The Most Rude & Arrogant Anime Characters (Male + Female)

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I think that everyone is kind of a jerk deep down, only most of us know how to control it or hide it.

However, some people just can’t control themselves. And their rudeness can be felt from miles away.

Anime is no exception to this rule, as for every saint character out there, there’s at least one who certainly spits in people’s coffee.

And for this ranking we’ll be taking a look at the worst of the rudest characters ever made.

Do note that just because I say they’re rude/arrogant here, does not necessarily mean that they’re hateable. So don’t form a mob if you see your waifu on here.


15. Sei Handa

Sei Handa from Barakamon anime

Anime: Barakamon

I want to start off with Sei just because he ate some humble pie really quickly, and soon became a saint character.

However, that does not excuse his original attitude.

He saw himself as this great artist that will not be satisfied by anything other than first place. And when someone dared to dislike his work, Sei literally sucker-punched him in the face.

Bonus jerk points considering that Sei is a young, strong dude, and his target was an old, feeble man.

The island has changed him for the better – but his attitude at the beginning was troublesome at the very least.


14. Sakura Haruno

Sakura Haruno Naruto anime screenshot

Anime: Naruto

Yes. Even though this show literally has ninja terrorists and creepy snake dudes that only want you for your body, I somehow found Sakura to be the rudest.

However, I will say that she’s only really mean towards Naruto.

The barrage of insults and physical punches thrown his way just for existing was ridiculous. But the moment that really showcased what an arrogant, out of touch, mean-spirited person she is, was when she gave herself the right to complain about her loving family to Naruto!

You know, the dude whose parents died at birth and who spent his entire life as an outcast.

Yeah, go complain about your pampered life to him, you absolute tool. The only reason she’s not higher on this list is because she gets relatively better later on in the series, and because she’s only really rude to Naruto.


13. Fango

Fango in 91 Days anime

Anime: 91 Days

This dude is just Cartman on steroids.

He does not give a single damn about what anyone thinks, and he will pee in your shoes just to get a good laugh. He’s also somewhat insane, so good luck figuring out why he does anything.

And I say that he’s like Cartman because he literally pulled the same move as him (and spoiler alert ahead):

He made people eat a dish that was filled with their boss’s corpse. Not as bad as eating your parents, but the intent is still there.

I will say, however, that his rudeness and unpredictability added a lot to the show. Every scene he was in was automatically a lot more dynamic.


12. Satoru Gojou

Satoru Gojou from Jujutsu Kaisen anime

Anime: Jujutsu Kaisen

This one might seem a bit odd, but hear me out.

Just imagine what it’s like facing this dude.

He’ll always let you know that you’re a worthless piece of dung that he’s humoring just to kill some time. He’ll literally teleport out, bring his student and go “now watch me as I beat my opponent senseless”.

Even villains don’t deserve that type of disrespect.

Plus, he just openly talks about how he’ll murder the upper members of his own organization because he doesn’t agree with their methods.

In terms of arrogance, he’s as high as you can get.


11. Sam Ibrahim

Sam Ibrahim in The Great Pretender

Anime: The Great Pretender

This has to be one of the most painfully realistic, rude, and arrogant people on this list. He’s just a dude with a lot of influence and boatloads of money.

So, of course, he thinks that he’s God’s gift to Earth – especially women – and that we should all be honored when in his presence.

It’s a very typical “money=importance” type of person who’ll berate a woman’s looks if she does not want to sleep with him.

His brother is not any better either, so it must just run in the family.


10. Motoyasu Kitamura

Motoyasu Kitamura from The Rising of the Shield Hero

Anime: The Rising of the Shield Hero

Motoyasu is just a neckbeard simp knight and I hate him so much.

He’s so arrogant that he refuses to see anything that would contradict his viewpoint, and takes it upon himself to give context to every situation.

Just imagine how high up on your horse you have to be to give yourself the right to proclaim that a woman is in danger, or is being manipulated, just because she’s hanging out with a dude you don’t like.

And don’t even get me started on his approaches towards women.

He’s just your typical sad loser.


9. Aqua

Aqua from KonoSuba anime

Anime: KonoSuba

The disclaimer at the start of this article was mostly made for this pick.

I love Aqua. And her thigh-lover club has more members than I have embarrassing memories.

But she’s just a jerk.

I mean, just imagine dying and then having a literal goddess make fun of you for it.

Death is like the one thing that makes people nice, and Aqua can’t even do that much.

Being a goddess also means that her ego can reach the moon and back, and she constantly talks about her great power and immeasurable importance.

It’s pretty funny whenever she gets a slap of reality though.


