Best Sims 4 Model Pose Packs (Male + Female)

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Most Sims people make are already fit to be models.

There’s something to be said about natural flaws to make them more realistic, but it’s just so easy to make them downright perfect and super-duper hot thanks to the capabilities of Create-A-Sim.

It’s also fortunate that in today’s world, the rigid beauty standards that kept many people out of modeling are falling out of popularity more with each day.

So really, anyone (and any Sim) can be a model!

It’s the pose that makes the model, anyway, not the other way around.

Without knowing what you’re doing, you’re just someone in front of a camera.

Poses will always be there for you in TS4 – to bring to life any situation you could dream of.

And with these modeling poses, you’ll see your Sim looking as stunning as you always knew they were.

Anything is possible with these poses, from smoldering looks to stunning smiles, and everything in-between.


1. Female Model Poses

Female Model Poses Set / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here we have 8 poses just for the ladies that include quite a variety of positions.

Several of them will be fitting to show off her legs, so do her right and don’t dress her in pants!

The level of detail that goes into these is always so impressive, you may not catch it at first glance. But each and every pose here is distinctly different – not just in body position, but also facial expression too.

Depending on which one you choose, your Sim may seem happy, or shy, or even a little pensive.

You can use these in a lot of different places, too.

While many will work both indoors and out, one is made specifically to be used with a chair, and most are ground poses.


2. M & F Model Poses

M&F Model Poses / Sims 4 CC

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This talented creator has a bunch of poses here for both male and female Sims.

10 apiece, as a matter of fact.

So whether you just have one Sim in your household you’d like to use these on or multiple, you’ll have ample options.

Most of the male poses have a little bit of a bashful vibe.

He might be covering his face, or avoiding looking at the camera. But the stance still makes it clear that he’s model material.

The female poses are totally different, but just as good.

A lot of these have a more playful, flirty feeling. Your Sim’s arms will play a big part, whether they’re up in the air, sassily on her hips, or her hands are in her hair.

It’s always really fun to see your Sim’s like this, since the game normally doesn’t allow them to seem so human.

Real people don’t have a big smile plastered on most of the time… and if they do, you should probably avoid them. That’s definitely not normal.

But here, they’ve mostly got neutral faces.


3. Mari L’s Model Poses

Mari L’s Model Poses for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

You may want to do elaborate photoshoots, or just stick your Sim in a position and admire them.

There’s no wrong way to play – especially in The Sims.

Double especially when you’re doing things that you were never intended to do, anyway.

I’m sure Maxis never expected just how much players would come to enjoy downloading fan content that allowed them to simply put their Sims in a pose… but personally, this stuff has revolutionized my gameplay.

Even simple poses such as these ones from Mari L can have a huge impact.

These 9 poses are pretty straightforward. They all put your Sim in a standing position, but like, a much more flattering one than usual.

To be fair, I definitely don’t look like a model as I’m standing in the dining room trying to think of what’s next on my queue of things to do, either.

But any of these will be great for some more organized screenshots or photoshoots.

It’s kind of like television, where even “candid” stuff always looks a little better than it would in reality.


4. Male Model Pose Pack

Male Model Pose Pack / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

At last, we have some stuff just for the guys.

Real talk, some players use CAS like it’s Build-A-Husband.

It’s an easy and totally not weird way to make your ideal partner and live out the romance of your dreams.

I’m not talking about me. Psh, of course not!

But if you’re someone who likes to engage in this kind of play (which again, is totally not weird) then this is like the ultimate male model pose pack.

The creator included 27 individual poses so you can see your Sim in the handsome ways you’ve always wanted, but just aren’t possible with official animations.

This includes everything from natural walking positions to standing in many new ways, all new hand locations including in the pockets, and a ton more.


5. TS4 Model Posepack

TS4 Model Posepack Preview (Females)

Check Out This Pose Pack

Female modeling has a lot of recognizable tricks and tips, mostly made to properly utilize a feminine form.

And that’s exactly what’s going on with these.

Whether your Sim is curvy or not, the body types in CAS have probably got her with a defined set of childbearin’ hips, and many of these poses will use that to her advantage.

