Top 40 Best Anime Girls With Black Hair

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Some might say that black is the most natural hair color, at least in regards to Japan, Asia, and anime.

But however you like your black-haired waifus, variety is still available. There’s just so many girls in anime with dark hair, and they’re all so darn lovable.

And here are my picks for all the best black-haired girls anime can offer.

Ready for the long list? Let’s party!

40. Yui

Yui from SAO

Anime: Sword Art Online

The admin AI that Kirito and Asuna took as their unofficial child. She typically acts like a child of her age, but has the understanding of a normally functioning adult.

She also holds responsibility for anything that happens with Kirito and gang within the virtual realms of various SAO-engine worlds.

When inside ALO, she takes the form of an assistant sprite or fairy.

Her black hair, fittingly enough, makes her look even more convincingly like Kirito’s actual daughter.

Well, in principle anyway.


39. Shinomiya Kaguya

Shinomiya Kaguya from Love is war Anime

Anime: Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai (Kaguya-sama: Love Is War)

As a renowned member of the student council, Kaguya is expected to be a role model for the rest of the students.

But we all know that she’s everything but a role model.

She does have one instantly noticeable attribute though: that black hair paired with her curious red eyes.

Oh, and also the knack for absolutely hitting and missing thoughts and actions between her and Shirogane.

Just let the ship sail already dammit!


38. Kousaka Reina

Kousaka Reina from Hibike Euphonium anime

Anime: Hibike! Euphonium

Honestly speaking, there’s not much of anything to say about our serene trumpet player’s black hair… other than she has it, and she qualifies for this list.

Her KyoAni version has now become the signature look for her character, replicating her cute and beautiful attributes to a striking degree.

It still reminds you of the aloof and quiet person she had always been though. Especially during moments where she shows her perfectly calm expression.


37. Kuchiki Rukia

Kuchiki Rukia from Bleach anime

Anime: Bleach

The legendary captain of Soul Society’s 13th division. Her inevitable encounter with a certain boy would be the chain of events that start the entire series.

Visually, the arrangement of her black hair actually makes her quite androgynous.

Her gender would have been half-indistinguishable if not for the way she dresses. And maybe it gets even tougher if you consider the standard uniform for all Shinigami.

Well, considering that most other female Shinigami also look quite ikemen, this androgynous trend probably applies for the entire series as well.


36. Akemi Homura

Akemi Homura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica anime

Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

The girl who has seen everything.

Outwardly cold towards others, her high-class style and look, coupled with her long black hair just serve to intimidate anyone who tries to strike up a conversation.

Spoilers, she wasn’t like this before.

And an older arrangement of her black hair suggested she’d be more of that timid bookish type.

But having seen everything, each moment probably just started to fade into gray from her perspective as time passed.


35. Chi-Chi

Chi-Chi Dragon Ball anime series

Anime: Dragon Ball series

At the beginning of the series, young Chi-Chi wore something that is a “bit more foreign” than the heavy Eastern martial arts inspirations of the series.

Or… maybe it was Goku and gang that actually looked different from its futuristic setting?

In any case, when she started wearing Chinese inspired clothing later as Goku’s wife, her black hair and Asian impression became a lot more noticeable.

This will be her primary theme throughout the rest of the series, by the way.


34. Akiyama Mio

Akiyama Mio K-ON! anime

Anime: K-ON!

Soft-spoken, timid, but also quite refined, and acts more like a lady compared to Ritsu.

She doesn’t have that many outgoing qualities.

But her long flowing black hair does help viewers identify her instantly among her other Afternoon Tea Time members.

Akiyama is rather easily embarrassed, however she has enough passion for the one thing qualifies herd to be a member of her band: the strong desire to act as secondary support, with the help of her bass guitar of course.


33. Mikazuki Yozora

Mikazuki Yozora Boku wa Tomodachi anime

Anime: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Not sure why, but Yozora’s sadistic tendencies seem quite obvious just by looking at her character design.

No, it’s not the strict academically-inclined black-haired beauty that’s reflected on-screen.

