Ranking The 30 Best Ice-type Pokémon For A Chill Team

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There are many ways to enjoy the Pokémon games.

Some, like me, just want to journey through a fantastic land. Making friends and overcoming challenges of the adventure.

Others play to catch and train the strongest Pokémon so they can beat the lights out of their friends’ critters.

And then of course, there are those players that just want to meet the coolest Pokémon. And the coolest kind of Pokémon are always ice types– literally!

Despite becoming somewhat pointless after Fairy-type took their throne as the Dragon-killers of the Pokémon world, there are still some amazing frosty critters just waiting for you to train them.

Whether you want a menacing beast like the Abominable Snowman or something sweeter like an ice cream cone, this ranking has something for all of us.

30. Delibird

Delibird in Pokemon Anime

My first contact with the Pokémon series was back during the GBC era with Pokémon Gold, and then Pokémon Crystal.

Every time I found something different between the two versions, it felt like a monumental achievement – and catching Delibird while exploring the Ice Path on Crystal was no different.

That is, until I tried it in battle.

As the Delivery Pokémon, this Ice/Flying-type has only one relevant move – Present.

While some of its gifts may explode causing great damage to an opponent, others may actually heal them!

Couple this with some terrible stats and you’ve got a completely useless Pokémon.

At least it has a cute design, right?

29. Crabominable

Crabominable in Pokemon Anime

On the other end of the cuteness spectrum we find Crabominable, bringing together all the worst parts of crustaceans and the Yeti to make one of the ugliest Pokémon ever imagined.

Introduced in Gen VII, this Wooly Crab Pokémon is the stuff of nightmares.

It’s what happens when an unlucky Crabrawler finds its way to Mount Lanakila in the Alola region, changing its type to Fighting/Ice and growing a coat of white fur.

However these sacrifices aren’t in vain, because this beast is as strong as it is disgusting.

It’s a bit slow, but with great skills like Hyper Cutter and Iron Fist it’s sure to carry its weight in any battle.

28. Jynx

Jynx in Pokemon Anime

While researching for this ranking I was a bit surprised to find so many ugly ice types. Wouldn’t that be expected of poison critters, or even dark types?

Looking like a Drag Queen that didn’t cut RuPaul’s Drag Race, Jynx has been giving children nightmares since Pokémon’s inception.

This Ice/Psychic-type makes up for its creepy appearance with solid Sp. Attack, Sp. Defense, and even Speed making it a solid addition to any team.

And yet…

Well, let’s just say that if it were up to me I’d politely ask Jynx to “sashay away”.

27. Arctozolt

Arctozolt in Pokemon Sword and Shield game

The Galar region is home to many unique Pokémon with great stories behind them.

From the ghostly Corsola representing withering coral reefs to Galarian Weezing cleaning up the air after the Industrial Revolution.

Among the most peculiar examples are the game’s fossil Pokémon, a group of dissonant creatures born from the incompetence of a certain researcher.

Arctozolt is the result of splicing together parts from two very different ancient species, a jab at a practice that became common in England around the 1850’s – the creation of fake specimens like P.T. Barnum’s Feejee Mermaid.

Other than telling a fine story, this electric/ice dual-type can hold its own in a fight with nice stats all-around and some great abilities like Volt Absorb for survivability or Slush Rush to make up for its mediocre speed.

26. Arctovish

Arctovish in Pokemon Sword and Shield game

Like Arctozolt, Arctovish is the result of splicing together an ancient Ice-type with something else.

In this case, a water-type Pokémon.

It has the same all-around stats as its unfortunate brother. And its possible abilities are quite similar as well including Water Absorb, Ice Body, and Slush Rush.

If you have the time, make sure to Google how different artists have attempted to reconstruct the original creatures.

I wonder if we’ll ever get to see them in a Pokémon game…

25. Walrein

Walrein in Pokemon Anime

Considering there’s a poison-type Pokémon based on trash bags, and fairy-types that are literally cake, it’s always nice to see something “normal” like an ice/water walrus.

This gen 3 Pokémon may not have the most creative concept around.

But Walrein is a competent all-around Pokémon with a few tricks up its metaphorical sleeve.

Walrein is at its best during hailstorms, which it can summon with the Hail move.

In such conditions its Ice Body ability will heal it progressively, and the powerful Blizzard move will now land with 100% accuracy. Powerful stuff.

24. Dewgong

Dewgong in Pokemon Anime

Dewgong was one of the first Ice-type Pokémon introduced in the original 151, and it has garnered a lot of fans thanks to its cute & comforting appearance.

