Where To Farm Ovim Fleece in FFXIV (Locations + Uses)

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Ovim fleece is dropped by ovim billies and nannies found in the Northern Hills of Amber in Ahm Araeng. These are level 76 goat-like creatures that look very much like the aldgoats found in Eorzea.

A group of these beasts can be found just outside of Twine. To find them, take the aetheryte to Twine and travel northeast to (X:17.0, Y:13.2).

Ahm Araeng is a Shadowbringers zone which you gain access to early on in the expansion. However, the map is split into two parts: the western half of which is reached much later in the MSQ. This half of the zone is where the ovim mobs can be found, and you’ll come here during the level 76 Main Scenario Quest “The Trolley Problem”.

Ovim fleece can also be bought from certain Shadowbringers NPCs with bicolor gemstones, as well as collected by your retainers.

If you already have a surplus of bicolor gemstones, then purchasing the fleece would be the fastest and easiest way of procuring them. Otherwise, defeating ovims would be the most efficient method of farming their fleece.

But we’ve added a table below that lists all of your options:

Source Type Location Description
Gramsol NPC Vendor The Crystarium (X:11.1, Y:13.6) Exchanged for 2 Bicolor Gemstones
Halden NPC Vendor Amh Araeng (X:10.7, Y:17.1) Exchanged for 2 Bicolor Gemstones
Pedronille NPC Vendor Eulmore (X:10.6, Y:12.2) Exchanged for 2 Bicolor Gemstones
Ovim Billy Level 76 Monster Amh Araeng (X:17.0, Y:13.2) Random drop
Ovim Nanny Level 76 Monster Amh Araeng (X:17.0, Y:13.2) Random drop
Field Exploration XXIV Level 75 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Random drop, 18 hours to complete
Field Exploration XXV Level 80 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Random drop, 18 hours to complete
Hunting Exploration Venture Level 77 Retainer Venture Summoning Bell Guaranteed drop, 1 hour to complete

Earning Bicolor Gemstones

Halden / Final Fantasy XIV

Completing FATEs in Shadowbringers and Endwalker zones will reward you with bicolor gemstones. This is part of the Shared FATE system that was introduced in the Shadowbringers expansion.

Through this system, the game will keep track of the number of FATEs you have completed in each zone for the two latest expansions. There will be an NPC vendor available for each zone and the wares available to the player will depend on their ranking.

Ovim fleece can be purchased from Halden in Ahm Araeng (X:10.7, Y:17.1) for 2 bicolor gemstones.

You only need Rank 1 in the zone for it to be available, so completing just 1 FATE in the area will be enough to unlock it.

You can also purchase the fleece from Gramsol in The Crystarium (X:11.1, Y:13.6) and Pedronille in Eulmore (X:10.6, Y:12.2), but to access their shops you must achieve a maximum rank (rank 3) in all Shadowbringers zones. A maximum rank is attained by completing at least 60 FATEs in an area.


Deploying Your Retainers for Ovim Fleece

Hunting Exploration Ventures / Final Fantasy XIV
Hunting Exploration Ventures

Retainers can be sent out on ventures to either collect items for the player or gain experience points.

If you have a retainer that is a Disciple of War or Magic with a level of at least 77, you can send them out to obtain ovim fleece specifically.

These are called Hunting Exploration Ventures and take 60 minutes to complete. The duration of the venture can be reduced by leveling up your retainer. With 90 being the current level cap, the duration for level 77 Hunting Exploration Ventures can be brought down to 50 minutes.

A retainer can bring back 5 to 15 pieces of ovim fleece from one hunting exploration venture, depending on their current item level.

There is another type of venture called “Field Exploration” ventures. These have several different tiers depending once again on your retainer’s current level.

Two tiers have a chance at providing you with some ovim fleece – Field Exploration XXIV (Level 75) and Field Exploration XXV (Level 80). These, however, are not ideal for farming items as they take 18 hours to complete and the items brought back are random. Field exploration ventures are given to retainers primarily to increase their level.


Using Ovim Fleece

Summer Indigo Shirt / Final Fantasy XIV
Summer Indigo Shirt

Ovim fleece is used primarily by weavers to craft ovim wool yarn.

This is a level 76 recipe that requires 3 lightning crystals, 4 ovim fleece and 1 refined natron.

Ovim wool yarn is then used to craft several different items, most of which are pieces of equipment. Here’s a list of items that require ovim wool yarn to craft:

  • Cropped Summer Indigo Slops (Level 80 Weaver, Master Recipe)
  • Fat Cat Wall Chronometer (Level 80 Carpenter)
  • Ovim Wool (Level 76 Weaver)
  • Ovim Wool Bottoms of Scouting (Level 76 Weaver)
  • Ovim Wool Gaskins of Crafting (Level 77 Weaver)
  • Ovim Wool Gaskins of Gathering (Level 77 Weaver)
  • Ovim Wool Turban of Crafting (Level 77 Weaver)
  • Ovim Wool Turban of Gathering (Level 77 Weaver)
  • Summer Indigo Shirt (Level 80 Weaver, Master Recipe)
  • Titanbronze Awl (Level 77 Blacksmith)
  • Zonureskin Gloves of Crafting (Level 77 Leatherworker)
  • Zonureskin Gloves of Gathering (Level 77 Leatherworker)
  • Zonureskin Jacket of Crafting (Level 77 Leatherworker)
  • Zonureskin Robe of Gathering (Level 77 Leatherworker)
  • Zonureskin Shoes of Crafting (Level 77 Leatherworker)
  • Zonureskin Shoes of Gathering (Level 77 Leatherworker)
  • Half-timbered Cottage Walls (Free Company)
  • Half-timbered House Walls (Free Company)
  • Half-timbered Mansion Walls (Free Company)

Of these items, perhaps the most notable is the Summer Indigo Shirt (seen in the screenshot above).

It’s a popular glamour item that can sell for a hefty amount of gil.

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