Top 15 Best Husbands in Skyrim

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The marriage mechanic is one of the newest additions to the Elder Scrolls series and first came with base-game Skyrim.

That means you can get married without purchasing any DLCs and if you haven’t done so yet, you’re really missing out on a lot. There are plenty of spouses in the game and female wife candidates are not short on “stock”.

However it’s worth looking at the other side of the isle for one of the many many male spouses that Skyrim has to offer. There are dozens of husbands waiting for you to marry them, each with their own perks too. So if you’re looking for the best husbands in Skyrim then you’ve come to the right place.

Keep in mind that you’ll need to buy the Amulet of Mara before you can propose, and you’ll also need to speak to Maramal in the Temple of Mara in Riften. He sells the amulet for 200 coins and also sets up the ceremonies for any upcoming marriages.

15. Quintus Navale

Quintus Navale in Skyrim

Quintus Navale was born in the Imperial domain of Cyrodiil, but he moved to Skyrim to work with one of the best alchemists in the world – a man named Neurelion, whose life has been fully dedicated to finding the White Phial.

In fact, the alchemy shop at which you can find Navale shares the name of Neurelion’s obsession.

He’s worth checking out if you’re big into alchemy or magic in general. Nice dude.


14. Marcurio

Marcurio from Skyrim

Marcurio is a great spouse to marry if you like intellectuals.

It is said that Marcurio is one of the most savant Skyrim residents when it comes to Dwemer knowledge, and he often travels old Dwemer ruins to find out more about the ancient culture. You might say his passion is to study the mechanical beings that still inhabit the places.

He’s a mage who specializes in destruction magic making him a powerful companion as well as an honorable spouse.


13. Odfel

Odfel husband in Skyrim

Odfel, the miner, can be found inside his house in Shor’s Stone.

He shares his home with an Orc, and weirdly enough they don’t like each other very much.

But living with both should be easy as both men keep to themselves most of the time. A quiet miner and great for someone who’s maybe a bit shy too.


12. Ghorbash the Iron Hand

Skyrim Husband - Ghorbash the Iron Hand

Ghorbash is an Orc warrior that can you can marry if you find him in Dushnikh Yal.

He’s actually the brother of the chief so honorable blood runs in his family.

The legendary warrior was once a member of the Imperial Legion, but he now lives a calmer life with his brother and other members of his clan.

He’s a crafty archer and a good choice for light armor or heavy armor, and he can be adjusted to battle however you want. This makes him an ideal companion for all sorts of playstyles.

You can even convince him to adventure with you and turn him into a follower!


11. Derkeethus

Derkeethus from Skyrim

Derkeethus is one of the few Argonian spouses in the game.

He can be found in Darkwater Pass and you must free him from his captors if you wish to marry him.

Darkeethus is a strong warrior so don’t be fooled by the fact that he was captured. Having a spouse that was originally born in Black Marsh can also be an attractive thing to have, and a unique one as well.

This Argonian warrior may be persuaded to join the Blades if you happen to have the necessary quests completed, so be sure to give him a purpose and don’t let his skills go to waste.


10. Revyn Sadri

Revyn Sadri Skyrim

Sadri’s Used Wears is well known by Skyrim players and there’s good reason for it: the shop is quite a good place to live if you wish to marry Revyn Sadri.

You’ll also have access to the money generated by his shop, and you’ll live alongside the shopkeeper himself – it’s a win/win scenario for everyone. But also mostly you because you get to earn money just for getting married. Talk about a crazy premise.

Note if you want Revyn then you’ll need to support him when completing the “That Was Always There” quest, as going against his will mean you won’t have access to the marriage option.


9. Sorex Vinius

Sorex Vinius from Skyrim

Are you one of those odd adventurers that loves to spend time living in an inn, fulfilling the true purpose of a free life?

Then look no further because Sorex Vinus is your answer. He works in The Winking Skeever which is an inn located in Solitude, the capital of Skyrim.

Living there allows you to access stocks of food and drinks available at the bar, so be sure to take full advantage of this if you happen to marry Vinius.