And it’s this popularity that keeps this Water/Ice-type afloat in our ranking, considering its stats are pretty mediocre when compared to newer Pokémon with similar combat capabilities like Lanturn or Jellycent.

23. Frosmoth

Frosmoth in Pokemon Sword and Shield game

It’s known as the Frost Moth Pokémon, and its name is Frosmoth – that must have taken some intense brainstorming at Game Freak HQ.

Its name may not be all that creative but this Ice/Bug-type has one of the most majestic designs among the series’ many bugs.

Not only that, but it’s supposed to cause blizzards with its wings. Which earns it a lot of respect in the Pokémon world.

And how many ice/bug combos do you know about?

In combat, this gen VIII critter is essentially impervious to special attacks thanks to its high Sp. Defense and Ice Scales ability which halves the damage from such moves.

22. Eiscue

Eiscue in Pokemon Sword and Shield game

At first I thought Eiscue was just some gimmicky critter created after a long, long day at Game Freak HQ.

Contrary to my assessment, this penguin-themed Pokémon has found its way into many competitive strategies. Mostly thanks to its solid defensive stats, and more importantly, its Ice Face ability which dictates that the ice cube on its head must be broken with an attack before Eiscue can be damaged.

I may have had my doubts, but now I’m happy this shy bird drifted on the waves to Galar.

21. Vanilluxe

Vanilluxe in Pokemon Anime

There’s a cursed sarcophagus, a magical keychain, and a ghost that possesses electrical appliances…

Should I be surprised that there’s a sentient ice cream cone?

Known as the Snowstorm Pokémon, Vanilluxe is what happens when two Vanillish accidentally meld together during a hot day.

It may seem like a rather unfortunate occurrence. But two heads think better than one, right?

Despite looking a bit dysfunctional and having an absurd concept, Vanilluxe has some killer stats all-around and varied skills like Ice Body, Snow Warning, and Weak Armor that let it fulfill a couple of different roles on any team.

20. Cryogonal

Cryogonal in Pokemon Anime

A lot of people online seem to dislike Cryogonal’s fairly unimaginative design.

But considering generation V also gave us weird stuff like Garbodor, this is emoji snowflake is not that bad.

Thanks to its Levitate ability, the Crystallizing Pokémon is completely immune to Ground-type moves, evening out its natural weaknesses as an Ice-type.

In competitive play Cryogonal is valued for its excellent Sp. Defense and access to the Rapid Spin move, which can remove hazards from the field.

19. Galarian Darmanitan

Galarian Darmanitan in Pokemon Sword and Shield game

I’m constantly reminded that my distaste for monkeys isn’t shared by the rest of the world.

Hence why there are so many Pokémon that look like gorillas.

Even if I don’t particularly love this Galarian Ice/Fire-type, I have to give it credit for being one hell of a strong Pokémon.

I’m not saying this only because if the PokéDex’s description of how it can pulverize a truck with its fists… moreso because of its ability Gorilla Tactics.

Shared only by a couple of other monkey-based Pokémon, Gorilla Tactics gives a 50% boost to Attack as long as the Pokémon uses only one move.

In addition to the 50% boost from a Choice Band, this Zen Charm Pokémon will be dealing double the damage it normally would. That’s hardcore.

18. Glalie

Glalie in Pokemon Anime

Legend says that somewhere deep in the icy mountains of the Hoenn regions, a boulder absorbed all of the anger and regrets of a lost explorer that died in a blizzard.

From this stone, Glalie was born.

Nowadays we know that this Ice-type is simply the evolution of Snorunt, which is way less dark.

Whoever writes these descriptions clearly needs a break from their job as a Pokémon researcher.

While Glalie was already a solid Pokémon in single-player back in gen III thanks to the versatility of its balanced stats, it only became popular competitively with the addition of its menacing Mega Evolution in gen VI.

17. Beartic

Beartic in Pokemon Anime

Pokémon’s fifth generation of critters is unique (as they all are, right?).

But in gen 5 we got monsters that it include some of the most bizarre designs, along with others that are essentially just real-world animals.

Such is the case of Beartic, a polar bear type thing.

The main difference between this creature and its real-world counterpart is that Beartic uses claws and fangs made of ice to maul its opponents rather than… well, regular ones.

Regardless of its simple design, Beartic is still a very good Pokémon thanks to an excellent Attack stat, which is further complemented by great speed and evasion. Especially while in a hailstorm thanks to its Slush Rush and Snow Cloak abilities.

16. Abomasnow

Abomasnow in Pokemon Anime

The Frost Tree Pokémon is a Grass/Ice-type native to the snowy areas of Gen IV’s Sinnoh region, said to bring with it terrible blizzards.

