Best Spots for Ammonite Crabs (OSRS)

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Ammonite crabs are a unique species of crab that can be found all over (and under) Fossil Island. There are three main parts of the island in which the Ammonites reside:

  1. The Mushroom Forest (most amount of crab spawns here)
  2. The North Wyvern Cave
  3. The Fossil Island Volcano

Similar to every other “crab”, Ammonites sport a high amount of hit points, while basically having no other combat stats.

The reason a lot of players prefer these over their cousins (rock, sand, and swamp crabs), is because they have the highest health total among all of them (a nice and round 100hp).

This makes them ideal for leisurely afk combat training (of all kinds or levels), where the goal is to just get experience with minimal effort, while not caring about profit or any of their drops.

With that said, they do have a few interesting drops worth mentioning, and those are:

  • Numulite (Has multiple uses throughout the island’s activities)
  • Easy Clue Scrolls (At a 1/128 droprate)
  • Seaweed Spores (Very useful for ironmen and Crafting training)
  • Unidentified Fossils (Used at the Varrock Museum’s exhibit, rewards lamps worth 2000 experience)

If any of those intrigue you, it might be a smart idea to make Runelite notify you whenever you get said drops, so you won’t have to constantly be on the lookout for them!

Note: In order to be able to access Fossil Island (and thus, the crabs), completion of the intermediate quest “Bone Voyage” is required.


1. The Mushroom Forest Spots


West of the Magic Mushtree

A player killing crabs west of the Mushtree / OSRS
A player killing crabs west of the Mushtree

As a general rule, the best spots are the ones with the maximum amount of crabs possible (in the case of ammonites it’s usually 3).

So the first spot we’ll be talking about today is located on the beach, just a few steps west of the Mushroom Forest Magic Mushtree.

Stand next to the seashell, and start smacking the crabs!


North-East of the Tree Patches

A mix of players and crabs north of the tree patches / OSRS
A mix of players and crabs north of the tree patches

The second three-crab-spot in the Mushroom Forest is found a few tiles northeast of the hardwood tree farming patches.

There’s a small group of 4 crabs immediately to the west of the aforementioned spot, but it might be hard to wrangle all of them at the same time.

Still, a decent spot for low-leveled players that take some time to despatch their crabs!


2. The North Wyvern Cave Spots


Cave Entrance

Entrance of the cave / OSRS
Entrance of the cave

Venturing inside the ancient cave-systems of Fossil Island, here we can find a couple more Ammonite crab spots worth talking about.

First up, we’ve got a pair of crabs hanging out together right by the entrance of the cave.

A few wyverns can be seen from here, flapping about their wings in the adjacent southeast room. But there’s no reason to be afraid because there’s no way for them to get to you.

Map to the wyvern cave / OSRS
Map to the wyvern cave

South-East of the Wyverns

The most remote crab spot / OSRS
The most remote crab spot

For those willing to risk their lives, and brave enough to withstand a few hits from the wyverns, there’s a remote spot in the south-east quadrant of the cave that barely anyone uses (and you can probably guess why).

Here you can find 3 crabs just waiting for you to get your hands on them for that sweet, sweet experience.

Additionally, I personally tested and checked the aggression lines inside the cave, and you can 100% reset the crabs without running into any pesky wyverns!

Path to the crabs through wyverns / OSRS
Path to the crabs through wyverns

3. The Fossil Island Volcano


The Volcanic Beach

The Volcano overlooking the crab shore / OSRS
The Volcano overlooking the crab shore

The last area of Fossil Island has only one spot worth showcasing, and it’s located on the small beach south of the volcano.

A group of three, little, spiral-shelled friends can be found here, and violently assaulted for some easy and relaxed training (you monster).


Bonus Crab-Bashing Tips

Here’s a few extra things you should know before you begin your crabventure:

  • Like other crabs, Ammonites have no offensive or defensive stats. For that reason, the use of degradable armour and weapons (like Barrows pieces) is unnecessary and should be avoided to cut unneeded costs.
  • You can only have one clue scroll (of every tier) at any time, so completing any scrolls you get is required to receive another one.
  • I highly suggest enabling the “NPC Aggression Timer” Runelite plugin, as it shows you exactly how long you have before your crabs are no longer aggressive, and also the exact tiles you have to click to re-aggro them.
  • All fossils can be stored in the Fossil Storage east of the Museum camp, to save precious bank space!
High-end crab training melee gear / OSRS
High-end crab training melee gear
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