Best Skyrim Dungeon Mods: Our Top 20 Favorites (All Free)

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It’s that time of the year again where Skyrim is feeling fresh and I’m eager to play.

I’m sitting at home, thinking to myself where to begin my new adventure.

I make myself some coffee and turn on my computer. “What should my main goal be now?”.

As I struggled to come up with an answer, I realized that I’ve played Skyrim so many times that there doesn’t seem like there’s anything else I can do.

Just when I was about to start as an Argonian assassin again, it hit me – new dungeons.

What’s better to keep my game fresh than installing a bunch of dungeon mods to fill my save with new adventures?

The amazing Skyrim modding community was sure not to disappoint. So I’ve made a collection of the absolute best dungeon mods that I’ve found and enjoyed.

I’m sure you’ll love them too – especially if you’re looking for a revamp of your Skyrim adventuring experience.

20. Challenge of the Daedra – Waking Nightmare II

Challenge of the Daedra mod

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This mod will take you on a trippy and diabolical quest through one of the scariest dungeon mods that will be listed here.

I found this creepy quest to be quite interesting, as it provided me with a challenge that you wouldn’t expect to find in Skyrim. Yet it didn’t feel out of place thanks to the Daedric feel that it has.

You will be taken through a dungeon that MUST be completed, as once you’re deep enough inside there will be no way back.

Explore a surreal realm of nightmares and hallucinations that will surely make you think twice before getting into Daedirc culture.


19. Temple of Kruziik

Temple of Kruziik mod

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This cool dungeon mod comes with a lot of lore, as the dungeon is basically an old temple that was used by ancient Nords to worship a legendary dragon. Who went by the odd name of Kruziik.

Explore the temple and find pieces of ancient lore hidden on it.


18. Volundr

Volundr mod

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Looking to uncover the secrets of mankind itself?

Travel to the depths of Volundr and get granted an audience with the makers of the world once you manage to complete this massive, in-depth dungeon.

Volundr has three different wings and is non-linear so you’ll be able to complete this Nordic dungeon in the order that you prefer!


17. Hjakhtraevarr Tomb

Hjakhtraevarr Tomb mod

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This massive tomb is set to provide you with over 2 hours of gameplay unless you can think quickly and resolve mazes even quicker.

It’s a fantastic dungeon that has no way back, so be sure to enter prepared to complete it.

The maker of the mod recommends playing it with a high-level character, so fear the consequences if you don’t.

Note it’s a difficult dungeon. Trust me, you’ll need some high-level powers.


16. Hammet’s Dungeon Packs for LE

Hammet’s Dungeon Packs mod

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This fantastic pack comes with 32 new dungeons for the game, six of which can only be found in Solstheim (should you own the DLC, of course).

In any case they all feature different designs as well as new rewards and armor that you’ve never seen before.

A massive mod that took me a few hours to see on its entirety – I haven’t even completed all dungeons yet!


15. Inferno – The Blood Marked

Inferno – The Blood Marked mod

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Take on this quest and face a dungeon where a legendary dark creature lies waiting.

This fantastic dungeon comes with a complete questline and one of the best creature designs that the modding community has brought us in so many years.


14. Skyrim Sewers 4

Skyrim Sewers 4 mod

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Alright, this is a pretty popular mod in the Nexus.

But I’m not going to rate it as highly as others.

Don’t get me wrong it’s a cool mod, but there are others that are better.

Now that said, Skyrim Sewers 4 adds new sewers to some of Skyrim’s most popular cities so you’ll be able to explore new areas and not-so-dangerous dungeons that will enrich your adventures. Totally worth it but not quite the best on here.


13. Sanctum of the Fallen

Sanctum of the Fallen mod

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I beg you not to try out this mod in a new save.

Please, just install it and go to your strongest character’s save and try to beat all of the bosses that come included in Sanctum of the Fallen.

You’ll be able to equip your character with new weapons and rewards once you completed. Or should I say, IF you complete it.

It’s a very tough mod. Play it only if you’re level 60 or more.

The creator of the mod advises people to play it once they’re level 50 or more, but even level 50 feels low (depending on your build, that is).


12. Windcallers Pass

Windcallers Pass mod

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Windcallers Pass is a dungeon that serves as an underpass to High Hrothgar.

It passes through the entire mountain and opens up on the other side so it has two entrances.

Inside the dungeon you’ll find some of the scariest creatures in the game, as well as loot for days.

Don’t worry, you don’t even have to fight most of the creatures if you’re after the loot – just sneak around and steal it like a scoundrel.


11. Ogmunds Tomb

Ogmunds Tomb mod

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Made by the same modder that brought us Windcallers Pass, Ogmunds Tomb comes packed with challenges and adventure.

It’s a relatively short dungeon that you should be able to complete in less than an hour.

But given that enemies arenot too leveled you’ll be able to enjoy this small quest at any point in the game.


10. The Secret of Dragonhead

Secret of Dragonhead mod

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Are you ready to undertake a fantastic quest?

Visit Dragonhead and loot the body of a dead Imperial to find a small book, which contain context on the dungeon and activates the quest as soon as you read it.

