Where To Farm Deathbell in Skyrim (Locations + Uses)

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The best place to farm Deathbell is in the swamp area around Morthal. A lot of deathbell plants can be found here, along with other ingredients like Giant Lichen and Swamp Fungal Pod.

Deathbell plants also grow near some buildings in the city of Morthal itself.

Or you can also buy Deathbell from alchemy merchants. Most of them will have a few pieces of Deathbell plants for sale, but for farming them in bulk your best bet is at the Drajkmyr Marsh.

But one other option for buying deathbell is from Enthir in the College of Winterhold, who always sells three pieces of Deathbell that he restocks every two days.

A Deathbell plant (close-up screenshot) / Skyrim

If you’re going out to farm some yourself, you can harvest Deathbell from interacting with its plant.

It’s a leafy plant with large purple flowers. So it’s easy to spot, even from a distance.

Deathbell inventory screenshot / Skyrim

And the swamp area between Morthal and Solitude is the best place to farm Deathbell.

There are several points of interests here, such as:

  • The Abandoned Shack
  • Folgunthur
  • The Apprentice Stone

A lot of Deathbell plants grow around these 3 places.


Other locations of Deathbell Plants

Deathbell samples inside Forelhost Refectory / Skyrim

Pictured above: Deathbell samples inside Forelhost Refectory

Inside the Forelhost Refectory in Forelhost, you’ll also find several Deathbell plants which you can harvest.

There are also lots of already-harvested samples of Deathbell that can be looted here, which can be found inside bowls, and on a table with two alchemy labs.

These Deathbell plants can be found in the mountains, southeast of Riften.


Stealing from Alchemy Shops

Deathbell flowers on display at Arcadia’s Cauldron / Skyrim

You can also steal several Deathbell flowers inside alchemy shops, particularly in Whiterun, Solitude, and Falkreath.

They’re displayed on shelves and wooden containers along with other alchemy ingredients.

The shops in Whiterun and Solitude have seven Deathbell flowers that can be stolen, while the shop in Falkreath has at least six of them.


Deathbell Uses

Deathbell is used to create several poisons / Skyrim

Deathbell flowers do not contain positive effects that will be beneficial to you directly.

Instead, this item has Damage Health, Ravage Stamina, Slow, and Weakness to Poison effects.

So this ingredient is best used for creating poisons that can be inflicted on enemies.

And since Deathbell flowers are abundant in the swamp area, you can use it with another abundant ingredients (like the Hanging Moss) to create lots of potions for grinding up your Alchemy.

For storyline uses, the quest “Few and Far Between” requires you to gather 20 pieces of Deathbell.

Also, one Deathbell is needed to create a “Spell Tome: Conjure Storm Atronach” at the Atronach Forge in Winterhold.

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