Maybe it’s in her signature pouty face? It really is strange.

She’s even supposed to look a lot more boyish back then. Which, by the way, is a look that she actually sported again, when she finally decided to cut that long flowing hair of hers as the story progressed.


32. Kurenai Yuhi

Kurenai Yuuhi - Naruto Anime

Anime: Naruto

For a setting that involves a fictional mix of ancient and modern Japan, Naruto sure has a distinct lack of black-haired women.

Okay Hanabi, Tenten, don’t hate me I didn’t mean to say there’s none… But there really aren’t enough in this series.

Kurenai is probably the only one that gives that instant impact to her design and attitude.

Unlike most refined women in this list, she sports a rather unkempt look.

This is even paired further with a set of clothing even more questionable than what Ino typically wore.


31. Tendou Akane

Tendou Akane - Ranma 1/2 anime screenshot

Anime: Ranma ½

Not the first, but definitely one of the most iconic classic tsunderes to ever exist in anime history.

Her nice puffy black hair is something that she inherited from her mom. While she also inherited the overall interest in martial arts that his father had, she didn’t get to grow up to be as refined and mild-mannered as her mom.

In fact, her tomboyish nature is part of her signature identity. Almost synonymous with her own name.


30. Yaoyorozu Momo

Yaoyorozu Momo from Boku no Hero Academia

Anime: Boku no Hero Academia

A hero-in-training with perhaps one of the most potentially cheat-worthy quirks.

Yaoyorozu is the refined ojou-sama of her class, always speaking in a very clear and eloquent manner.

While her black hair doesn’t seem like that of a refined rich lady, her unique visual style fits her sense of determination quite well.

Being a stereotypical affluent character, she does show a tendency to misunderstand common things in modern life.

But she can also easily act accordingly, so she’s a smart cookie.


29. Sonohara Anri

Sonohara Anri - Durarara anime

Anime: Durarara!

Here’s another character with the stereotypical “timid bookish girl” look. Well, she does act like a timid person, with her apparent shy qualities usually the subject of mischievous fascination by fellow comrade and classmate Masaomi.

It doesn’t help that she also outwardly acts flustered easily, in otherwise tame situations.

But just like each and every member of this close circle of friends, she hides an important secret.

One that is in a sense closely related to her black hair (and eyes).


28. Hibiya Chitose

Hibiya Chitose from Chobits screenshot

Anime: Chobits

Why must all cute landlords in anime be so MILF-worthy?

Chitose is somewhat the more classic of the bunch, sporting a traditional, well-kept long black hair that gives contrast to her usual modern clothing.

It’s also this very design that helps us easily form the impression of “a woman with a complicated past”, ironically reinforced further by her calm demeanor.

True, it may be slightly obvious and deliberate. But it was still nonetheless executed well in her character.


27. Tsuyuri Kanao

Tsuyuri Kanao anime screenshot

Anime: Kimetsu no Yaiba

Due to the basic goals I’ve set out for in this ranking, Nezuko is automatically disqualified.

This leaves us of course with Kanao to take her place.

A skilled fighter of unquestionable calibre, she was initially hindered by her inability to choose her own path.

Eventually with the help of Tanjirou she overcomes this, and becomes an even more valuable asset for her allies.

No special attributes concerning her black hair, unfortunately. But she does have some very nice dark hair.


26. Sunohara Mei

Sunohara Mei from Clannad - anime screenshot

Anime: Clannad

The precious little sister of Sunohara Youhei, the series punching bag.

Her black hair is one of the strongest reminders of what Sunohara originally looked like before dying his hair.

A worrywart and a busybody, she often sniffs around for any activity that her friends or her brother might be into, and tries to do something to help them.

She has a very stereotypically cute demeanor that’s almost impossible to resist. The type that can have Tomoya labelled as a lolicon in mere minutes.


25. Shiba Miyuki

Shiba Miyuki - Anime screenshot

Anime: Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei

The renowned Snow Queen. Miyuki is yet another character in this list whose grace and elegance becomes a powerful amplifying characteristic for her hime-cut black hair.