The Secret of Dragonhead grants you with the chance to visit a new dungeon and to undergo a very difficult quest that even the most leveled player will have trouble completing.

It’s a pretty challenging dungeon mod. But there was a lot of effort put into it.

The creator of the mod has placed a lot of fantastic loot inside the dungeon too, so your time of adventure won’t go unrewarded.

Be prepared to face very tough foes, though!


9. Heimfeigr

Heimfeigr mod

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Alright, this is one MASSIVE mod.

Its mainly a quest mod, but it doesn’t only add a single dungeon.

I mean, it’s one of the biggest mods on this list by a landslide.

It adds a completely new city to the game and as you might be able to guess, it’s fully populated.

There are well over 100 NPCs to be found and interacted within the many buildings that this city has to offer.

You will be presented with a completely new main quest to finish.

Like I said, it’s pretty massive. So you might want to have a bit of time on your hands if you wish to undergo the challenge of Heimfeigr (which, by the way, means “Home of the Dead”).


8. The Temple of Black Rock

Temple of Black Rock mod

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The Temple of Black Rock is one of the dungeon mods that better fits the vanilla concept of Skyrim.

Playing it truly makes you feel like the mod was created by Bethesda. But in reality, it’s one of the toughest challenges made by modders in Skyrim.

You will most definitely struggle completing it.

The undead plague this abandoned temple and make you wonder whether you’re going to come out alive or not. It’s a challenging experience, but a fun one nonetheless!


7. The Rabbit Hole

The Rabbit Hole mod

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Oh man, this one is a super fun dungeon to play.

The Rabbit Hole is a vertical dungeon comprised of a total 50 levels, with each of them having a stronger enemy than the upper one.

As you descend you’ll be facing more and more powerful foes, who only grow more difficult the more you encounter.

It’s a fantastic mod that turns an average part of Skyrim into a vertical arena where rewards await for those who manage to beat all of the foes that the dungeon has.


6. Forgotten Dungeons

Forgotten Dungeons mod

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The only thing that I didn’t dig too much about this mod was the name of the dungeons.

But when it comes to quality and variety, I think no other comes close to what Forgotten Dungeons has to offer.

This mod adds a grand total of 49 new dungeons to the game, spread in all of the regions that come in Skyrim as well as its DLCs.

The maker of the mod even added countless other optional dungeons that you can add, should you wish to further enhance the length of this fantastic mod.


5. Aethernautics – A Space Travel Mod

Aethernautics Skyrim mod

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Face a fantastic quest in a new dungeon that will take you in a journey to uncover the secrets of a hidden spaceship made with ancient technology, which is capable of taking you to outer space.

Combine magic and science and you get this mod – a truly enriching experience that is far more different than anything you could expect to find in Skyrim.

If you’re a fan of space and you love Skyrim this mod is a must-have.

It’s a fantastic adventure topped with space travel in a game where we all thought it was never going to be possible.

Make your dreams come true and get your hands on this amazing dungeon-adventure mod. Maybe even mix in some Star Wars mods if you’re so inclined.


4. Skyrim Underground

Skyrim Underground mod

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Imagine walking into the depths of underground Skyrim and finding yourself surrounded by monsters that you haven’t seen before.

Imagine the scary thought of fighting an evil that you never knew existed. Imagine getting rewarded for your valiant efforts.

Now, imagine no further and get your hands on Skyrim Underground.

This mod brings life(or should I say, UNDEAD life) to what lies beneath the surface of Skyrim.

It brings us new quests as well as fully-voiced characters and difficult tasks to complete.


3. The Oblivion Realms Series – The Gate of Solitude

Oblivion Realms Series mod

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Alright, I do have to admit that my favorite Elder Scrolls game was Oblivion.

But this mod still deserves one of the top spots on my list – it’s not only me being a huge fanboy (only partially).

Be warned though – it’s very difficult to get past the countless hoards of Dremora that await inside the portal of Oblivion that opens right outside Solitude when you install this mod.

The creator warns us that we should play this on a level 35 character or above, and there’s a good reason for it.

Lower level characters are sure to get slaughtered. If you’re not a pansy set the difficulty to the max and watch you die hopelessly countless times while you grasp and understand this dungeon to the fullest.


2. The Lost Wonders of Mzark

Lost Wonders of Mzark

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Dwemer fans, gather up and download this piece of beauty.

The Lost Wonders of Mzark adds a fully Dwemer-themed adventure to your game, which comes with 4 new quests as well as a fantastic dungeon that is fully open for you to explore from the get-go.

It’s said that this new dungeon was an ancient ruin that was recently discovered – according to the legends, at least.

You’ll be able to get your hands on new equipment and travel the unknown abandoned halls of this marvelous place – all while facing challenging foes along the way.


1. Molag Bal’s Inferno

Molag Bal’s Inferno

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I first found out about this mod while browsing Reddit as the r/Skyrim community seemed to absolutely love it when it first came out.

Needless to say it’s an amazing new adventure based around Molag Bal, and I’m more than sure that anyone that has an even slight interest in Skyrim is going to love it.

The makers of the mod have been so successful that they even made a standalone game on their own, which came out on Steam too!

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