This characteristic is represented in combat with its Snow Warning ability, which triggers a hailstorm whenever Abomasnow enters the battlefield.

This, coupled with its overgrown and very menacing Mega Evolution, make it into a solid attacker.

I can’t help but wonder what the point was in revisiting the Yeti concept with Crabominable.

We could have saved ourselves so many nightmares, Game Freak!

15. Alolan Sandslash

Alolan Sandslash in Pokemon Anime

I’m in love with the idea of regional varieties of fan-favorite classic Pokémon, and Alolan Sandslash quickly found a spot in my heart right next to the original critter.

Known as the Mouse Pokémon despite clearly being a pangolin, this cold-climate variant of Sandslash is an Ice/Steel-type with very, very dangerous quills resembling icicles.

Get stabbed by one of these and you’re looking at instant frostbite.

Alolan Sandslash is a very versatile combatant with great resistances thanks to its typing and nice coverage provided by Earthquake.

Plus the Slush Rush ability makes it lighting fast in a hailstorm.

14. Avalugg

Avalugg in Pokemon Anime

Among my favorite Pokémon designs in Gen VI has to be Avalugg, the Iceberg Pokémon.

A title previously reserved only to the mythical Regice.

This pure Ice-type beast is known for being difficult to distinguish from regular ice slabs floating on the water, which leads to some uncomfortable encounters with people and other Pokémon.

Its Defense is off the charts, which lets it get a lot done in battle before it goes down.

Even when faced by something like a Fire-type special sweeper, its Sturdy ability will make sure it never goes down in a single turn.

A great ice monster to add into your team if you love the design.

13. Frost Rotom

Frost Rotom in Pokemon Anime

Gen V’s Rotom seems to find its way into most of these rankings thanks to its penchant for possessing electrical appliances.

As expected, Frost Rotom is essentially a haunted refrigerator – which for some reason is also the only Rotom form with a sad expression.

Is something spoiled in there, little guy?

This Electric/Ice-type form of the Plasma Pokémon is valued as a great attacker with access to some pretty amazing moves of the same type, like Blizzard and Thunderbolt.

12. Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales in Pokemon Anime

I’ve said it countless times and I’ll say it again – Alolan Ninetales was an absolute masterstroke on Game Freak’s part.

Taking such a popular OG Pokémon and turning it on its head to make a completely different creature in terms of typing and combat capabilities, while still maintaining the same dignified and style of the original, was just genius.

And fans have responded well to it based on the amount of fanart online.

With great defensive stats, solid Speed, and the ability to bring with it hailstorms thanks to Snow Warning, it’s easy to see why Alolan natives used to revere this Ice/Fairy-type as a deity.

I almost like it more than the original fire-type counterpart! Almost…

11. Aurorus

Aurorus in Pokemon Anime

Aurorus isn’t only an amazing Ice/Rock-type, but one of the most charming Fossil Pokémon in the series.

Where things like Kabutops are famous for being killing machines with blades for arms evolved for disembowelment, Aurorus is known for being quiet. And having pretty colors on its sails.

In combat, this dinosaur is valued for having an aggressive typing that gives it access to some very useful same-type moves like Blizzard.

Which is further improved by the hailstorm invoked by its Snow Warning ability.

10. Cloyster

Cloyster in Pokemon Anime

A classic from the first gen and quite a tricky beast in the E4 back then too.

This Ice/Water-type was originally notorious for its striking similarity to a certain part of the female anatomy, but nowadays it’s more famous for its ability – Skill Link.

This ability makes Cloyster’s multi-hitting attacks, such as its signature Icicle Spear, hit the maximum amount of times possible.

Coupled with the Shell Smash move, which lets it trade some of its solid Defense for more offensive power, Cloyster is an asset to any trainer’s team.

9. Mamoswine

Mamoswine in Pokemon Anime

The little ball of fur that is Swinub may be one of the most adorable things ever to be drawn by Ken Sugimori’s hands.

But it’s clear for any serious Pokémon trainer that its evolution, Mamoswine, is where this line’s value lies.

This Ice/Ground-type is a sort of living fossil Pokémon, considering it existed in much the same way thousands of years ago.

Living conditions in the truly cold regions of the world haven’t changed that much over time.

In combat, this Mamoswine’s best assets are its access to high-value moves like Earthquake and Ice shard, and an excellent Attack stat.

8. Mr. Rime

Mr. Rime in Pokemon Sword and Shield screenshot

I was never a fan of Mr. Mime.

And not even its Galarian version managed to strike my fancy at first – until I saw Mr. Rime.

This amazing design sets the Psychic/Ice-type Comedian Pokémon apart from its predecessors thanks to its smart concept.

