Top 16 Best Radiata Stories Weapons

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Radiata Stories is one of the all-time best games of the PS2 era. The game was originally released in Japan with a later US release having a lot of success with the North American audience.

And when you’re running around trying to complete quests it’s really important for you to own the best weapons. So I’ve compiled this list ranking the most powerful weapons you can get!

You can freely pick whichever of these you like the most, but keep in mind that the strongest on this list can prove to be quite challenging to obtain.

In any case, you can use this list as a guide to help you plan out your next playthrough. Oh, and a fair word of warning: I’m excluding the Holy Sword Gram from this list. That’s by far the most powerful weapon in the game, but you can only find it after the story is cleared which doesn’t seem like much fun to me.

16. Empty Bottle

Empty Bottle weapon in Radiata Stories

The Empty Bottle is, arguably, one of the weakest weapons in the game.

You can use it if you like, but bear in mind that the weapon causes no afflictions which means that no extra effects make this weapon stronger than it is. You’re basically just cracking someone over the head with a bottle.

The best thing about it, though, is that the empty bottle is incredibly common and can be found in almost every location in the game.

If you simply can’t find a weapon, just look around and grab an empty bottle – it’ll serve well enough for the time being!


15. Umbrella

Umbrella weapon Radiata Stories

The umbrella is also one of the weakest weapons in the game. And I guess it’s only natural to think so because I doubt any real-world umbrella carries some big edge over other weapons.

However in the game it’s listed as a sword, mainly because of its shape and because it doesn’t fit any other category.

I mean, I guess you could use it as a sword, right?

It has a strength of just 3 points and you can obtain it by visiting the Goblin Cemetery. Just keep looking around I’m sure you’ll find it.


14. Iron Edge

Iron Edge Radiata Stories

The Iron Edge is the weakest sword in the game. But it deals significantly more damage than the bottle and the umbrella so hey, we’re moving up!

In fact, the Iron Edge is a one-handed sword that strikes more than twice as much damage as the umbrella. Mary Poppins has nothing on this.

You’ll remember that Iron Edge is also Jack’s main weapon in the game, and you’ll see him wielding it during the vast majority of his cutscenes.

It might not be the strongest weapon in the game but the Iron Edge sword is one of the most representative of Radiata Stories. It deserves a reference here moreso than many others.


13. Knight Edge

Knight Edge Radiata

The Knight Edge is a unique variation of the Iron Edge that can be found in a small treasure chest near Fort Helencia.

The sword is quite unique, as it sports a pattern that makes it different from any other weapon in the game.

There are just two Knight Edge swords in Radiata and with a strength of 12, it’s just about 33% stronger than the regular Iron Edge. Plus this thing looks badass enough to carry around with you for the whole game.


12. Air Blade

Air Blade Radiata Stories

Moving more into the elemental side of things we’ve got the Air Blade.

This is a weapon that should be wielded by anyone who likes wind damage.

The sword has carvings that represent the runic element of wind, and it is said that this legendary weapon can bend the wind to its will thanks to the carvings embedded into its blade.

It’s the strongest weapon that you can get while you’re a Knight in the game, with only the Aqua Blade being superior in terms of damage output.


11. Aqua Blade

Aqua Blade from Radiata Stories

And here we have it: the Aqua Blade.

This watery delight can be purchased in the Triston Armory where it costs 1000 Dagols. It’s the strongest sword that can be bought as a Knight, making it the best one-handed weapon for the beginning of the story.

The Aqua Blade, similar to the Air Blade, also has carvings that represent its element.

In fact, it’s said that the Aqua Blade yields the power of the sea thanks to the presence of water symbols spread across the surface of this almighty weapon.

If you’re still a knight and you have the Dagols to spare for it then head straight to the Armory and get your hands on this bad boy.


10. Phantom Edge

Phantom Edge sword Radiata

The curvy Phantom Edge is an extremely powerful sword which places it in the top 10 of this list.

Its strange shape makes it a very unique weapon, and its high power stats justify the price that you’ll have to pay for it – a grand total of 2500 Dagols.

You can find it by speaking to Goo during any point of the story as long as you choose the Nonhuman Path.

