Best Sims 4 Hair Mods & CC Packs (For Male + Female Sims)

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Hairstyles in the Sims. Can things ever get stranger?

Some people think thehair that comes with the base game feels a bit too bland, while some don’t like the way hair looks in vanilla Sims 4 at all.

Thankfully hundreds of modders from all over the world have created custom hairstyles to freshen things up.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the hairstyles for male sims or females or even kids– you’ve come to the right place for all of it!

I’ve divided this list in two parts; the first will give you a breakdown of the best female hair mods for Sims 4, and the second part will tell you all about the best hair mods for male Sims in the game.

Choose wisely and dress up accordingly.

Girl Hairstyle Mods

12. Jealousy Hair

Jealousy Hair mod

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This long hairstyle takes a spot on my list because it reminds me of one of the coolest hairstyles that already comes in the game; but it’s far better and much more detailed.

I would dare say that this mod could easily replace the one that comes with vanilla Sims 4, but some of you might prefer a more traditional look.

In any case, in terms of long hairs with a tail that runs from back to front, you’ll struggle to find one as good as this.


11. Vapor Hair

Vapor Hair girl mod

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When you’re going to rate hair mods, you have to understand that transparency plays almost as much of a part as the quality of textures and the design itself.

As such, this one takes a spot because it ticks both boxes quite perfectly.

It’s a short hairstyle that suits almost every type of lady, and the transparency between the strands feels surprisingly accurate.


10. Ominous Hair

Ominous Hair mod

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This mod is fantastically detailed, and it offers a unique look.

Actually similar to only one hairstyle that I can recall from the game.

With a small bun on top of the head and some loose hair all over the place, this gives you a stylish look without many similar options.

There are some minor transparency issues but I’m forgiving the issues with this mod because it can’t be easy to model such a unique hairstyle; especially when loose hairs are not intended to be a thing in Sims 4.


9. Paradox Hair

Paradox Hair mod

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This neat little hairstyle can be used by ladies of all ages, and it comes in a staggering 27 different colors to add plenty of variety to your Sims world.

Try out some of them and see which one fits your Sim the most.

This is a long hairstyle with a ponytail, and it’s detailed enough to be one of the best I’ve seen for the game.


8. Runaway Hair

Runaway Hair mod

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Detailed and beautiful, the long Runaway Hair is by far one of my favorite hair mods to put on.

Granted, I think the hair itself looks pretty good in real life too. And that might’ve played a part on my decision.

But hey: that doesn’t take away from the astonishing level of work that went into this creation.


7. Prisma Hair

Prisma Hair mod

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Am I going crazy, because I don’t think there’s a single hairstyle as long as this one in the base game.

I’m trying to recall but I just can’t think of any!

Those who love to see their female Sims with long hair might want to check this one out.

The level of detail is fantastic, it comes with plenty of different colors, and what’s even better is that the hair drops to the front of the body as well as a bit to the back.

It doesn’t seem to have much transparency issues given that it’s mostly uniform in color, so that’s an added plus.


6. High Life Hair

High Life Hair mod

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Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about short hair options.

And this one takes the cake as one of my favorites for the game.

I mostly play with male sims, I do admit that. But I have to tell you that those of you who want to see their Sims rock a short hairstyle with much more details than the ones that come with the base game are going to want to try this one out.

It can be used by Sims of all ages(starting Teen) but it does fit better on Young Adults, in my opinion.

Yet it’s up to you to decide who rocks it!


5. Envy Hair

Envy Hair mod

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Another hairstyle with a unique design, this time being one that is far more withdrawn and less loose than others.

But I figure this can work pretty well on entrepreneurs and businesswoman Sims.

It just seems like a perfect fit for them, you know?

It’s that classic short hairstyle that seemed to be quite popular in the 80s, in which the hair wasn’t really short per se… but it was made to look like it was.

A picture is worth a thousand words though – so check it out!


4. Perfect Illusion

Anto Illusion Hair mod

Check Out This Mod

The creator of this mod used Lady Gaga as a reference. And I think the result turned out to be quite accurate.

This hair is super complex and you’ll have a Sim rocking quite a unique style like a rockstar.

Although this type of hair is already included in the base game (or a very similar one, at least). So it may not add a totally unique twist, but it’s worth a download if it could fit with your Sim’s style.


3. Parallel Hair

Parallel Hair mod

Check Out This Mod

Wait, braids? I mean, DOUBLE BRAIDS?

How come these are not a thing on the base game?

This one takes the classic “good girl” look to the next level by adding this fantastic hairstyle, which can be used by Sims of all ages.

The best thing about the mod is that the braids are compatible with most of the hats that your Sim can wear too.

Which means it won’t interfere with your quest of creating that hat-loving personality you’ve always wanted.