When all these attributes are combined, she becomes more suited to her standard abilities: which fall under the category of extreme removal of heat;

Basically, to make things cold.

But as cool as she is with her campus reputation, she definitely isn’t cold to her dear brother.


24. Reizei Mako

Reizei Mako - Girls und Panzer anime

Anime: Girls und Panzer

The main tank driver of Anglerfish team, Reizei Mako is the most laidback student of the entire franchise.

She’s also weirdly a specific fan-favorite for “Girls und Panzer” lovers.

Perhaps this is due to her cozy nature?

Ironically, there’s nothing too special to mention about her black hair. But again, it’s quite nice!


23. Dororo

Dororo from Dororo anime

Anime: Dororo

The eponymous Dororo is a product of the harsh circumstances of her ancient environment.

Since she’s really young and sports a pretty short cut, she was often mistaken as a boy.

Doesn’t help that she often also acted like a boy with her upbringing.

Her modern portrayal is a bit less serious at least, so you won’t find her as cruel as her older incarnations. Later on, her androgynous hair will elegantly grow into locks that finally show her as the gorgeous waifu we know her as.


22. Hino Rei

Hino Rei from Sailor Moon anime

Anime: Sailor Moon

A classic tsundere character the world over, Rei represents (at least during her time) the average traditional-yet-modern Japanese girl.

She is a miko, or a shrine maiden, of her household.

As such, this occupation(?) alone makes her long black hair already fitting for her character.

As Sailor Mars, however, the rich darker color combinations of her suit and hair makes her fiery personality even more prominent, cementing her instant recognisability as an icon of anime to this very day.


21. Hanekawa Tsubasa

Hanekawa Tsubasa from Monogatari anime

Anime: Monogatari

Sensibility and critical thinking are the best attributes that you can easily slap onto her name.

In fact, “Araragi-kun” even described her as the “class representative of all class representatives”.

But she won’t really be thrown that far into the stereotype if not for her double-braided black hair.

Which, when coupled with glasses, completes the image of that library/book-lover type.

To be fair, her black hair doesn’t really last that long… but her initial nerdy image is something noteworthy for this list.


20. Tsukamoto Yakumo

Tsukamoto Yakumo from School Rumble anime

Anime: School Rumble

She might be soft-spoken (actually she doesn’t really speak much at all), but she’s essentially more assertive than her older sister, at least whenever there’s something that needs to be done.

In terms of design, apart from name, the only thing that actually identifies her as Tenma’s younger sister is the combination of her eyes and black hair.

She’s unusually a person of many talents, an attribute that Harima Kenji would most likely personally agree.


19. Kiryuuin Satsuki

Kiryuuin Satsuki from Kill la Kill anime

Anime: Kill la Kill

This next entry may also be quite elegant, but simplicity is definitely not her core attribute.

Satsuki has always been about doing any means necessary in order to achieve a greater goal.

It doesn’t help that she is also unwavering, tactically patient, and absolutely calculating.

Her black hair always contrasts greatly with her white militaristic outfits, which are the prime symbol of her authority.

In fact, it becomes even more of a differing element once she transforms into her Senketsu armor.


18. Gokou Ruri / Kuroneko

Kuroneko from Oreimo anime screenshot

Anime: Oreimo (Ore no Imōto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai)

The chuuni master. Close friend of Kousaka and Kirino. And perhaps the symbol of disappointment for many fans of the series.

While wearing casual clothing, her striking attributes suddenly look very plain. Even in the presence of her perfectly styled hime-cut.

But when she dons any of her gothic costumes, she suddenly transforms into an imposing identity.

She’s someone that’d be easily noticed at any anime convention.


17. Otonashi Saya

Otonashi Saya Blood+ anime

Anime: Blood+

Living the quiet life on a distance southern Japanese island was never the destiny of Saya.

Unlike most of the regular citizens of Okinawa, her appearance is distinctly mainland Japanese.

It starts with her fair skin, and ends with her deep black hair.

She would eventually leave the island of course, but due to circumstances that are just out of her control.

