Where To Get Snape Grass in OSRS

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Snape Grass can be collected from three spawn areas around the game, with the most notable locations being Waterbirth Island, the eastern Hosidius peninsula, and west from the Crafting Guild. It can also be farmed in allotment patches with level 61 Farming.

Snape Grass is a secondary herblore ingredient used in prayer potions and fishing potions.

It’s also an ingredient for the hangover cure in the Plague City quest and the Skippy and the Mogres miniquest.

Snape Grass can also be sourced in small quantities from a variety of slayer monsters such as Fossil Island Wyverns, Waterfiends, and more.


Spawn Locations (Get Snape Grass Now)

Snape Grass can be found in quantity on Waterbirth Island and the eastern Hosidius peninsula.

Wild spawning snape grass on Waterbirth Island in OSRS

If you’re going to collect Snape Grass in large quantities from spawns, I recommend using the lunar spell Waterbirth Teleport (level 72 Magic) to quickly get to the Snape Grass.

From there, simply teleport to bank a full inventory and repeat.

The peninsula east of Hosidius is rather far from both the Xeric’s Talisman Glade teleport and the Kharedst’ memoirs Hosidius teleport, so it’s a lot of running between the bank and the Snape Grass spawns.

This method with teleports allows you to fill up a full inventory decently quickly, and is likely the best method to get Snape Grass before accessing Waterbirth Island or Farming.

And in a pinch, three spawns may also be found west of the Crafting Guild near the hobgoblins.

This area is far more accessible earlier in the game – but beware of the hobgoblins!


Farming Methods (Get Snape Grass Over Time)

Snape Grass is an allotment crop that requires level 61 Farming to plant.

To plant one allotment, it requires three seeds and a seed dibber.

The plot can be protected by paying a nearby farmer 5 jangerberries.

However, it is easiest to use ultracompost on the plot and hope it doesn’t die.

Ultracompost increases the chance for the crop not to die, as well as improving the yield substantially.

Utilizing a Bottomless Compost Bucket effectively doubles your quantity of Ultracompost and saves inventory space, so consider using it during your farm runs!

Farming snape grass in the Farming Guild in OSRS

High-Level Snape Grass Farming Tips

Snape Grass yield is variable, and a variety of factors affect it.

For best results, plant the Snape Grass and treat the allotment with ultracompost and harvest Snape Grass using Magic Secateurs.

It also helps to have a high Farming level.

There are 15 allotment patches in the game, so an enormous amount of Snape Grass can be grown at once.

While the yield of a patch is variable, it’s not uncommon to receive between 15-75 Snape Grass at most levels.

Anima Seeds (untradeable seeds dropped from the Hespori Boss at the Farming guild) can also be used to enhance your farm runs.

Attas Seeds increase the yield of farming patches.

Iasor Seeds decrease the chance for farming patches to become diseased.

And finally, Kronos Seeds provide a chance for farming patches of the same type (e.g. all allotment patches) to skip a growth stage.

As Snape Grass takes 70 minutes to grow from seed to harvest, Kronos seeds can speed up the rate of acquisition substantially.

To activate one of these effects, simply plant them (requires level 76 Farming) in the anima patch at the Farming Guild.

These effects activate immediately, and last for approximately 3.5 days before wearing off.

Pro Tip: When harvesting, spam click the allotment patch until you read “You begin to harvest the allotment.” in your chatbox three times. This allows you to harvest the crops at double the rate!

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