The Most Valuable ‘90s Toys You Might Have at Home

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The toys and games market is worth billions of dollars. But unlike many industries, pandemic boredom provided the toy sector with a welcome boost, as people around the world searched for toys and games that fit their at-home entertainment needs.

The growing market is now expected to be worth more than $405 billion in 2026 and, according to the Global Toys and Games Market Report 2022, “COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in a rapid adoption of toys, board and card games and puzzles. People all around the world are adopting toys and games as a result of the growing trend of social alienation and the need to spend quality family time.1

With this in mind, we partnered with vintage toy and antique expert, Peter Jenkinson, to reveal the most valuable toys and games from the 1990s that the public could have stored away at home – and how much they have risen in price in the past three decades.

Top 20 most valuable toys from the ‘90s you may have in your attic:

The list has been compiled in the format of: toy, original price, and present-day worth.


1. Magic: The Gathering Trading Cards, 1993 – originally $10, now $350,000+

MTG 1993 Disenchant Card

The price that these bits of paper can fetch will leave your draw dropped; listings on eBay can reach up to $999,999! So, it’s worth checking if you recall having any hidden away, as the original 1993 pack could make you some serious money.


2. Pokémon Charizard Trading Card – originally $5, now $80,000+

Base Set Holo Charizard Card

While there are plenty of Pokémon cards that could fetch you thousands of dollars, a first edition, holographic Charizard is the holy grail.


3. G.I. Joe ‘Pimp Daddy Destro’ Action Figure – originally $40, now $6,000

In 1997, a rare variant of G.I Joe’s Destro action figure was created with unique leopard print markings, earning the nickname the ‘Pimp Daddy Destro’. Approximately 100 were accidentally shipped and sold in stores, and 25 years later, the rare figure is a collector’s dream, and worth thousands of dollars.


4. LEGO Black Knights Castle – originally $80, now $4,800

Of the many 1990’s LEGO sets that many will no doubt have owned, built, and ultimately wished they’d kept in the box, the Black Knight’s Castle is a classic that is only going up in value.


5. Millennium Furby – $45, now up to $4,500

If you’ve got a boxed, Millennium edition Furby safely stored away, then you’ve struck gold, because this Furby model has a hefty price tag. There are a fair few Furby editions available, but of course, the rarer, the better.


6. Hot Wheels Blue Card ‘Funny Car’ – originally $10, now $3,500

With many different editions, the Hot Wheels blue card ‘Funny Car’ is highly desirable, as only a few were ever produced. If still in its blister packaging, the toy could be worth the equivalent of a real second-hand vehicle.


7. Power Rangers 14K Gold Lost Galaxy Megazord – originally $120, now $3,200

The 14K Megazord is a foot tall action figure worthy of its very own shelf. You could double your profits on this one if you have the original packaging, as less than 25 were ever made.


8. Beanie Babies – originally $12, now $3,000+

Beanie Babies were a cult classic back in the 1990’s, and their popularity among children has decreased their value significantly. However, these infamous cuddly toys can be highly valuable if their original tag is still attached.


9. LEGO Orange Prototype C-3PO Minifigure – originally $5, now $3,000

This cute little LEGO C-3PO is the most expensive piece of plastic you might well own, and a truly unique piece of LEGO memorabilia!


10. WWF 1993 Yellow ‘King of The Ring’ Wrestling Ring – originally $12.99, now $1,300

This 1993 wrestling ring toy is popular among toy collectors and WWF fans alike. As always, there is more value in unopened toys, but of all WWF toys, this particular model could still have significant value if not in its original packaging.


11. Tamagotchi, 1997 Collector’s Edition – originally $18, now $1,000

Did you know Tamagotchi translates to “Egg Watch”? This high maintenance, low tech toy has sold over 80 million units in various guises, but the 1997 collector’s edition is the one to look out for.


12. My Little Pony, Rapunzel – originally $12, now $800

The ‘Rapunzel’ pony was a mail order variant which never received many orders in the 1990’s, meaning that it is now incredibly rare. Complete with packaging, you could even fetch an impressive $1,000.


13. Pink Splendour Barbie, 1996 – originally $50, now $700

With 10,000 made in 1996, this Barbie was extremely popular with both collectors and children who wanted to play with her. However, not many exist in their original packaging, so that’s where the big bucks can be made.


