Top 12 Best Music Tracks From The Mortal Kombat Series

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Finish Him.

The first thought that comes to mind from this iconic phrase has to be Mortal Kombat. Packed with action and plenty of heavy electronic music complemented by crazy sequences of fighters twirling and somersaulting endlessly. And somewhat ridiculously, I dare say!

This was the music that big beefy men and shapely, athletic women used to work out to in the 90s.

For this post I’m here to share the amazing stage soundtracks of the Mortal Kombat games.

The funny thing is, many of us don’t pay much attention to the background music while we attempt to rip each other’s spine out. Not until you actually start listening to the tracks in isolation.

After digging through many games I’ve compiled this list of the 12 best fan-favorite songs from the Mortal Kombat games, from the very first MK1 to the modern MK11 and everything in between.


12. MK 1: Character Select Screen

Of course. How can we not start off with the ultimate classic?

This is where it all began: a breakthrough in fighting games.

The music of the character select screen tells you about the martial art style of the game. However, this is not one of those 8-bit extreme techno fast-paced tracks that you’d find in other games of the same era.

The music here seems like it’s composed for a more mature audience, much like the game itself.


11. MK1: The Palace

Another track that invokes a feeling of dread from the game is The Palace.

It very clearly reminds me of the movie Enter the Dragon and it might even make you feel like you really need to win that fight, or else the world as we know it will come to an end.

The sense of urgency is apparent and it fits very nicely with the scene of the game. That is, Shang Tsung’s palace grounds – a villainous place if I’ve ever seen one.


10. MK1: The Pit

Oh the iconic, dreaded, ominous, gruesome, amazingly awesome Pit!

How many upper-cut fatalities have you seen here?

A place so threatening needs a track that is equally intimidating.

A song that invokes anxiety and make you button mash like crazy as you hope and pray that it’s not you who ends up at the bottom on the bit with spikes sticking through.


9. MK2: The Dead Pool

Here’s another one of those “Oh my God, this place is evil!” sort of tracks.

You could say that the music has an acidic taste to it.

Dark, dingy and fear inspiring. Based around the same structure of grim oriental music, this BGM music fits very well with the entire look and feel of the stage where each fighter is just trying to get the other down towards a bone-dissolving end.


8. MK Trilogy: Character Select Screen

It appears that MK3 & the Trilogy’s music should be well known among all fans.

Now honestly tell me, you just started headbanging as soon as you clicked on the link, didn’t you?

This has the potential to be one of those crazy non-stop 10-hour YouTube loops you could use as work music.

The dark, mystical riff mixed with metal drums and a bell tolling. You know you’re in for a gruesome match. A bone crushing, teeth gnashing, hardcore experience is waiting just a few buttons away.


7. MK Trilogy: Subway

Now while we are still at the MK Trilogy let’s take a look at another fan favorite – The Subway.

A fast paced electronic and metal mix that is guaranteed to send your pulse racing…much like the train itself.

This is something that you can’t just nod your head to. You’ll want to try ripping your opponent’s head apart as well.

The same track is used in MK 3’s Subway level too, but the tempo is a bit faster.

I personally prefer this version but really they’re both so iconic.


6. MK 3: The Church

A track that reminds you of the ghosts and ghouls of Halloween.

Where defeat means you might get dragged into the underworld, serving the devil for eternity.

For the old-timers like me, doesn’t this feel reminiscent of the FPS 3D shooter Heretic?


5. MK 4: Goro’s Lair

Oh Moral Kombat 4. Sadly not the best Mortal Kombat game ever made.

But then again, it was the first attempt to step into 3D character rather than using real ones.

So you can say that MK4 fathered the super-detailed and finished characters of today. Plus it did have some neat tracks that we can talk about.

Goro’s Lair for example is a really cool song that depicts the insanity of the lair itself. A reverse record sort of feel with grim electric guitar riffs. Feels as epic as the ‘big man’ himself…


4. MK Deadly Alliance: Lava Shrine

Let’s do a quick jump to another fast paced fan-favorite here.

The Lava Shrine from MK: Deadly Alliance.

As the age of the MK series progresses, so does the music.

From dark oriental to a little more modern, fast-paced fighting music.

From the early days with music like Enter the Dragon, we move to a more Matrix feel with this BGM track.

Lava Shrine is a fan-favorite not just because of how it looks, but because how it sounds and feels.


3. MK X: Character Select

Warping forward in time we get to hear real instruments, electric guitars, choirs, drums, basically a full-fledged orchestra.

But alas, today’s modern soundtracks lack a certain tinge of nostalgia as their predecessors.

Take this character select track, for example, and compare it with the character select BGM song of MK3.

The music being composed now, for the most, has no callbacks at all. But still when all is said and done, it still is Mortal Kombat.


2. MKX: Raiden’s Theme

This is one theme that stands out from the rest. A theme that clearly captures Raiden’s position of being ‘on the fence’ in the game.

Really I see this as a theme that is dark, but with heroic undertones.

This is a tune for someone who is just about to turn to the dark side. A tune that invokes fear in the hearts of friends and foes alike. Give it a listen if you dare.


1. MK11: The Tournament Theme

Oh yes! Now this is what every true Mortal Kombat fan wants to hear.

An epic BGM track that takes you back to the original roots, but with a modern twist.

We get back to the dark oriental kung-fu inspired themes that flooded MK games of yesteryear. Yet we also get much higher music quality with some pretty crazy electronic melodies.

This caters mostly to the newer audience as the track is layered deep with electronic and orchestra. But true MK fans will love this song no matter what.

Each note, each instrument, each change in melody complements other parts creating a memorable track that truly screams “Fatality!”

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