Best Skyrim Gun & Pistol Mods (All Free)

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I’m usually one to write lists of mods that stick to the game’s identity. But I’ll be damned if the thought of firing an AK-47 in Skyrim hadn’t crossed my mind before.

Firing weapons in Skyrim has to be one of the best things you can do in the game, albeit probably not if you’re looking for a serious playthrough.

You only live once, though. And I think that having a Skyrim save comprised of non-serious mods is something that every Skyrim player must try out at least once.

We often see stuff like this on YouTube, but getting to experience it yourself is beyond fun.

As such, I’ve managed to compile a list of the best custom gun mods worth trying. Some of them seem to be at least partially lore-friendly, but I mean, you can only hold to the lore for so long here.

I’ve mostly focused on mods that add guns to the game that are located in a factional era, basically one that resembles our own medieval times… so let’s not focus on accuracy as much as we’ll focus on having fun. Isn’t that what Skyrim’s all about?


10. Flintlock Pistol

Flintlock Pistol Mod for Skyrim

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Just a basic flintlock pistol.

No better way to get my list started than with a simple mod. Easy enough to use and not big enough to scare you off.

Beware of what’s to come, though.


9. Dwarven AWP Sniper Rifle

Dwarven Sniper Rifle Mod for Skyrim

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Hey, remember the AWP from Counter-Strike and so many other shooters?

Well with this mod, you can incorporate an AWP model that the Dwarven craftspeople apparently made millennia ago.

A lore-friendly addition that serves to incorporate one of the world’s most famous sniper rifles into a medieval-themed game. Cool, isn’t it?


8. Skyrim 40,000

Skyrim 40k guns crossover mod

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Oh, f*** yeah.

This mod adds 17 weapons from Warhammer 40k into Skyrim! Talk about a crossover

There’s really not much else to say, if you love 40k you’re gonna love this. So get ready to blast whatever gets in your way.


7. Dwarven Blasters

Dwarven Blasters Mod for Skyrim

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This is definitely one of the better weapon mods for the game.

The creator tried to keep it as lore-friendly as possible, and even though I don’t want to trash-talk his attempts too much, it’s clear that these weapons don’t fit the game at all.

They do come with special VFX, though, which is cool as hell!

And they definitely fall in the “fun” category.


6. Dwemer Rifle

Dwemer Rifle Mod for Skyrim

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So picture this:

You walk into a bar. There are some orcs and Argonians looking at you like they want to rob you. You pull out a gun.

It’s a piece of Dwemer equipment. You blow their brains out.

You order a drink.

You’ll be able to do all of this and more with the Dwemer Rifle mod, which looks more like a shotgun, but still.


5. Dwarven Rifle Second Generation

TES Skyrim Dwarven Rifle Mod

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Man, these weapons are so good that they make me think they were taken straight out of a Fallout game.

I really love the models here. They seem to somehow fit Skyrim in one of the weirdest ways possible.

I don’t know much about the first generation of these rifles, but if there’s something I can tell you, it’s that the second generation is good enough to burst through the skulls of any foe that you may encounter.

A fantastic mod that you need to try if you’re looking for the closest thing to a lore-friendly rifle in Skyrim.


4. Rifles-Guns Oh My

Rifles Mod for Skyrim

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Ever wondered how World War II weapons would fare in Skyrim? Me too.

This is the best mod to find out, though.

It allows you to use a bunch of weapons that were used in the 1940s and shoot them against orcs instead of the Nazis.

The mod is very well done and the weapon models fit to perfection, even if they’re arguably some of the least lore-friendly additions that you could add to the game.

You’ll be able to make those bandits bleed with the power of old-timey weapons, so it’s truly a unique feeling like no other.


3. SkyRevolution – Assault Rifles, Snipers Rifles, and Machine Guns

SkyRevolution Mod for Skyrim

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This very complete mod adds two new NPCs to the game (yes, both of them have guns).

But that’s not all. You get 6 different weapons here too, all that you’ll be able to obtain and fire at will.

Out of all of the weapons added with this mod, 5 of them are automatic. You’ll be able to take out anything that stands in your way using the power of the military of the United States, or something like that.

A very cool mod that adds some fantastic guns to the game – and they all have custom sounds and effects to boot.


2. Project Flintlock Rifle

Project Flintlock Rifle Mod

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Talk about a complete weapon mod, holy hell.

This adds a bunch of 1800s-style guns into Skyrim, among which you will find bayonets, muskets, and very powerful weaponry that was probably used to conquer America centuries ago.

This one’s adapted to Skyrim, of course, and it stands as one of the most complete mods on the list.

As if that wasn’t enough, the mod also adds a new semi-lore-friendly area where you’ll be able to find the vast majority of all of these new additions and get them equipped as soon as you install the mod. Lots of fun to be had here.


1. Junk’s Guns

Junk’s Guns - Massive gun mod for Skyrim

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Alright, screw it. Screw lore-friendliness, screw adding a couple of guns to the game, and screw keeping it simple.

Time to dive in guns blazing. I’m going all-out with the top pick on my list, and it’s a doozy.

This thing adds an arsenal of weapons that will have you shooting anything with full-on automatic weapons and assault rifles.

This is by far best gun pack in the game, in my opinion, and one that’s designed as well as it is lethal.

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