14. TMNT Warrior Chrome Dome – originally $5, now $660

TMNT Warrior Chrome Dome Toy

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is still popular today, 35 years after the first cartoon series began, and one of the sewer dwellers’ adversaries – ‘Warrior Chrome Dome’ – can command up to $400 without its packaging as it’s such a rarity.


15. Polly Pocket – originally $40, now $500

Polly Pocket playset from 1990s

A toy sensation of the mid 1990’s, the appetite for re-releases of Polly Pocket appear to have faded, but originals are still highly sought after by fans. For example, the Pop-up Party Play House is worth $200 used, and over $500 in packaging.


16. Playmobil Victorian Mansion / Knight’s Castle – originally $80, now $450

If you happen to have a Playmobil Victorian Mansion or Knight’s Castle (complete with packaging and accessories) hidden away in the recesses of your garage or attic, you might want to double check.


17. American Girl Felicity Merriman Doll – originally $75, now $420

Originally released in 1991, the Felicity Merriman doll has had a few comebacks here and there, including a special edition version for the 35th anniversary in 2021. However, the original version, packaged up and in great condition, will likely fetch up to $650.


18. Jurassic Park Velociraptor, 1993 – originally $10, now $350

The 1993 release of the prehistoric action film was a smash hit, kicking off a now beloved film franchise. There were a vast amount of toys released in the 90’s following the first movie, and the Velociraptor is one that commands some very decent cash – especially in its originally blister pack.


19. McDonald’s Inspector Gadget – originally $5, now $350

McDonald’s Inspector Gadget Toy

Toys specifically manufactured in the 90s are the most sought after, such as the Inspector Gadget toy, which was released in 1995 and is popular amongst collectors. If you have any other toys from the same period, it’s worth looking them up online, including the likes of Toy Story 2, and Furbies.


20. Dream Phone – originally $15, now $100

The phone was a real rite of passage for young teens back in the 90’s. Found to be most popular amongst giggling girls looking at picture-cards of boys, the simple toy is worth six times its value 30 years later.

Along with the list, our expert has also offered some helpful tips and guidance for prospective toy and game collectors on what to look out for when buying a toy, either as a collectible item or an investment.

Expert’s Tips & Tricks for Caring for Your Toys and Games:

  • Taking proper care of your collectible toys greatly enhances their value, as well as longevity. If you have the original packaging, even better – this will further increase the value of the toy inside. However, it’s worth noting that cardboard boxes don’t travel well, so it’s best to wrap your boxed toys in brown paper and put them in a sturdy box, somewhere safe and dry.
  • If you want to enjoy your collectible toys, be aware that corner edges can fray very easily. But, if you’re displaying them, then they may be safest behind a glass cabinet door or on a higher shelf to avoid any inquisitive younger fingers – or pets!
  • You may be tempted to give toys a liquid scrub if they look a little grubby – do not do this. As tempting as it is to give your collectibles a wash, you could remove original markings or stickers and decrease their value substantially. Instead, use a soft brush and dusting cloth.
  • There are so very many resources to discover how much your toy might be worth. Toy community groups on platforms such as Reddit and Facebook aren’t bad sources. Auction houses with dedicated professionals will also be able to offer very good guidelines if supplied with an image, so you can decide if an auction (and the fee payable) is the way to go. Remember, auction houses have huge databases of collectors with specific interests, so they really do earn their money.
  • Groups or collections of toys, and games cards from a series sold as a job lot will always attract attention; in essence, you’re supplying them with a ready-made collection. Try not to be tempted to break these groups up unless the money on offer by a desperate collector makes it very worthwhile.
  • Anything related to blockbuster films is always appealing, as you’ve got the toy and merchandise collectors, as well as film fans, all vying for your wares.
  • Buying new toys as future collectibles is tough, but it’s likely that some of the larger LEGO sets will do well over time (secondary market prices of retired LEGO sets grow by 11% annually, which is faster than gold, stocks, and bonds!2). Try searching online for soon-to-be-retired sets. If you’re a big fan of LEGO, you could even purchase two sets – one to build, one for investment.

What are your favorite toys and games from the 1990s? Do you have any toys from the list above stored away for safe-keeping? Let us know!



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