Top 20 Best Mods For Spintires (All Free)

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When it comes to off-road trucking simulators, Spintires is up there on everyone’s list.

While the original game was taken over by a much larger developer (resulting in the release of the updated Mudrunner title), many fans still believe the original to be the better version.

Like with any game backed by a passionate community, there are loads of ways to make the game even more interesting. Here are some of the best mods I’ve come across that are definitely worth trying.


20. Reshade v3.0.8 + SweetFX v 2.0 Final

Reshade SweetFX Final Mod Truck screenshot

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Though Spintires isn’t by any means a bad-looking game, more than a few years have passed since the game was launched.

And there are a number of ways to get the game to look less dated by now.

The first being with this Reshade + SweetFX pack.

This mod actually combines two of the best graphics mods for the game, giving you a Reshade template for more vivid and realistic colors, along with a SweetFX preset for more realistic processing effects.

Very sweet indeed.


19. Spintires Realism HD v 3.0

Spintires Realism HD Spintires Mod Trees screenshot

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If you wanted to take visuals even further, check out this Realism HD mod by DevilBass.

Beyond reshading and post-processing effects, DevilBass actually puts in the work to replace most of the game’s textures to give it a complete visual upgrade.

The mod covers everything including ground, water, sky, sunlight, and smoke effects, along with completely reworked textures for vehicles.

That’s not even all here! The mod even includes new ambient sounds and added steering animations to boot.


18. Texture Log w/ Moss

Texture log with moss Spintires Mod

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Vehicles and terrain aren’t the only things getting makeovers, and this next add-on will be particularly appealing to all the Spintires loggers out there.

When you’re so focused on getting those logs to and from the pickup and drop off points, what the logs look like becomes less of a priority.

This is especially true in Spintires, as the game doesn’t exactly make transporting logs an easy task.

That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make the logs look better if we can, right?

This particular mod gives the logs a mossy makeover, adding just a bit more color to the game.

There are other options for log textures as well, so it would be best to pick and choose which you prefer.


17. Dashboard Texture Package

Dashboard Texture Package Mod screenshot

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It isn’t uncommon for Spintires fans to enjoy the game for the realistic driving experience… in which case most would prefer to play with steering wheel controllers rather than a typical console controller or a keyboard and mouse.

If you fit into that category, then you most likely prefer to drive in 1st person as well.

And if that’s the case, this next mod is for you.

The Dashboard Texture Package replaces vehicle dashboard textures for more added detail, allowing you to jack up the realism and immersion from simply driving your truck around.


16. Unlock All Mod

Unlock All Mod Menu screenshot

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While having to grind your way towards getting access to all the unlockables in a game is certainly much better than the recent microtransaction trend, some people just prefer to get right to it.

After all, nowadays it’s all about giving players more choices. And you don’t really have much of a choice if most of the content is locked at the beginning of your playthrough.

Some may consider this next mod a bit of a cheat, but if you have no problem jumping to the finish line, then go ahead and grab it.

Not only does it make all locked content available from the beginning, but what’s even better is that it removes regional restrictions as well.

This basically means you’ll always have access to all equipment and at all locations, so you can pick and choose which vehicles and attachments you want to use no matter what map you’re playing.


15. Last Hope

Last Hope Spintires Mod truck screenshot

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One thing that hasn’t changed between Spintires and Mudrunner is the importance of maps to the modding community.

Custom maps are pretty much a win-win for everyone, as it not only gives modders a creative outlet to build something completely to their liking, but it gives players an easy way to keep things interesting in the game as well.

Last Hope is particularly interesting because of its scenario.

The town you find yourself in needs bridges. In order to build those bridges, resources will need to be gathered to construct them.

I’m sure you can put together the rest, but it’s a lotta fun.


14. Next Map

Next Map Spintires Mod screenshot

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Next Map (yes, that’s what the map is actually called) is another interesting map add-on, as it also comes with a unique backstory.

Your name is Pavel, an experienced professional driver. You’ve been sent here to transport logs from the felling site to the storage areas around the forest before the onset of autumn.

Even before jumping in, though, you’re already warned that the roads are tough. And you’ll need to be extra careful to get the job done.

This map contains 1 closed garage, 1 gas station, 1 felling site, 2 loading points, 4 sawmills, and 1 car to start with. Lots of good stuff here, my friends.


13. Ghost Town

Ghost Town Mod falling bridge screenshot

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Now this next one doesn’t really go much into detail… except that you find yourself in an abandoned town with plenty of trees left for the lumberjacks.

You just got your old ZIL-131 working again, but in the garage are some more vehicles that were left behind by the townspeople – which of course need repairs.

That’s pretty much all you have to go on.

But what really caught my attention here is the photo.

The modder only provides one photo, which is of a ZIL-131 falling into a river from a broken bridge.

Now I’m not sure about you, but that definitely makes me want to give this map a go.


12. Drunken Movers

Drunken Movers Spintires Mod gameplay screenshot

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Drunken Movers takes the opposite approach, as it has the most detailed backstory among the maps we’ve covered so far.

You were initially tasked with transporting spare vehicle parts, which weren’t properly secured in your truck, causing you to lose everything along the way. Bummer.

What’s makes this even worse is that you weren’t even sober for your trip (rock on, brother) and were just lucky to have avoided the cops.