8. Escanor

Escanor The Seven Deadly Sins anime screenshot

Anime: The Seven Deadly Sins

Escanor has the same issues as Gojou, only it’s even more evident.

The dude is literally the sin of pride, so it’s not like anyone expected humility out of him.

And when he’s in his day form, he just has the most crushing one-liners you’ll ever see.

He’s so arrogant that he can literally state “I am the strongest” in front of a dude who will turn you to stone if you lie.

Literal God could come down from the clouds and tell Escanor that he’s not the best at everything, and Escanor will just hit him with a “who decided that?”

The dude is an absolute madlad whose rudeness and arrogance fear no man.


7. Shougo Tagushi

Shougo Tagushi from That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Anime: That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

This dude actually thought he was the protagonist of the show.

He had the nerve to laugh at every other character on screen, as they didn’t receive the isekai treatment. And when he’s backed into a corner, he just kills his partner, arguing that she’s more useful that way.

He really believed that he was the most important thing to ever graze that entire anime. And seeing him get pummeled by a side character was the most enjoying thing I have seen in years.


6. Louis

Louis in Beastars anime

Anime: Beastars

I truly understand Louis, and I even respect the dude a whole lot, but being nice is not exactly something he’s known for.

He devoted his life to proving that a prey animal can stand on top, and that just meant that he had to step on a lot of toes to get there.

The way he confronted Legoshi and basically shamed him for being passive just reeked of arrogance, as well as some in-universe racism.

He does have scenes where his arrogance just showcases his overall sturdiness and determination, however, antagonizing my boy Legoshi is something that I cannot look past.


5. Takumi Ichinose

Takumi Ichinose from Nana anime

Anime: Nana

Takumi is the type of guy who’ll talk trash about you to your mom while you’re in the room.

He can’t be bothered with all these pesky feelings such as empathy, and will carelessly batter a person’s mental health if it means getting his way.

He’s the dude that every parent fears the most.

I can’t really get into the gravity of the things he has done, as they all demand a lot of context… but if you’ve got some free time, give Nana a watch.

You’ll quickly understand why he’s in the top five here.

Plus, it’s an amazing show.


4. Katsuki Bakugou

Katsuki Bakugou in My Hero Academia

Anime: My Hero Academia

I’m sure that no one is surprised that Bakugou is on here, but some might be surprised that he’s not at number one.

This is because Bakugou still has his moments of kindness, especially later on.

However, even his kindness is masked with a thick layer of anger and screaming.

The dude just can’t help but scream at the top of his lungs whenever he has something on his mind. And he has been in a bad mood for at least five years now.

He’s no stranger to bullying, and respects his teammates as much as rich people respect taxes.

However, there still’s hope for him.


3. Metori Saiko

Metori Saiko from The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Anime: The Disastrous Life of Saiki K.

Speaking of rich people, we have Metori.

When it comes to flexing money, he’s somehow even worse than your average YouTube millionaire.

He’ll look you dead in the eye and just ask how much money you’d want to become his step-stool.

And his ego is just terrifying.

He had this entire fit where he basically wanted to die of starvation rather than eat “peasant food”.

I’m not sure whether he has said a single nice thing about anyone in the handful of episodes that he has been in.

But I can confidently say that he talked about his greatness in all of them.


2. Haruhi Suzumiya

Haruhi Suzumiya in The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Anime: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

I can kind of understand this one, being that she’s a god and all.

But she doesn’t even know that!

In her head, she’s just an average high schooler, and yet she still thinks that it’s okay to act the way she does.

She has no issues exploiting those around her, and she treats supporting characters like they were just cardboard cut-ins.

Plus she initiated one of the worst arcs in anime history just because she didn’t have the “picture perfect summer”, even though she never clearly stated what she wanted to do.

I get that she’s cute and that her dance is like a mating ritual for OG anime fans, but you have to admit that good manners are not her strong suit.


1. Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan anime

Anime: Attack on Titan

Season one Eren would have barely made my top fifteen, as he still was pretty arrogant but not as much.

Yet just the fact that he kept stating how he was the one who would kill all the Titans, even though the whole of humanity has not been able to achieve that for years, always rubbed me the wrong way.

And that whole “weak people should leave now” mentality in the training camp was a big oof.

However, it’s the first part of the last season that really catapulted him to the top of this list.

The series has not ended yet (as of this writing) so I don’t know whether he’ll give some context as to his reasoning, but what the hell was his conversation with Mikasa and Armin?

You truly have to be off your rocker to talk so disrespectfully towards your life-long friends who saved your back multiple times.

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