20 Best Ghost-Type Pokémon For Ghoulish Fun (Ranked)

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From the creepy music in Lavender Town to the stories of haunted Game Boy cartridges like Pokémon Black, horror and spooks exist aplenty within the Pokémon universe.

I mean, read enough Pokédex entries for Ghost-type Pokémon and you may start feeling like you’re trapped in one of those creepypastas you run into at 3:00 AM while home alone.

Ghost-types have always been a mysterious variety of Pokémon. And the Trainers that like them are accordingly unique.

Some great examples are the original Elite IV’s Agatha, and most recently, Gym Leader Allister from the Galar region.

If you wish to become like these memorable characters and dive into Poké-spiritualism then the following list of Ghost Pokémon ist sure to help you pick your dream team.

20. Dusknoir

Dusknoir ghost style creature, screenshot from the Pokemon anime

Known as the gripper Pokémon for its tendency to forcefully trap humans and other Pokémon within itself to “guide them to the Spirit World”, this haunted Michelin mascot is more than a little spooky.

Nobody knows if this generation 4 addition acts of its own free will, or if it’s just channeling orders from the Spirit World.

That said, considering it can be caught, trained, and used in Pokémon battles, I’m guessing there’s something more in that spectral head than a ghostly Terminator.

19. Palossand

Palossand ghost Pokemon in the anime

Continuing the tradition of trapping people inside itself comes Palossand.

This is the lovable gen VII’s Sand Castle Pokémon.

It evolves from Sandygast and despite looking like a man-made structure, it’s actually a ghost possessing a pile of sand. Neat.

It only takes this innocent shape so it can approach unsuspecting victims unnoticed. Then it proceeds to bury them in sand and consume them until only the bones remain.

18. Shedinja

Shedinja screenshot from the anime

A sandcastle is hardly the weirdest thing ever to be possessed in the Pokémon universe.

That honor goes to Shedinja, the Bug/Ghost Pokémon born out of the discarded cocoon of a Ninjask.

To obtain one you just need to keep an empty space in your party when you think your Nincada is about to evolve, so that Shedinja can occupy the space once it’s born.

As a paper-thin cocoon, Shedinja has only 1HP. But its typing and Wonder Guard ability make it invulnerable to everything except rock, dark, and fire-type damaging moves.

Taking it down won’t be as easy as you’d think.

17. Alolan Marowak

Alolan Marowak gen 7 anime screenshot

Speaking of discarded remains, consider Alolan Marowak. Who much like the continental variety wears its mother’s skull on its head as a symbol of protection.

Despite this disturbing and somewhat heart-wrenching backstory, Marowak wasn’t originally a ghost-type at all.

The change came in generation VII with this dark shamanic version of the classic critter, carrying bones that are still haunted by its mother’s vengeful spirit.

Now this Fire/Ghost update can pack a mean punch in battle. If you’re up against an Alolan Marowak, always make sure to check for the Curse Body ability before using your strongest move.

Because there’s a 30% chance of it becoming disabled after using it.

16. Polteageist

Polteageist ghost Pokemon from Sword Shield

If such a dramatic story left you a bit shaken, I’d recommend a cup of tea to calm your nerves… Just make sure that what you’re drinking is actually tea and not a sneaky Polteageist.

This super cute Ghost-type Pokémon was introduced in the UK-inspired Galarian region as a nod to the English people’s love for a warm cup of tea.

It evolves from Sinistea, an even cuter cup of ectoplasm, which is created once a Polteageist finds an abandoned cup of black tea and pours itself into it. Yeah things are getting kinda odd in the newer gens, but I still love em.

I’m hyped for the Iced Tea version that’s definitely coming in future releases.

15. Trevenant

Trevenant ghost Pokemon in the anime

Various myth and legends on talking trees bearing the wisdom of ages are commonplace in the tales of many ancient cultures all over the world.

In the Pokémon universe, Trevenant is the reason for this tale.

Looking exactly like any Treant would in World of Warcraft, Trevenant inhabits the forests of the Unova region as the physical manifestation of the will of the forest.

They can communicate with and issue orders to the rest of the trees, and they’re the reason why lumberjacks always keep Fire-type Pokémon handy, as Trevenant are known to eat people.

