Top 12 Best Succubus Anime Characters (Ranked)

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For a medium oozing with endless possibilities in character design (and fanservice), anime doesn’t have a huge list of succubi.

And viewers deserve to see more in the near future.

Still, I’ve watched enough anime to build a list of noteworthy succubus characters.

From their gorgeous physique to distinct demeanor, these women have made their respective titles all the more memorable — and this is true whether they were around the entire time, or only for a minute.

12. Len

Len from Carnival Phantasm anime

Anime: Carnival Phantasm
Len is so much more than what viewers saw on Carnival Phantasm.

For one, she’s a primary character in the TYPE-MOON visual novel Kagetsu Tohya.

But since I’m only talking about anime succubi, I have to grade Len based on her very brief appearance in the parody series.

Thankfully the succubus (or to be precise, succubus demon familiar) maximizes the little time she has — the scene featured not just one, but five Len cats.

It’s like Power Rangers or Voltes V, except that no threat is present at all.

Imagine how much more powerful anime succubi could be if they could transform into neko girls, nyaa-ing their way to your heart and soul.


11. Mayu Tsukimura

Mayu Tsukimura from Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun anime

Anime: Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun

You are entitled to a senior citizen discount if you know about Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun and its wacky plot:

Simply put, a male high school student (of course) ends up living with two siblings who happen to be a succubus and an incubus, respectively.

And one more thing:

The sister succubus, Mayu Tsukimura, has a particular fear: androphobia (i.e. fear of men).

Somehow, a creature born to effortlessly seduce men is irrationally terrified of her prey.

Sure, the shenanigans Mayu and Shungo Ninomiya experience in the show are somewhat predictable. But that never stopped them from being appealing… at least as a major aspect of an ecchi harem series.

Mayu has an adorable voice and a lovely appearance. And I can’t blame other girls for feeling a little jealous of all the attention she’s getting from the boys.


10. Mayospell

Mayospell Interspecies Reviewers anime screenshot

Anime: Interspecies Reviewers

Look, I had to include arguably the most controversial series of the year. Especially when it has fantasy brothels catering to all sorts of preferences.

The existence of an Interspecies Reviewers anime adaptation baffles me. And the same goes for how a TV station in Japan actually considered airing it.

Interspecies Reviewers is filled to the brim with unique succubi, but I’m confident it’s Mayospell that will remain in my memories the longest.

Episode 08 would never have been as hilariously outrageous (and lewd) as it was without her, reminding the hermaphroditic angel Crimvael who’s the boss.

Also, if you’ve never seen the episode (or the entire show), I suggest watching both the uncensored and censored versions. Since the censored one provides more humor with its voice acting.


9. Lolisa/Newbie Succubus

Lolisa/Newbie Succubus from KonoSuba anime

Anime: KonoSuba

I literally watched the “bakuretsu la la la” video on YouTube for the nth time, and I have to say it will never grow old.

And with KonoSuba, I can identify so many things I love — and it doesn’t always have to be about the main cast.

My entry here hasn’t even revealed her real name. But I still vividly remember her scene with Kazuma.

All she wants is to excel at the art of being a succubus (and I’m sure Kazuma will do anything to help), but Lolisa has yet to gain the confidence necessary in capturing men.

She feels a bit inferior to her co-workers at the succubus cafe because her assets aren’t as… well, plump. But how can you not fall in love with her?

In a world of dominant, overly aggressive succubi, wouldn’t you want to be with an introverted, anxious, yet completely charming one?


8. Ageha Kurono

Ageha Kurono Rosario to Vampire Capu2 anime

Anime: Rosario to Vampire Capu2

The sequel to Rosario to Vampire introduced us to Ageha Kurono, a relatively young mom (think around 30) who clearly has style to match her blessed (or rather demonic) figure.

Look, I have a thing for all things blue. And her ocean blue hair is so good with her red lips and short yet frilly red dress. Memorable for sure.

Even when she transforms into a succubus, she becomes so much better, unleashing her femme fatale potential.

Also, Ageha is such a contrast to her daughter.

She’ll always be a loving and caring mom. But that doesn’t stop her from relishing in her succubus nature. Which explains why she’s so encouraging of Tsukune and Kurumu being together as soon as possible.


7. Morrigan Aensland

Morrigan Aensland from Vampire Hunter

Anime: Vampire Hunter

If I was talking about succubi in pop culture, I would’ve placed Morrigan Aensland at the top. Or at least close to No. 1.

But Morrigan was in Vampire Hunter (otherwise known as Night Warriors: Darkstalkers’ Revenge), which only had four episodes as an OVA and didn’t really focus on her identity as a succubus.

Still, this cosplay and video gaming favorite looks stunning in anime too, having that old-school aesthetic with her greatest assets made fairly apparent.

As much as Morrigan is incredibly good-looking, I love how I can sense her prowess. Even if she didn’t have the horns and wings — her gaze alone could cut me down.


6. Artemis

Artemis Maria the Virgin Witch anime

Anime: Maria the Virgin Witch

I love many things about Artemis.

First, her name comes from a Greek goddess known for safeguarding her chastity — the complete opposite of her very being.

Likewise, her character design is top-tier. And funny enough Artemis doesn’t have devil horns, a sharp tail, or red wings.

Her light-colored fur coat, stockings, high heels, and the leather barely covering her body make her look more like a supermodel for Victoria’s Secret.