Well, that can only mean one thing – you’re going to have to go back and find all those parts you lost.

Hopefully sober this time.


11. The Road Doesn’t Forgive Mistakes

The Road Doesn’t Forgive Mistakes Mod screenshot

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Now this last map (for this ranking, anyway) probably has the most confusing descriptions for any mod I’ve seen in my life.

Which of course, only made me all the more curious as to what it actually might be.

I mean, just give this ominous passage a read:

“Do not let the steel horse fly into the ditch.
Neither will have to re-start the plot.
Here you need to look at both,
Otherwise there will be a bean.”

The mystery has me itching to play this all the way through.

Either way, the map looks beautiful. So I wouldn’t be so quick to write this one off.


10. Mod Pack (default replacement) ST v2.1

Mod Pack Spintires  Trucks gameplay screenshot

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Beyond maps and visuals, there’s the vehicle mods.

Given that the game we’re talking about is all about off-roading, you were probably waiting for me to get to some of the best modded vehicles for Spintires. We’re here.

And that’s exactly why I’m allotting the remaining half of the list for them, starting with this Default Replacement pack from Sanek52.

We’re not really getting into anything custom just yet… but this mod replaces all the base game’s default textures to give them all visual upgrades.

If you’re using the default vehicles, why not make them look as good as they possibly can, right?


9. The 40OZJuggy – Stetson

The 40OZJuggy – Stetson screenshot

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Up next we have the first actual vehicle mod on the list: the 40oz Juggy by modders Skull, POWERED, and Stetson.

This lightweight vehicle is said to be setup as a bit of a crawler, bouncer, and mudder – which means you’re basically getting a great all-in-one vehicle in a tiny package.

Not to say that isn’t great. But I just thought I’d start you off with something a bit more general before we get into the crazier stuff here.


8. Tanks of Russia Pack 01

Tanks of Russia Pack 01 Spintires Mod gameplay screenshot

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After the 40oz Juggy, we’re diving head-first with the Tanks of Russia pack from eskander and Alexander.

The pack contains three of six different Russian tank models, and this was only uploaded a few months prior to this writing.

Which means that a second pack is likely already in the works.

Though the modders already warns that these are test cases and may not be bug-free as of this version, I still think it’s worth a try.

I mean, tanks in Spintires – who’s going to say no to that?


7. BTR-70 (STALKER) v1.5

BTR-70 (STALKER) v1.5 Mod gameplay screenshot

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Now here we have another Russian armored vehicle, this time in the form of the BTR-70 APC.

The saying “build like a tank” doesn’t even do this vehicle justice, as it even doubles as a submarine.

That’s right: you can get through some of the deepest rivers or lakes with no problem, as it can handle almost being completely submerged and still get you to the other side.

This isn’t just any ordinary BTR-70, either.

It’s skinned to look exactly the same as the ones seen in the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games.


6. BMW M3 2004

BMW M3 2004 game screenshot

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Who says Spintires has to always be about logging and trucking?

I’m sure it’s crossed your mind before – but what would it be like to run some of these routes with a race car?

Well now you can do exactly that, with the BMW M3 car mod.

We all know this thing can speed through racetracks since it has been used in rally competitions before. But how well do you think it would fare off-road? Give it a try and let me know.


5. Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution screenshot

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If the M3 isn’t enough to satisfy your need for speed, you might want to look into getting yourself this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

You guessed right, this is the exact make and model from the Fast and the Furious films.

Which means you’re going to get crazy amounts of power from this thing.

Drifting in Spintires? Now’s your chance.


4. Caterpillar 257M 8×8

Caterpillar 257M 8×8 screenshot

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If you feel more like trading in speed and aesthetics for raw strength, look no further than the Caterpillar 8×8.

With the 8×8 build, you’re already pretty much set to tackle whatever terrain you’re faced with.

If you happen to find yourself in need of more traction, though, you do have the option to double the amount of tires – giving you a total of 16 tires on this beast.

Not only is this thing huge, but it has tons of useful attachments as well.

Among them are three different types of claws, which you can use to lift anything from dirt to other vehicles.


3. Rusty Wheelchair

Rusty Wheelchair Spintires Mod screenshot

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If this isn’t your first time reading through one of my mod lists, you probably already know that I like to throw in a couple of wildcard entries every now and then. Y’know, just for fun.

These next two are exactly that: starting with this Rusty Wheelchair mod by 45Ninjas.

No kidding, the mod actually gives you a wheelchair that acts like a vehicle – complete with its own custom engine and horn sounds.

I’ll leave it to you to find a use for this one.


2. Horse With Cart

Horse With Cart Spintires Mod

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If pushing yourself around on a wheelchair doesn’t sound appealing, then this next one might do the trick.

Thanks to modder Fabien, you can simply sit on your cart and have your very own horse pull you to wherever your destination might be.

I don’t know about you, but this seems to be the most effortless means of travel so far.


1. Nissan GT-R (R35)

Nissan GT-R (R35)  screenshot

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I didn’t want to end with something quite as useless as a wheelchair (however funny that might be).

So instead I decided to save this beastly mod for last.

This Nissan GT-R mod actually transforms the sports car of your dreams into a giant monster truck. Seriously, check this thing out!

Just look at the wheels on this bad boy – I’m pretty sure they can get you through some of the harshest terrain the game has to offer.

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