I’m amazed it took them six generations to come up with this one.

14. Mismagius

Mismagius ghost Pokemon from the anime

Another thing you’d usually find in the dark forests of folklore are witches.

And that creepy semi-human creature is what Mismagius is evidently modeled after.

As you walk among the trees, you see a shadowy figure hovering above. The characteristic form of a pointy hat comes into view as realization dawns… but it’s too late. For Mismagius has begun to chant dark incantations that torment anyone hearing them with spooky visions.

If you’re planning on evolving your Misdreavus by giving it a Dusk Stone, ask yourself if you truly want to bring something like Mismagius into the world.

I’m sure if it’s on your team the answer is a resounding “yes”.

13. Froslass

Froslass screenshot in the Pokemon anime

Witches aren’t the only kind of dangerous woman in universal folklore.

Froslass is based on Japan’s cold and spooky contribution to the collective imaginary.

Known as the Snow Land Pokémon and boasting several abilities related to blizzards, Froslass are the Pokémon counterpart of the Yuki-onna, creatures from Japan’s snowy regions that take the form of beautiful women to prey on wandering men.

To reflect that idea is this Ice/Ghost creature that looks a lot like a cold and serene woman clad in a white kimono.

12. Banette

Banette legendary ghost from the anime

Cursed, abandoned dolls with a dark past are also staples of spooky ghost stories worldwide.

And Banette is the protagonist of just one such tale.

Filled with hatred towards whoever threw it away, the Marionette Pokémon comes to life in search of vengeance.

At first it’s just a tiny Shuppet. But in time it becomes this ghostly beast that needs zippers just to keep its dark energy from spilling out, as you can see in its Mega Banette form.

Despite being so full of hate, Banette can be caught and trained like any other Pokémon.

It’s said that after knowing the love of a caring Trainer, its hatred will be purified and it’ll revert back to a common doll. I’ve yet to see it happen.

11. Giratina

Giratina legendary Pokemon in the anime

Since it was introduced in generation IV as Pokémon Platinum’s main legendary, one wouldn’t have expected Giratina to have a dark past.

Nothing is further from the truth. As this dual Ghost/Dragon-type used to terrorize other people and Pokémon to the point where it had to be sealed in the Distortion World for its ultraviolent behavior.

In a society that’s centered around Pokémon Battles for entertainment and sport, that’s saying a lot.

Its design reflects this, with red glowing eyes and shadowy bat-like wings that make this Pokémon look absolutely malevolent.

10. Gastly

Screenshot of Gastly from the pokemon anime

If the move Shadow Ball was a Pokémon, it would be Gastly.

It may sound like a weird statement, but that’s exactly what Gastly is! A ball of shadows with an eerie aura… except this one can poison you through your lungs and skin and stuff.

But don’t worry, young trainer.

Although it’s impossible to tell if there’s a Gastly around by normal means, you should be fine as long as you stay out of decrepit buildings and other deserted closed spaces. Outdoors, this Ghost/Poison-type is always blown away by the wind.

9. Haunter

Haunter classic ghost Pokemon from the anime

Part of what makes Gastly so memorable is being part of the OG ghostly evolutionary line from Pokémon Red & Blue along with Haunter.

The amorphous gasses that made up Gastly have taken on a diabolical shape complete with a tongue that’ll bring a slow and painful death to anyone it licks.

In combat, thanks to nice Sp. Attack and Speed along with the levitate ability, this Pokémon will be able to carry you through some mid-game areas effectively until finally(hopefully) becoming a Gengar.

8. Cofagrigus

Cofagrigus screenshot in the Pokemon anime

Instead of taking a certain form, most Ghost-types would rather just possess some existing item.

Those possessing a sarcophagus are generally called Cofagrigus.

Other than catching people and turning them into mummies, Cofragigus are the perfect defense against tomb raiders thanks to their tanky build and deterrent spooky nature.

Their main weakness is that they’re slow. But their Trick Room ability will make it irrelevant by switching everyone’s Speed around.

I know what a Pokémon Lara Croft would be most fond of.

7. Runerigus

Runerigus Pokemon Sword and Shield screenshot

You won’t find many Egyptian-looking coffins in gen 8’s Galarian region. So what are the evolving Yamask to do?

