Where Can You Farm Salt Piles in Skyrim?

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The best place to look for Salt Piles is the Riften Docks and Riften Fishery where there are lots of fish barrels. You can check these barrels for Salt Piles and other types of food, such as fish and vegetables.

Each fish barrel always contains at least 1 Salt Pile.

Other barrels and sacks containing raw food also have a chance of containing Salt Piles.

You can also visit the merchants in inns and alchemy shops for Salt Piles. Almost all of them are guaranteed to have 1-6 pieces of Salt Piles in their inventories.

There’s also an exploit where you can reset merchant inventories to get more Salt Piles (which we’ll cover in more detail below).


Riften Docks and Fishery

Riften Docks Screenshot / Skyrim

The Riften Docks has 7 fish barrels and each barrel has a chance to contain Salt Piles.

The boat has 8 fish barrels, so you can also try and look here.

Inside the Riften Fishery are another 4 of these Fish Barrels.

Taking these Salt Piles (or any other item) will count as theft, so it’s better to befriend the Argonian named Wujeeta at the docks. Give her a healing potion and you can loot these barrels safely.

Fish Barrel containing 1 Salt Pile / Skyrim

Merchant Exploit

Check merchants and innkeepers for Salt Piles / Skyrim

If the Salt Piles from the docks and fishery aren’t enough and you need even more, a merchant exploit can be used. This method will reset the merchant’s inventory even if you bought all of their items.

The method for this exploit is as follows:

  1. Save your game and go to a merchant.
  2. Check their inventory and buy the salt piles or any other item you need.
  3. Do a quicksave, and then hit the merchant with a weapon.
  4. Load the quicksave and their inventory should reset.
  5. Repeat step 2.

There’s also a way to do this using cheats if you’re open to that too.

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