8. Romlyn Dreth

Romlyn Dreth from Skyrim

Dreth is by far one of the best husbands that you can marry when you’re just starting in the game.

He’s a thief that steals mead for a living and his house isn’t anything particularly impressive. But he offers decent company and a good place to stay when you’re too short on cash to purchase one of the larger homes that Skyrim has to offer.

As you’d expect, he can be found in the Black-Briar Meadery.


7. Pavo Attius

Pavo Attius from Skyrim

Care to live with an Imperial and an Orc below the same roof?

Pavo Attius is a great early-game husband that lives in Markrath with an Orc (the house can be fast-traveled to, so rejoice!)

If you choose to marry Pavo you’ll be the co-owner of a small but cozy place that will surely serve as a great accommodation during the early stages of your adventures. A place to lay your head is always nice.

Keep in mind that this house is not big at all, so you’ll eventually want to move away from it.

And in Skyrim spouses can’t be divorced, so you either move somewhere else with Pavo or you become the bringer of his demise.


6. Ainethach

Ainethach from Skyrim

Ainethach tends to be overlooked as a husband, mainly because he has quite a depressing appearance.

However he’s quite the partner to have in any stage of the game as his house serves home to countless items that respawn frequently. You can practically see your treasury rise in a matter of minutes if you sell everything you collect.

The best thing about Ainethach is that he lives in quite a huge home located far from any major city in the game. This makes him makes ideal for those who seek a quiet life after their travels.

The home is called Karthwasten Hall and you’ll often find Ainethach roaming around the area.


5. Filnjar

Filnjar husband in Skyrim

Filnjar is a blacksmith, and a damn good one. In fact he’s a veteran blacksmith and one of the finest craftsmen that Skyrim has to offer.

He’s not at all young, but he’s an honest man who has made a living by forging steel armor and weapons for the better part of his life.

As such, he can be one of the best spouses in the game if you’re looking to master your smithing skills.

You can even add him as a companion by completing the Mine or Yours quest.

Filnjar lives in a small home filled with smithing equipment in Shor’s Stone.


4. Farkas

Farkas in Skyrim

Farkas is one of the best spouses in the game if you’re looking to have a strong companion by your side.

He might not have his own place (he sleeps in the Companion’s headquarters), but the man is exactly what anyone would hope to find in a battle mate.

I think this is one of the best reasons that makes Farkas a husband that all the women in Skyrim would only dream of having.

Your best bet would be to buy your own place first and then ask Farkas to move in with you, as the lack of storage space and sleeping space can prove quite troublesome in the long run – especially if you plan to keep Farkas as a partner for the entirety of the game.


3. Balimund

Balimund from Skyrim

Balimund is another seasoned blacksmith, albeit a few years younger than Filnjar.

He doesn’t have his own house but he lives in his smithing shop so you’ll always have access to the essentials that every smithing expert could hope to have.

He can be acquired as a spouse once you bring 10 fire salts to his place in The Scorched Hammer, the store that you may soon call home.

His home is filled with ingots, hammers, and many other tools that you can use to improve your smithing skills and create the finest weapons in the realm. If you do get married be sure to take full advantage of these resources once you move in!


2. Calder

Calder in Skyrim

Being named the Thane of Eastmarch is just the first of many perks that come with being a high-ranking officer of the city.

You’ll get the chance to own Hjerim, a nearby manor, and with it you’ll also get Calder as a potential spouse.

This battle-worn warrior can take a lot of damage so he’s an ideal companion if you’re specialized in stealth or magic.


1. Argis The Bulwark

Argis The Bulwark in Skyrim

Once you become Thane of Markrath you’ll be able to find this lovely husband in Vindrell Hall.

He’s by far the strongest companion in the game when it comes to male spouses.

He edges out Calder as the best companion in the game even though he boasts very similar stats, mainly because of his cool looks and the fact that his house is one of the best that you can get in Skyrim.

Generally speaking if you want some real power and lots of great resources then you want to marry Argis the Bulwark as soon as you can.

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