Enter Runerigus.

Known as the Grudge Pokémon, this Ground/Ghost-type is the result of a spirit possessing a ceremonial slab engraved with magic runes. And it will transmit the horrible memories behind the picture depicted on its stone tablet to whoever touches it.

This may not be incredibly useful in combat, but its Wandering Spirit ability is.

It lets this creature swap abilities with any opponent, which can dismantle many strategies easily. That, coupled with stellar defense and decent attack values, make Runerigus a formidable fighter.

6. Cursola

Cursola gen 8 Pokemon

Most millennials are much more scared of climate change than ghosts and hauntings.

Yet in a stroke of genius, Game Freak decided to merge that concept into a Ghost-type by creating the cutest undead creature in the Pokémon universe: Cursola.

Climate change in Galar has killed off much of its coral reef, taking all the Corsola with it.

In the aftermath, their souls have come together as an interesting new design.

Appropriately, contact with this Pokémon can place a deadly curse on its opponent that sentences it to faint in three turns(along with Cursola) if it’s not switched out.

Much like the environment, we’re all going down with it if we don’t do something about it.

5. Mimikyu

Mimikyu screenshot from the anime

Much like Banette, Mimikyu takes on the form of a raggedy doll. But for very different reasons.

Mimikyu wasn’t abandoned by anyone.

Rather its a disguise is meant to attract prey and dissuade potential attackers.

That’s probably for the best too, because it’s said that those who catch a glimpse of what hides under the costume will die painfully in their sleep. So that sounds fun.

The fun design and timid nature has made this Ghost/Fairy type into a fan-favorite ever since it was introduced in gen 7, starring in lots of fanart and many memes as well.

4. Chandelure

Chandelure screenshot from the anime

Another favorite among many players is Chandelure, Unova’s Luring Pokémon.

In the past, many used this conveniently-shaped creature to light their homes without spending on lamp oil.

Little did they know that Chandelure burns souls instead of oil as fuel for its fire, bringing misfortune and suffering to those living in its company.

Train it to battle, however, and you’ll find yourself with a powerful asset in most situations.

It’s a bit slow, but it has amazing Sp. Attack. And its Ghost/Fire-typing gives it access to great same-type moves to pummel your opponents.

3. Aegislash

Aegislash screenshot from the anime

Contrary to popular belief, you can have things that are “too good”.

Such is the case of Aegislash, so powerful in battle that it’s banned in most competitive circuits.

And it’s easy to see why.

This Steel/Ghost dual-type beast has a great amount of resistances and outright immunities that help it in battle.

Furthermore its Stance Change ability lets it switch between great offensive capabilities and amazing defenses depending on what kind of move it last used.

If you’re playing through the campaign in Pokémon X/Y or if you compete casually with friends, there’s no reason not to include Aegislash in your team.

2. Dragapult

Dragapult in Sword and Shield

Pokémon designs truly shine when Game Freak decides to defy expectations.

So when the time came to make a Dragon/Ghost-type Pokémon, they didn’t just go and make an undead dragon like this was Dark Souls or something.

Instead they made Dragapult, a mix between a B-2 Spirit stealth bomber and a magic lizard.

This incredibly cool-looking anti-radar wyrm is known as the Stealth Pokémon for obvious reasons.

It also has the Infiltrator ability which lets it pass through barriers unfazed, and it even keeps some dreary living in spaces on its head from where it can launch attacks like missiles.

1. Gengar

Gengar, the best ghost Pokemon - screenshot from the anime

You knew top of the list was Gengar. Before I started writing I even knew it was Gengar, and everyone else knew it was Gengar.

Who else could it be?

The OG shadow Pokémon from the first 151 has essentially no contest in terms of popularity, possibly because of how good it looks on merchandise.

Furthermore, it’s also really scary.

This creature haunts your shadows, the darkness in your living room at night, and laughs at fear from the corner of your closet after you’ve had a terrible nightmare.

As if that wasn’t enough, this very large ghost type has an even scarier and stronger Mega Evolution. And even without it, Gengar was already a solid choice for competitive play thanks to its very high Speed and Sp. Attack.

In the category of best ghost Pokémon, there’s no doubt that the OG spookster reigns supreme.

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