Several poses will include one or both of your Sim’s hands on her hips, and the posture further accentuates her curves.

These prove how even the most subtle change in leg position or facial expression can make a ton of difference.

I’m guessing that’s why creators rarely release a singular pose, there are just so many possibilities without even getting too crazy.


6. Male Modeling Poses Set

Male Modeling Poses Set / Sims 4 CC

Check Out This Pose Pack

Simple and to the point.

These six poses will get any male Sim looking like he belongs on the cover of a magazine.

He’ll have a masculine stance in these, and just like the above poses accentuate the female form, these really will make a guy’s jawline and chest stand out.

In all of them but one he’ll be giving the camera a smoldering gaze…but wow, that last one!

No matter the Sim, that will always be a heart-stopping smile.

There’s a saying that idle hands are the devil’s workshop. And I don’t know anything about that, but they can sure make a pose look unnatural.

That is without a doubt not the case here.

This Simmer was sure to give the model’s hands something to do each time, whether they’re on his neck or in his pockets.

So the results are a perfect mix of natural and professional – and that’s just what any good model wants, even a Sim one.


7. Raygun’s Male & Female Model Poses

Raygun’s Male & Female Model Poses / TS4

Check Out This Pose Pack

These 8 poses from Raygun are a little steamier than anything we’ve seen here so far.

They even include one pose for a male and female Sim to be in together.

But let’s talk about the individual poses first.

It’ll be clear they’re working what their mama gave them. The female poses are sassy and fun, no part of her form going to waste.

And things are just as hot for the guys.

All of those poses feature his hand either on his head or in the waistband of his pants, which are like, signature flirty moves.

Don Lothario will be usurped as the ladykiller if these shots ever get out!

Now, back to that two-Sim pose.

It’s just perfect, making your Sims neatly intertwined and looking sultry. Suitable for all power couples or Sims you’d like to rule the world.


8. Model Poses No.1

Model Poses No.1 for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Here’s another pose pack that presents a truly huge amount of possibilities, this time in the form of 27 poses just for female Sims.

A handful incorporate a stool for your Sim to sit on – while in one pose, her foot is hiked up on it.

Another portion includes sitting positions for the ground, and these can really be tons of fun.

Whether you put your Sim on the living room floor, a grassy field at the park, or on the sandy beach will greatly change the mood of your photos.

The standing positions all look very playful and natural, too. And they’ll be a good choice to use for candid shots around the house.

Some of my favorites, personally!

But all of these are amazing if you’re a fan of custom poses.

With 27 of them in total, this pack will be quite the boost to your collection.

Hopefully it’s not just me who has an entire folder dedicated to poses. A folder so large that it’s probably why my game now takes upwards of 15 minutes to load…

If you’re like that too, I’m sure this list is gonna be quite the blow to your computer!


9. StarVerse Modeling Poses

StarVerse Modeling Poses Set / The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Collaborations in The Sims 4 communities almost always produce amazing things.

I’m not saying Sims players are more creative than other gamers, but…we’re more creative than other gamers. At least when it comes to content that expands on what we can already do!

These 10 poses are pretty varied:

Half of them are really cute, setting your Sim up in some happy, youthful positions, while the other half is more sassy.

It’s like a “sweet and savory” type of thing, and it’s awesome.

Whether you use all of these for one Sim, or disperse them across multiple, they’re good to use again and again – because they’re such effortless looks.


10. Smiling Model Pose

Smiling Model Pose Pack for The Sims 4

Check Out This Pose Pack

Finally, here we have some poses that are all about keeping your Sims looking happy.

And in this game, that’s a downright necessity.

Have you ever checked out your Sim’s lifetime stats?

Angry and uncomfortable usually far outweigh happy.

It’s not our fault they’re so high maintenance.

But hey, not all modeling is about looking coy or sexy. Smiles are just as valuable.

All six of these poses will allow your Sim to show off her pearly whites with a nice body pose to match.

And poses can obviously be used for a variety of reasons, too.

So whether you want to put these to work during a family photo shoot, or truly see your Sim as a professional model, these will get the job done splendidly.

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