Also, looking back at her character in our current modern era, there’s faint trail of Mikasa Ackerman within her, somehow…


16. Nico Robin

Nico Robin from One Piece screenshot

Anime: One Piece

With all of the black-haired characters in the series, regardless of gender, Nico Robin stands out by sheer appeal.

And no, I don’t mean visual appeal… I mean attitude!

Superhuman fighting prowess aside, she is basically the logical engine of the crew. Immediately steering her thoughts into analysis (sometimes second guesses) and data-gathering at each possible opportunity.

She does sometimes tend to entertain way more simplistic thoughts, but all of these are usually put aside for more concerning things.

You see, she loves to learn.


15. Maki Oze

Maki Oze from Fire Force anime

Anime: Fire Force

Sorry Tamaki fans, but thicc wins the game. Having a body that is both athletic and curvy is of course not just the reason why she’s on this list.

She also wins by direct virtue, as she’s definitively far more mild mannered and reasonable.

In terms of ability, she’s also quite ahead with theoretical capabilities that can overwhelm opponents.

As for her other personality quirks… huh? Black hair?

Oh yeah, and she has black hair, so it’s all good.


14. Hishiro Chizuru

Hishiro Chizuru from ReLIFE anime

Anime: ReLIFE

At a glance, she looks like the average aloof/loner type girl that the protagonist needs to slowly approach in order for them to eventually open up.

Well… she does fulfill this role actually.

But this is ReLIFE, so it means that she isn’t exactly normal time-wise.

That medium cut black hair?

That’s not the youthful identity that its external appearance would have you suggest.

It does fit very well on a maid school festival maid outfit, though.


13. Sango

Sango InuYasha anime

Anime: InuYasha

A member of a village and family line of youkai slayers, Sango was trained in the art of slaying them since she and her brother were children.

When not fighting, her gorgeous black hair is complemented by a “village girl” outfit of standard commoner’s kimono.

Her gorgeous locks are arranged into a ponytail when she fights, which gives her that iconic look throughout the series.

It’s notable that her eventual children will also inherit her signature black hair and prominent visual characteristics.


12. Shana

Shana from Shakugan no Shana anime

Anime: Shakugan no Shana

This one is a bit tricky to classify, only because her hair color isn’t what we see when she reveals her true form.

But for the most part, when she assumes the identity of Hirai Yukari, she has long black hair.

Aptitude-wise, her abilities as a Flame Haze are second to none.

But visually, it seems pretty simple compared to other Flame Haze’s more complicated set of skills.

Her profile suggests a much older age too. Yet her actions and attitude seem to portray otherwise…


11. Yomiko Readman

Yomiko Readman from Read or Die anime

Anime: Read or Die

Timid yet absolutely badass, Yomiko at glance seems to be your average black-haired and bespectacled Japanese bookworm… that somehow got lost within the winding contemporary streets of London.

Despite her very versatile skillset, she’s quite apprehensive when it comes to violence. Or anything that requires strict force.

Yet when the time is right, she would undoubtedly fulfill her responsibilities as “The Paper” and execute her mission with astoundingly brilliant efficiency.


10. Enma Ai

Enma Ai from Hell Girl anime

Anime: Jigoku Shoujo (Hell Girl)

One of the poster characters for the traditional Nadeshiko-style look and outfit.

Ai makes the depiction even more convincing with her very long hime-cut style black hair and pale white skin.

You would think that this is quite generic, given that there had been a lot of characters afterward with similar styles.

But when you see Ai, you will never mistake her for anyone else.

Maybe it’s the red eyes. Maybe it’s her ominous aura.

Maybe it’s just the sense of impending doom when one looks at her. Hard to say.


9. Honjou Kaede / Maple

Honjou Kaede Maple from BoFuri anime

Anime: BoFuri (Itai no wa Iya nano de Bōgyoryoku ni Kyokufuri Shitai to Omoimasu)

Probably the fan-favorite character of early 2020s, Honjou Kaede(more popularly known with her in-game character Maple) has just pulled out every single system breaking discovery that the developers are willing to witness for her and her entire guild.