2. Eden Hair

Eden Hair mod

Check Out This Mod

Another extremely long hair design takes the number two spot on my list. Mainly because I really love long hairs and the base game didn’t provide us with as many options as I would’ve wanted.

In any case, this one flows like a cascade through the left side of your Sim’s body and goes all the way down to the waist.

By far one of the longest hair mods that you’ll find, and it comes in dozens of different colors.


1. Nightcrawler Hair

Nightcrawler Hair Sims4 mod

Check Out This Mod

Look, as much as I love long hair in this game, I couldn’t really avoid putting this mod as the number one on my list.

Fantastically well detailed as well as brilliantly executed in terms of transparency and compatibility issues, the Nightcrawler hair is as modern as it is eccentric.

This hairstyle fits women of all sorts, but housewives or business ladies might look particularly good with this.

You decide, though, as this mod puts the choices in your own hands.

Guy Hairstyle Mods

10. Nicholas Hair

Nicholas Hair mod

Check Out This Mod

A simple short design that is widely used by men in today’s world, the Nicholas Hair mod makes quite a fantastic addition to the game.

Well, mostly if you’re looking to add a style that suits almost every type of serious-looking Sim.

If you’re playing with a different type, like one that looks to live more of a bohemian lifestyle, then keep reading. There’s something here for you too.


9. Haunting Hairstyles

Haunting Hairstyles mod

Check Out This Mod

Shorter hair on the sides doesn’t always have to be as noticeable in order for it to look stylish.

And this hair mod shows exactly why.

Hair that is well-combed is sure to attract a lot of attention, and the Haunting Hairstyles mod will add exactly that to the game.

Plus you’ll have the option to paint various colors thanks to the mod creator’s hard efforts.


8. Hair N4

Hair N4 mod

Check Out This Mod

If you’re into the modern hairstyles usually rocked by sports stars and celebrities, then this mod is going to fit perfectly.

There isn’t one quite like it in the main game, as most that come with The Sims tend to have either an exaggerated mohawk or simply not as much on the sides.

This cut is as balanced as it gets. And you’re going to love the way your Sim looks with it.

As many others in this list, it also comes with color options that’ll give you an extra touch of variety!


7. Like Lust Hair

Like Lust Hair mod

Check Out This Mod

Are you trying to have your Sim look better than the rest?

Are you tired of the way some of the game’s basic hairstyles look, but you still want a stylish and not-so-cartoonish hair put on top of your male Sim’s head?

This one is like an improved version of the last mod, and in my opinion it looks even better.

You’re going to love watching your Sim rock it; I’m sure of it.

It comes with custom shadowing too, which also enhances realism by a landslide compared to others on this list.


6. Wavves

Wavves guy hair mod

Check Out This Mod

Those who have wavy hair might not feel as represented in The Sims 4 community, well as much as those with straight hair.

So it’s time to put a stop to it with the Wavves Hairstyle mod.

This modern update takes a different approach than the rest by adding hair with waves to the game.

But beware – you’re going to need a good computer to make this one look its best. But again, this is The Sims we’re talking about… not exactly a GPU hog.


5. Hysteria

Hysteria hair mod

Check Out This Mod

Faded on the sites and very long on the right side of the head, combed to the left.

Quite a unique look, if I may say so myself.

This is the typical hairstyle in forms of modern advertising rocked by those models looking brand-new the day of the photoshoot.

Wish we could all pull this off…

In any case, the hairstyle should suit any man quite nicely. In real life or in Sims land.


4. Electric

Anto Electric Hair

Check Out This Mod

Stylish, modern, and worthy of any businessman.

This short hairstyle looks quite good on Sims of all backgrounds.

But I have to say that it’s quite a fantastic one to try on teens or young adults. I think it fits them quite well, but I’m sure you’ll love the way it looks on any wearer.

Plus it’s free so what do you have to lose?


3. Darko

Darko Hair mod

Check Out This Mod

Another modern style that starts with a faded cut on the sides.

But this one has more hair atop of the head, much like the original one that comes with vanilla Sims 4.

If you look closely you’ll notice this one is far more detailed though!


2. Blackout

Blackout Hair Sims4 mod

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Feel like a true samurai with the blackout hairstyle.

Which is actually quite a longer hairstyle than you might think on first glance.

Well-rounded and a bit messy, this hair add-on definitely offers something that no other hairstyle in vanilla even comes close to.


1. Psycho

Psycho Hair male mod

Check Out This Mod

I’m not really sure why most male models used for Sims hairstyles look so weird. But hey, I’m sure Maxis has a good reason.

Now this hairstyle (fully compatible with hats) serves as a shorter option for men that like to have messy hair, and enough style to rock it regardless of the situation.

Parties, weddings, business meetings, and more.

It doesn’t really matter what type of Sim you like to play as; this has to be one of the best hairstyles for those looking for an all-rounder man design.

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