Top 5 Best Waifus from NieR: Automata & the NieR Franchise

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It’s hard to talk about NieR without going on a two-hour-long rant that doesn’t lead anywhere specific.

Between the fascinating lore and director Yoko Taro’s avant-garde artistic vision, any attempt at surmising NieR into a few concise words is futile.

One part about NieR speaks for itself, though: waifus.

The only thing Yoko Taro likes more than convoluted storylines that question the nature of consciousness is hot anime girls – so NieR has them aplenty.

Prepare for fierce competition as I attempt to rank these mysterious beauties.


5. Popola & Devola

Popola & Devola from NieR Automata

Listing two waifus in place of one may be unfair to all the one-woman shows, but Popola and Devola just aren’t the same without the other.

These two pink-haired beauties were introduced in NieR as the leaders of the protagonist’s village.

It’s only halfway through the game that they’re revealed to be androids in service of Project Gestalt.

This technically makes them artificial bodies without a soul, but you’ll quickly realize they have a lot of spunk for empty vessels.

And Popola and Devola return for NieR: Automata.

They can be found in the Resistance Camp, though they’re technically not the same two from the first game, but rather, later-manufactured versions.


4. A2 (YoRHa Type A No.2)

A2 (YoRHa Type A No.2) from NieR Automata

A2 is a gorgeous battle android prototype whose combat data would later be used to perfect superior androids such as 2B and 9S.

She’s the main playable character for Branch C of NieR: Automata’s multiple timelines.

Seemingly timid and taciturn at first, she’s quickly revealed to be fiery and rash. She’s the first to jump into danger and the last to put down her weapon.

It’s hard not to love A2 once you get to know her.

She seems a bit crazy at first, but she’s really just profoundly lonely after losing her comrades – which she covers up by resorting to violence and waging an endless war of revenge against the machines.


3. Operator 6O

Operator 6O from NieR Automata

She might not be a playable character, but 2B’s Operator in NieR: Automata is a total cutie and one of the few truly friendly faces on the Bunker.

6O is the first NPC we talk to in the game and one of the most prominent throughout.

She gives you mission intel and directions and seems genuinely interested in your well-being.

You might think that’s due to her programming as 2B’s support, but she’s actually quite different from other operators. It feels authentic, and it’s exceptional emotional support if you’re struggling to get by on Hard or Very Hard.

If this saintly android ever asks you for a flower, you better get it for her! She deserves that and more.


2. Kaine

Kaine from NieR Automata

Like A2, Kaine is a remarkably violent gal who’ll sooner resort to her gruesome dual sword saws than try to talk things out.

This Replicant is as dangerous as she is beautiful – and she’s one of the most appealing women in gaming. Her silky smooth skin, delicate features, and silvery-white hair paint an angelical picture, creating a stark contrast with the fury and darkness in her eyes.

You could say Kaine’s character is one of duality.

Though she dresses femininely and is always referred to as a “she,” Kaine is intersex.

On the other hand, half of her body is possessed by a Shade – making her half-human, half-shade.

She was cursed with being an outcast – but blessed with the strength and skill to make it regardless.


1. 2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B)

2B (YoRHa No.2 Type B) from NieR Automata

Finding 2B as the top of the ranking shouldn’t come as a surprise if you’ve been anywhere where games are talked about in the last couple of years.

At the time of writing, 2B reigns supreme as the apex waifu – not only of the NieR series, but also of gaming in general.

This eyepatch-wearing beauty has dominated popularity polls and cosplay events for years, and she’s a familiar guest in other games. If you count mods, 2B is basically in every game where a cute waifu might be needed.

She’s a deadly battle android with a penchant for deep philosophical one-liners – and I’ve never seen someone wear thigh-high boots quite so well.

2B will go down in history as one of the great waifus of our times.

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