Tales of Arise: How To Unlock & Use the Quivering Candles

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The Quivering Candles in Tales of Arise are an artifact item that increases the amount of ore you’ll obtain whenever you come across a mining spot.

It’s very useful for anyone who enjoys making their own accessories.

It can be obtained by undertaking and completing the side quest ‘The Mysterious Pair’, which is unlocked shortly after arriving in Niez, Mahag Saar for the first time.


Unlocking the Quivering Candles

The location of the Iron Pipe, the requirement to complete ‘The Mysterious Pair’. / Tales of Arise
The location of the Iron Pipe, the requirement to complete ‘The Mysterious Pair’.

Upon arriving in Niez for the first time you’ll probably notice that not only is the place in desperate need of a fixer-upper, but there’s a distinct lack of people around to do the fixing-upping.

After exploring briefly you’ll discover who’s running the place and NPCs will spawn around the city, including the side quest giver for ‘The Mysterious Pair’.

He’s very difficult to miss, being dressed as a Minstrel in a kaleidoscope of color. He’s also the fella you would have rescued via Shionne’s healing abilities shortly after entering Elde Menancia for the first time.

Upon undertaking his side quest, you’ll be given a series of three clues to try and find the ‘instrument’ that he wants you to retrieve. The clues are as follows:

  1. “Just beyond the hovels in a land shrouded by sand and stone.”
  2. “The northernmost reaches of a wasteland to the north of an abandoned village.”
  3. “It lies dormant at the back of a narrow road to the west, whereupon an ancient tower stands.”

The answer to these riddles is, of course, elementary, my dear reader.

It refers to the narrow strip of land betwixt some cliffs in the canyons of Calaglia.

You’ll find the ‘instrument’, the Iron Pipe, in the northernmost canyon of the Iglia Wastes in Calaglia – the area you would’ve traversed to reach the Fagan Ruins for the first time.

Note: This side quest is worth completing not just for the Quivering Candles. It also gives you the Iron Pipe, which is a vital crafting ingredient for Alphen’s best weapon, the Realm Unifier.

Finishing ‘The Mysterious Pair’ / Tales of Arise
Finishing ‘The Mysterious Pair’

Once you have uncovered the Iron Pipe (it’s shown as a sparkly spot on the ground) simply return to the quest giver and he will give you your rewards, including the Quivering Candles.


Using the Quivering Candles

The in-game description as to what the Quivering Candles do. / Tales of Arise
The in-game description as to what the Quivering Candles do.

Once you’ve acquired the Quivering Candles, the first step will be to ensure that they’re equipped, which can be done so under the Artifacts section of the main menu. Once they are, you’ll be able to start reaping the benefits whenever you come across any mining spots across Dahna.

Note: This isn’t the only artifact that increases the amount of ore that you’ll retrieve when mining. The Golden Fairy Statue does the same thing. Fortunately, the benefits of both of these artifacts don’t overlap, but stack.

Anyone who likes crafting and upgrading their own accessories in Tales of Arise will want to obtain these, since you’ll be able to save quite a lot of time and energy picking up the necessary ingredients from ore deposits.

Additionally, you’ll sometimes come across ore deposits that contain sellable loot, such as copper chunks.

These have no purpose in crafting whatsoever, as the game will even point out, so it’s worth just selling these off to the nearest merchant.

Having the Quivering Candles equipped will mean that you’ll be able to gain even more sellable ores in a shorter amount of time.

This is particularly useful in Tales of Arise where money is a bit more difficult to come by.

Mining ore with the Candles equipped / Tales of Arise
Mining ore with the Candles equipped
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