Some people are born to leave their mark on our world. And Charlie Chaplin is one of those great souls.

Although its design would be enough to warrant a spot on the list, it’s important to mention that Mr. Rime can hold its own in combat as well, thanks to its great Sp. Attack coupled with a very uncommon offensive typing.

7. Froslass

Froslass in Pokemon Anime

There are many remarkably strong Pokémon in the franchise.

But how many of them can remain gracious while tearing their foes a new one?

Based on the Japanese legend of the Yuki-onna, Froslass is a Kimono-wearing temptress inhabiting the snowy mountains of the Sinnoh region.

It preys on wanderers lost in strong blizzards, luring them into its home to consume them. Or save them for later by freezing and displaying them in a macabre collection.

If you manage to catch one, this Ice/Ghost-type will shine thanks to utilitarian moves such as Icy Wind(which lowers its foe’s Speed) and Spikes, which sets up a damaging hazard for enemy Pokémon switching in.

Crazy moveset and decent stats? Definitely a keeper here.

6. Regice

Regice in Pokemon Anime

The second Iceberg Pokémon in our ranking is Gen III’s Regice, a mysterious frosty golem created by Regigigas for an unknown purpose.

Capturing this Ice-type back in the day felt incredibly mysterious to me, like following a very complex Easter Egg and discovering the secrets of that little GBA cartridge.

Nowadays I realize it was a fairly average puzzle. But I’ll always remember how mystified I felt when I first did it.

With an absurdly high Sp. Defense and the Clear Body ability keeping its stats from being lowered, Regice can steadily chip away at almost any foe’s HP without worrying about any sudden takedown.

5. Glaceon

Glaceon in Pokemon Anime

If there’s a line of Pokémon that always seems to bring together strength and popularity, it has to be the Eeveelutions.

And Glaceon is among the most well-loved in the community.

With its geometrical bangs and cool demeanor, this pure Ice-type has stolen the hearts of many trainers.

Especially those that got it by accident while training near an Icy Rock in the Sinnoh region.

After such a fortunate occurrence, it’d be hard not to continue your journey with the Fresh Snow Pokémon in tow.

4. Lapras

Lapras in Pokemon Anime

Back when the Pokémon franchise was just getting started, there weren’t that many Ice-type Pokémon.

And thanks to its excellent defensive stats and notorious role in the anime, Lapras was the absolute fan favorite.

Following that it was a guaranteed to pick up, Lapras was the most common Surf-enabled vehicle for trainers in Pokémon Red & Blue.

Even if they rode another creature, it was always Lapras’ sprite that manifested on the screen.

Despite being overhunted almost to extinction, this immense popularity seems to have spread across the Pokémon world where Lapras hunting has diminished to the point of overabundance. I’d call that a victory.

3. Articuno

Articuno in Pokemon Anime

But even Lapras would have to concede when faced when the true frosty champion of the original 151 – Articuno, the original ice version of a legendary trio.

This Ice/Flying-type stole my heart when I first saw it on Pokémon: The Movie 2000, before I even played any of the games!

It was powerful and majestic… I never got over the blue bird. And I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one.

Like many other Legendary birds, Articuno’s main ability in combat is Pressure which doubles PP consumption for anyone attacking it. That’s definitely a legendary’s ability if I’ve ever seen one.

Coupled with some great defensive stats and protective moves like Reflect, Articuno will make it hard for anyone to bring it down from the skies.

2. Kyurem

Kyurem in Pokemon Anime

Articuno isn’t the only Legendary Pokémon with a penchant for freezing things.

And the next entry here is ready to usher in a new Ice Age at a moment’s notice.

Known as the Boundary Pokémon, Kyurem is a Dragon/Ice-type of mysterious origin.

Some believe it came down on a meteorite. While others believe its source to be entirely terrestrial.

While this frozen dragon’s power is astounding by itself, it’s only by fusing with either Zekrom or Reshiram that it reaches its full potential.

1. Weavile

Weavile in Pokemon Anime

After such larger-than-life entries in the ranking, even I was surprised to realize the best Ice-type critter has to be the humbly lesser-known Weavile.

While its ability to communicate with others of its kind through written signs is an incredible achievement in and of itself, this Dark/Ice-type’s true value lies in combat.

Instead of spreading its stats out as lesser Pokémon do, this gen IV critter puts all of its potential into Attack and Speed.

Making it a threat even against consummated powerhouses like Garchomp and Serperior.

Out of all the fresh and chill Pokémon in this ranking, Weavile is definitely the coolest to go after. Plus this isn’t a legendary so it feels like a real genuine down-to-ice kinda guy.

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