only had the VISOR on it, it would still be damn cool. The fact that it’s all of Geordi just makes it 1000X better.


5. Worf

Worf (Star Trek) Minecraft Skin

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Worf is another recognizable non-human character from Next Generation.

He was an interesting addition because he’s actually a Klingon – a species known for their unforgiving sinister nature.

And if you want a Klingon skin for your Minecraft session, this is the best one to go with.

In the show, Worf maintained the rank of Lieutenant throughout the majority of Next Generation.

Later when he appeared in Deep Space Nine and the movies, he attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

How far can he climb the ranks in your Minecraft world?

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