While she’s Maria’s familiar, Artemis treats her as a great friend instead of a mere owner. She’s always teasing, but also doing whatever’s necessary to keep Maria safe (and that’s a big deal since they’re in medieval France).

So unlike the typical succubus, Artemis doesn’t just engage in amorous fun for the sake of feeding her appetite for men.

Instead she sleeps with men in power to gather confidential information and prevent further warfare. Quite crafty.

And lastly, Artemis can turn into a seemingly unimpressed and cute owl. Just a fun trivia note.


5. Maria Naruse

Maria Naruse from The Testament of Sister New Devil

Anime: The Testament of Sister New Devil

Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha spawned two seasons and a few OVAs, so I’m sure many of you know Maria Naruse, the petite silver-haired succubus.

Yes, I love how frank she gets at times. And how she tries to cheer up others, even though she also needs a helping hand when she has those moments of doubting and self-blame.

But I also really just love what she does as a succubus.

Apart from helping Basara develop his harem (and she benefits from all the intimate happenings), Maria soon offers herself to Basara.

But it turns out that she’s not a shameless, perverted succubus. In reality, she’s affected by others seeing her and Basara having real fun together.


4. Kurumu Kurono

Kurumu Kurono Rosario + Vampire anime screenshot

Anime: Rosario + Vampire

Yes, I have two entries from Rosario Vampire — and the two are related by blood.

That just shows how formidable the Kurono women are.

I know it’s a bit odd since Kurumu and Ageha look so similar… but I prefer Kurumu for a few reasons.

First, she’s petite (exactly 5 feet) but well-endowed. And that’s a tremendously attractive combination. Second, I love her confidence: she’s sexy and she knows it.

I really love that Kurumu strives to play fair in the game of love. She’s a succubus that can effortlessly charm her way into Tsuku’s heart (and pants), but she wants to win it without using supernatural skills.

Then you consider how much she cares about others.

Is she adamant about getting Tsukune Aono and beating the rest in his harem? Yes, but Kurumu is still genuinely caring toward the other girls (especially to Moka Akashiya).


3. Astarotte Ygvar

Astarotte Ygvar from Astarotte's Toy anime

Anime: Astarotte’s Toy (Lotte no Omocha!)

Astarotte Ygvar is a 10-year-old succubus. No, you didn’t read that wrong — my second runner-up is a young succubus who’s only starting to understand her role in the world.

Thus, Astarotte’s higher placement on my list isn’t about her actual behavior.

Instead, she’s here because she’s a wondrous tsundere learning to bring down her walls and accept more people into her world.

Astarotte’s Toy involves a father sent to Astarotte’s world to become part of her harem when she finally matures, but even the young dad isn’t thinking of anything perverted.

In contrast, the anime is sweet (but still ecchi, particularly due to the clothing), showing viewers how the succubus grapples with her royal status, negative perception of men, and her feelings toward the caring Naoya. And also toward his daughter Asuha who’s not as ordinary as she seems.


2. Albedo

Albedo Overlord anime screenshot

Anime: Overlord

Albedo is a succubus madly in love with Ainz.

But she can’t blame herself for that — Tabula Smaragdina made her that way (along with a slight modification by Ainz).

What makes her my pick here is simply her overall identity, the sum of her parts.

Here’s a woman with jet black hair, a form-fitting white dress (or a full plate armor), and golden eyes. Those eyes work whether she’s putting out a come hither look, or asserting her dominance as a high-ranking entity.

She’s unafraid to speak her mind even if it irritates Ainz. And while Albedo can get too hot for her ultimate love, she can also be calm and decisive when it matters most.

I know Albedo thinks humans are a weaker species. But I won’t mind if I can have even just a percent of the intense feelings she has for Ainz.


1. Sakie Satou

Sakie Satou from Interviews with Monster Girls anime

Anime: Interviews with Monster Girls

I never doubted my No. 1 choice. As my favorite succubus in anime, Sakie Satou sets the golden standard for how creators and writers should develop supernatural characters like her.

Sakie doesn’t have wings, a tail, or even horns. In Demi-chan wa Kataritai, she looks like a totally normal human being.

And here’s the thing:

Even though she has a generous bosom, Sakie doesn’t flaunt it.

Nothing’s wrong with showing off one’s body and taking pride in it. But the same goes for opting to conceal one’s desirable features.

Instead, this math teacher just wears a red tracksuit. Sakie even makes the conscious decision each day to wear glasses and a ponytail to supposedly make her less attractive (even though many guys actually prefer that style!)

Sakie can just wreak havoc at school by not caring about her powers affecting every male student and faculty member, but she does care.

It’s not easy trying for a succubus (or any other demi-human) to adapt to human society — and this is true for finding love as well. Is a man in love with her because of who she is as a person? Or is it merely because of her special pheromones?

Like the newbie succubus from KonoSuba and Astarotte Ygvar from Astarotte’s Toy, Sakie has to learn how to live her life as a succubus vis-a-vis her status in society, and the kind of society she’s in as well.

But Sakie is not giving up anytime soon at finding harmony among humans! And when men like Tetsuo Takahashi exist, succubi like Sakie can feel a little less troubled, knowing there are men out there who can (and do) control their urges and treat others with respect.

And I just really love cute anime girls in tracksuits and glasses.

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