Best Sims 4 Burberry CC & Mods (All Free)

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Not all designer brands are immediately recognizable.

With many, unless you see a particular logo, you may never know whether it’s from a huge designer, or the thrift store.

Burberry is not one of those brands.

The iconic Burberry Check, a plaid-like design featuring tan, white, black, and red boxes and stripes, is very easily spotted and well known. When you see it, you can rest assured the item, whatever it is, will be of high quality and good taste.

And in The Sims 4, it’s hard to create such elegant looks in CAS without CC.

Sure, there are plenty of awesome clothes from both the base game and packs. But nothing Burberry.

If it’s casual designer clothes that you seek, then CC makers have got plenty to offer! From tons of mix-and-matchable tops to even something for your pooches, this list has it all.


1. Burberry Jacket & Shorts

Burberry Jacket & Shorts CC for The Sims 4

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Two-piece outfits are always a plus.

When you buy single pieces like just a top or just a bottom, it’s up to you to make sure whatever else you wear with it actually “goes”.

But clothes that are made to be worn together save you all of the work and worry.

Burberry is one brand that you can rely on to do you justice, too.

You know you can trust this jacket and shorts set to look great on anyone, anywhere!

Your Sims can rock this whether they’re hanging out at home, or going on a date. I bet they could even get away with wearing it to formal events.

It’s Burberry. Nobody can say anything bad.


2. Burberry Dress

Burberry Dress / Sims 4 CC

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This item may fool you a bit.

At first glance, it looks like a crop top and a skirt – but alas, it’s another one-piece outfit!

The creator actually designed this as a dress, even though it may look separate.

Just like the set above, here we have something that will be reliable and highly reusable.

It’ll save you time in CAS, too. No more scrolling through tops and bottoms and filtering endlessly – when you know you want your Sim to have a bold and highly fashionable outfit, just go for the Burberry.

The skirt is pleated and has that classic check design, while the top is semi-realistic with wrinkles and shading.

And there are two swatches, one where the top is white, and one where it’s black.


3. Burberry Toddler Dress

Burberry Toddler Dress / TS4 CC

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Toddler fashion is already pretty adorable.

It’s full of cutesy designs, a lot of animal stuff, and miniature versions of adult clothes.

You wouldn’t ordinarily expect to see a designer dress on a toddler. That’s something reserved for celebrities.

But this is The Sims, and you can do what you want, with a lot more peace of mind.

I mean, someone who could afford to put their toddler in a dress worth several hundred dollars probably doesn’t care that much if they get it dirty.

And now you don’t have to either.

See, this is why The Sims is a life simulator. You can live out crazy whims like carelessly putting small children in a Burberry dress for the sake of a photo op.

And it’s not just about money.

Any toddler will honestly look really precious in this dress.

It has a bow design around the middle, which adds even more of an “aww” factor.


4. Paogae’s Burberry Dress

Paogae’s Burberry Dress Design / Sims 4 CC

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As much as fashion powerhouses love to innovate, they also know that sometimes, it’s good to play it safe.

This simple dress from Paogae incorporates some classic, timeless touches, like a modest sweater and knee-length skirt.

These things have been paired together for decades, and for good reason.

It’s a combination that really evokes a classy and elegant look.

Since it’s Burberry, you can of course expect that check design again as well.

Here, it’s on the skirt as well as part of the sweater’s sleeves.

While that will remain unchanged, you can choose from three different swatches for the sweater.


5. Kids Burberry Collection

Kids Burberry CC Collection for The Sims 4

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The Sims has a long history of people living out their wildest, most luxurious fantasies in the game.

You know, like owning a house and having a loving family.

Seriously though, this game has a lot of fun ways for your Sims to live lavishly.

They can rise fairly quickly through most jobs, and in turn make tons of Simoleons, which will pay for the things we all want like big houses and pools.

And with that kind of lifestyle comes a much fancier wardrobe for all.

That’s all up to you, of course. Once you’re filthy rich, you can wear a bathrobe all day for anyone cares… but kids can’t really get away with that.

Their appearance is still a reflection on their parents, so you’ll want them in tip-top shape.

What better way to do that than with designer outfits, right?

This creator has got you covered.

In here there’s everything you’ll need for kiddos of all ages. For both toddlers and children, there are Burberry tees, dresses, and shorts, while just children can have the more mature Burberry skirt.


6. Male Burberry Shirts

Male Burberry Shirts Pack / TS4 CC

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Well, we have plenty of things to suit your Burberry needs when it comes to ladies, toddlers, and children – but what about the guys?

They certainly can’t be left out, unless they’re the crazy bathrobe-wearing one of the bunch.

A shirt can really make or break an outfit, so you’ll want to give your Sim a good one.

These Burberry shirts will definitely do the trick.

They come in eight quality swatches, including the check, of course.

I’d also say these have a more realistic design than a lot of CC. The creator really expertly crafted these, including detailed wrinkles, fabric textures, and shadowing.


7. Ciarella’s Burberry Dress

Ciarella’s Burberry Dress Preview for The Sims 4

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The smallest details can have a huge impact in an outfit, and that’s certainly evidenced here.

This dress has thin spaghetti straps, and the black really contrasts nicely against the pattern.