The blade causes an eerie feeling and is said to basically startle any enemy that looks right at it. The power and damage of the Phantom Edge are fearful and unquestionable, although certainly not the #1 strongest I will say this thing is a big damage dealer.


9. Steel Blade

Steel Blade Radiata Stories

According to most veteran warriors, whoever is capable of wielding a steel blade with both hands is worthy of being called a mighty opponent.

This sword fits the bill perfectly.

It’s much heavier than the Iron Edge, meaning it strikes much harder and deals a ton more damage. Especially if it’s wielded by the right user.

With a strength of 41 and some pretty heavy-hitting stats, you’ll need almost 5000 Dagols to purchase this from the Dead End Armory.


8. Evil Blade

Evil Blade Radiata

The Evil Blade encapsulates everything that’s worthy of unholiness within its creepy spiked design.

The Evil Blade is capable of cutting through the skin of most enemies and wielding this weapon allows you to deal a ton of damage thanks to its 53 points of strength. I mean, just look at this thing… it’s terrifying.

The Evil Blade is a mid-to-late game weapon so use it wisely where appropriate. It’s also a one-handed sword so you can go nuts with it.


7. Flame Blade

Flame Blade from Radiata Stories

The Flame Blade is crafted using the essence of fire itself, which allows the blade to set enemies on fire as it strikes through them.

I’d say that’s a pretty nifty feature, wouldn’t you?

Note this is also a very expensive one-handed sword with a price of just over 11000 Dagols. And it’s only available for sale if you choose the human path of the story.

In fact, the Flame Blade is one of the best human path weapons in the game.


6. Jinn

Jinn sword Radiata Stories

Jinn is a terrifying sword capable of paralyzing any enemy that it strikes.

No one knows who the original maker was, but there’s one thing that’s certainly true: whoever stands in its path will be taking some hard hits from its default 62 strength points.

You can find it in the Wind Valley (check this map) and it’s one of the four legendary weapons of the game.


5. Basilisktos

Basilisktos sword from Radiata Stories

This oddly-named sword was crafted using the tooth of a mythical basilisk which is capable of petrifying enemies as it swings by them.

It hits for 68 points which is even more than the legendary Jinn sword.

Thankfully, Basilisktos isn’t a legendary sword and can be bought at any point of the story after the split, regardless of which path you’ve chosen to take. So this is absolutely a powerhouse that you’ll want on your side as you progress to late game bosses.


4. Hatred Edge

Hatred Edge Radiata Stories

The Hatred Edge is infused with powerful chemicals that can cause a string of confusion onto almost any enemies. This has to be one of the most damaging status ailments you can inflict in the entire game!

You can obtain this sword by winning it from Archdemon in the Algandars Castle and you’ll love every minute of that battle when you win.

Hatred Edge has a strength of 75 points making it the fourth most powerful weapon in the game.


3. Kotetsu

Kotetsu sword Radiata

The Kotetsu has the shape of a traditional samurai katana and it used to belong to one of the legendary captains of a brigade.

As such, the sword has become quite the emblem amongst players. And what makes this weapon even better is that you can purchase it for 51000 Dagols(well maybe that’s not better, but for that price it sure as hell better be good!)

This lovely sword has a chemical that blinds enemies upon touching them, which may or may not be more useful depending on your level and your other equipment.

Start saving every penny you have now just to get your hands on this beautiful piece of equipment – you won’t regret it.


2. Storm Bringer

Storm Bringer from Radiata Stories

This mighty sword can only be purchased if you chose the Fairy Path, but it’s one of the strongest weapons in the game.

It was forged by dwarves and enchanted with wind capable of paralyzing foes with any strike. A very nice status effect indeed.

The Storm Bringer is one of the few weapons in the game that has a strength stat above 100 which makes it a very serious sword for the late game.


1. Arbitrator

Arbitrator Radiata Stories

With a strength of 119, the Arbitrator is for sure the best sword in Radiata Stories.

It belonged to Jack’s father, Cairn, who used it to settle the conflicts between humans and non-humans in the world(which earned the sword its fancy name).

It can only be used if you choose the Fairy Path since the encounter to unlock this sword never occurs on the other paths. There are also problems with the Algandars disease affecting how much you can actually use this sword in battle.

But if you’re playing the Fairy Path then you’ll want to keep your eyes out for this ultimate beast of a sword.

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