Planet Coaster: Best Mods & Blueprints Worth Downloading

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Planet Coaster is a dream come true for pretty much everyone.

We all enjoyed going to theme parks as kids, and we all learned how to build them in Roller Coaster Tycoon (well, most of us). Then Planet Coaster by Frontier Developments came along.

With its multiple play modes, Planet Coaster is an extremely enjoyable game all around. But you know what could make it even better?

Mods, of course. So let’s check out some mods absolutely worth installing.


10. Star Wars Millennium Falcon

Star Wars Millennium Falcon Planet Coaster mod

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Any sci-fi park worthy of its name needs a little something from Star Wars.

Or something not too little, like a perfect recreation of one of the most iconic spaceships ever made.

This Millenium Falcom mod brings a well-crafted recreation of the legendary ship to your park. You sadly cannot pilot it (darnit!) but if you’re aiming to have the most successful sci-fi park ever, you need to have this baby somewhere on your grounds.


9. Star Wars Death Star

Star Wars Death Star Planet Coaster mod

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While the Millenium Falcon mod is nothing more than a glorified decoration, the Death Star is not.

How could such a devastating weapon be just a decoration?

This mod is a launch coaster that will make all your patrons feel like they’re part of the Galactic Empire, filling them with excitement first, and then with fear later.

It couldn’t have been any other way when you find the terrifying Darth Vader right in front of your eyes: succumb to the Dark Side!


8. The Rumbler

The Rumbler mod for Planet Coaster

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Parks and attractions don’t need to be technologically advanced to be successful.

Sometimes, a little taste of old-school roller coasting is all you need.

The Rumbler is a nice custom attraction that’s made entirely of wood. It may not look all that exciting at first glance, but it’s so well done that you may think this could be a real attraction in any theme park around the world.

But let’s start by adding it to your own park first, yeah?


7. Hobbit Hole

Hobbit Hole Planet Coaster mod screenshot

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In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit.

Yes, that hole right there, in your theme park.

The Hobbit Hole doesn’t really need any introduction. It’s the place where everything began, and the destiny of Middle-Earth started to change.

The destiny of your theme park definitely won’t, but the Hobbit Hole looks so good that it should be part of any woodland-themed park!


6. Spooky Town

Spooky Town mod for Planet Coaster

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Every day can be as spooky as Halloween with the Spooky Town mod, one of the best custom creations ever made for Planet Coaster.

Spooky Town features a lot of witches, ghosts, trick or treats, and pumpkins. It’s basically a custom-designed blueprint for the spookiest park this side of any video game.

Many of the blueprints included in the mod are a great starting point for your own creations, so you’d better get the work. These ghosts aren’t known for their patience!


5. Disneyland Castle

Disneyland Castle Planet Coaster mod screenshot

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When I was a child, my ultimate dream was to visit Disneyland and spend some quality time with Donald Duck.

Now that I’ve grown up, my ultimate dream is to have my own Disneyland. Makes sense, right?

Reality, sadly, has gotten in the way of my adulthood dream. But Planet Coaster can make it possible to at least have a small piece of Disneyland in my own virtual theme park. Special thanks to Planet Coaster modder Xsarion for this one.

Get your ears on and get ready to jack up those prices at your concession stands.


4. Viking House

Viking House Planet Coaster mod

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You’ll never find any fierce-looking, long-bearded Norsemen in Planet Coaster…

But you’ll want to behave like one as soon as you see the Viking House.

This mod is an extremely detailed building featuring three shops inside, and all those decorations that made those longhalls so magical. Meat and mead aplenty, so come one, come all!


3. Railgunner

Railgunner mod for Planet Coaster

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Very few Planet Coaster launch rides are as flashy and futuristic as the Railgunner.

This is also among the biggest custom rides ever made, as the roof had to be removed to fit in the 2000 part limit. Crazy stuff here.

With such a ride in your park, you can expect it to be a smashing success. No matter the theme, I say find a place to put this bad boy and watch it roll.


2. Natural Cascade

Natural Cascade Planet Coaster mod screenshot

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I don’t know about you, but watching a waterfall just leaves me feeling calm and relaxed.

The only problem? There are none nearby!

Let’s make sure our parks can have something like this for visitors who just need a break.

Thankfully I can add one of these natural wonders to my Planet Coaster park with the Natural Cascade mod. And you can too, it’s an easy install and totally free. What’s there to lose?


1. Mount Dread

Mount Dread Planet Coaster mod

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You don’t know the meaning of “launch ride dread” until you add Mount Dread to your park.

This is among the best custom rides made for Planet Coaster, and quite possibly the absolute best one out there right now.

It’s a must try in my book, due to its amazing design that even offers you some options for custom pathways.

Mount Dread works best for desert or Old Western-themed parks, but I’m pretty sure you can find a creative way to fit it into your cyberpunk themed park with no problem at all!

In fact, let’s try to cram this thing into our virtual Disneyland and see how that goes…

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