Lacy embellishments around the top are a nice touch as well, providing some added texture.

And the bow on the chest may be tiny, but it’s cute!

Plus you have a more typical Sims 4 shading.

Your Sim won’t ever look out of place. Just slightly better than everyone else.


8. Burberry Bikini & Bucket Hat

Burberry Bikini & Bucket Hat / Sims 4 CC

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Summer is the perfect time to show off the best of your wardrobe.

This is the season with plenty of outdoor activities and warm weather, so you’ll want to look your best in the light of day.

Can’t exactly get away with wearing pajamas or holey t-shirts under the cover of a coat anymore. Sigh.

I suppose this is why so many trends really revolve around the summertime.

It’s great to show off a little bit, or at least just feel great because you look great.

Bucket hats have been in style for a while now, so it should come as no surprise that this creator has made a Burberry one.

It really is an awesome hat, fitting for any and all chic Sims.

The matching Burberry bikini is also very stylish. I mean, of course it is – it’s Burberry!

The bikini is a two-piece, with a t-shirt like top and high-waisted bottoms.


9. Burberry Shirts for Boys

Burberry Shirts for Boys / Sims 4 CC

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You don’t always have to go designer from head to toe.

Sometimes, a light touch is all you need.

These shirts for boys are pretty simple, featuring subtle Burberry patterns on the collar or pocket.

Each option – one a t-shirt, the other a pullover – both mainly have a solid color.

The designer parts are present, but not so bold that it’s all you will see.

You wouldn’t want the non-Burberry-wearing children to get too jealous, would you?


10. Beyonce’s Burberry Outfit

Beyonce’s Burberry Outfit CC made for The Sims 4

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It’s always fun when creators take inspiration from real looks to create their CC.

Here, Daniel Sims has made one of Beyonce’s real outfits just for Sims.

This very true-to-life features boldness and fierceness you’ll usually only see with Beyonce herself.

But now your Sims can rock a Burberry Bra and pants, too… if they dare.

Few may be able to pull it off as well. But it certainly is a look worth applauding.

Daniel Sims is worth applauding as well, for how accurately he recreated the outfit!


11. Designer Dress for Tots

Designer Burberry Dress for Tots / TS4 CC

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Every parent thinks their baby is the most beautiful one ever.

Ask any mom or dad, and they’ll tell you their kid could totally be a model.

Even you, as a Sims player, may feel that way about your Sim toddlers.

I’ll admit, especially after multiple generations, I can get pretty attached to new additions to the family and they always look a little bit cuter for that reason.

With this dress, you (and your Sims) can really turn your toddling Sims into models.

It pairs the classics of black and Burberry check together into one dress, with both long-sleeved and short-sleeved options.


12. Burberry Hat for Toddlers

Burberry Hat for Toddlers / Sims 4 CC

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This style of hat has been available since we first got toddlers, I believe.

And in all those years, I have never actually used it.

There’s nothing notably wrong with the hat, it’s just not my taste.

But you know what is? Burberry.

This simple recolor really gives this hat the boost it needs.

The checkered pattern covers the majority of the hat, while the trim and fuzzy balls are white. It has made the whole design a little cleaner, and now this will work great with pretty much any coat or jacket in the game.


13. Burberry Sweater Collection for Small Dogs

Burberry Sweater Collection for Small Dogs / TS4 CC

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Of course you can have designer clothes for your Sim’s dogs. Of course.

This is why I love The Sims community.

Doggy clothing is not terribly common in the real world, let alone designer stuff. Yet some people do go for that sort of thing – there are indeed real, mock Burberry dog sweaters – so this Simmer decided to bring that to the game.

I’m not judging, at all. Pets in sweaters are always heart-meltingly adorable.

And you know, if the rest of the family is wearing designer sweaters, why should the dog be stuck with something from Walmart? That’s just tragic.

These 48 swatches take inspiration from the real Burberry’s tartan, check, and argyle patterns, and there are some other cute designs as well like pawprints.

Your pups will forevermore look a little more dapper.


14. Burberry Sweater Collection for Large Dogs

Burberry Sweater Collection for Large Dogs / TS4 CC

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Since the above sweaters are only for small dogs, I just couldn’t live with myself if I left out the big dogs – especially since the creator did make them for both sizes.

The same 48 wonderful Burberry swatches are here, albeit in a larger form.

And it only makes sense. A Chihuahua and German Shepherd will never be able to share clothes, but it’s nice for them both to receive equal pampering!

Even though these are technically the same sweaters, just different sizes, I think these actually look a little different.

If you have a keen eye you may notice the sleeves are a little shorter. They’re a sort of 3/4 length that don’t quite reach the paws.

Somehow, it makes the sweater look a little fancier.


15. Male Burberry Sweater

Male Burberry Sweater Set / Sims 4 CC

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Keeping with the sweater theme, we move away from dogs and onto dudes.

First, I just want to point out this sweater will make it possible for your Sim and his dog to match.

That’s very important to me.

But beyond that, these luxury sweaters can nicely round out your Sim’s wardrobe.

I’m sure he has plenty of sweaters already, but does he have a Burberry one?

Certainly not, until now!

This CC not only has the check design, but it also has the Burberry name itself across the front in big bold letters.

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