Even more astonishing is that she achieved that all with the same black cut of bobbed hair. And that irresistible innocent smile.

For technicality’s sake, her hair does change color. But only when activating a certain “empyrean” defensive skill.


8. Kuroyukihime

Kuroyukihime from Accel World anime

Anime: Accel World

Kuroyukihime’s design would have been pretty generic from a school uniform perspective.

However her black hair, orange eyes, and serious-but-gentle expression allows her to have a strangely signature look.

Plus her physical attributes are amplified further with her virtual avatar, which is also the one who technically owns her username.

In the cruel realm of Accel World, she’s widely known as the brutally efficient and merciless Black Lotus.

Her avatar that is the epitome of everything black about her.


7. Sakurajima Mai

Sakurajima Mai from Aobuta anime

Anime: Aobuta (Rascal Does Not Dream of a Dreaming Girl)

If Maple was the black-haired fan-favorite of early 2020s, then Mai earns the title of black-haired fan-favorite of late 2018.


She’s absolutely gorgeous, smart, witty, makes realistic decisions, and has the makings of being a wonderful girlfriend.

Her well of understanding regarding Sakuta’s quest also adds to her sublime “waifu” status.

The fact that she even gets upset when things start rolling into Shouko’s way has her cuteness rise tenfold.


6. Shiina Mayuri

Shiina Mayuri from SteinsGate

Anime: Steins;Gate

Outwardly ditzy, but very sensitive at crucial times, as well as an all-around caring person during times of need.

That’s Shiina.

Her spiky black hair is mostly just an extra attribute. But her hair design, combined with her eyes, makes her truly a unique waifu.


5. Tousaka Rin

Tousaka Rin Fate Series anime

Anime: Fate series

Now we’ve finally come to the modern tsunderes with black hair. Rejoice!

Tousaka Rin is an Eastern magus, but her family specializes in Western magic.

She’s usually assertive, and if she can use logic, she’s domineering.

But due to her priority in logic she does listen to reason, and can be convinced if you have a sound argument.

Ability-wise she has many technical limitations, but she’s also creative enough to find unusual solutions. Often with the help of other unlikely allies.


4. Kamiya Kaoru

Kamiya Kaoru Rorouni Kenshin anime

Anime: Rorouni Kenshin

The eventual grace of a mature lady, with a sprinkle of tomboyish tendencies, all wrapped within the sweetness of a loving and caring family member.

Her distinctly Japanese external features also mean that black hair is more or less obligatory. Even if the main character doesn’t sport this kind of hairdo.

While her actual fighting abilities are not that relevant to the endgame story, she uses her skills well when needed.


3. Chitanda Eru

Chitanda Eru Hyouka anime series

Anime: Hyouka

The ever-inquisitive and passionately curious Eru is something of a direct foil to the low-effort, low-energy pursuits of our talented Oreki Houtarou.

Sure, her black hair might look unique enough to some of you.

But it’s supported by her shining & gleaming eyes. Well, they don’t literally shine. She’s probably just curious, yeah?

I mean, they glaze over so much that it’s already kind of a mini-meme on its own.


2. Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman Attack on Titan anime screenshot

Anime: Attack on Titan

Mikasa has to be a huge fan-favorite of the skilled fighters in the entire series.

Much like Levi, her Far Eastern lineage strongly contrasts with the mostly Western physical attributes of other characters within the same universe.

This makes her black hair even more prominent.

In the same vein, her almost superhuman capabilities are seemingly due to the same blood relations as well. Though a good portion of it may just be survival experience.


1. Yukinoshita Yukino

Yukinoshita Yukino from Oregairu anime

Anime: Oregairu (Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru)

If there’s a Snow Queen, there’s an Ice Queen, at least according to Hachiman.

Yukinon’s black hair is unmistakably her defining visual quality.

That, and the usually stern expression that comes along with it.

She’s incredibly practical and logical, to the point of insulting people with the slightest inclination away from it.

Like Hachiman, she also dislikes false courtesies.

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