Notable Blue-Colored Stands in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

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With part six of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure getting everyone hyped, now’s a good time to look back at all of the Stands we’ve seen so far and just appreciate them to death.

We’ve already covered some of our top choices, but there are way too many Stands to fit into a single list.

So here we’ll be looking at some of the more iconic blue-colored Stands from JJBA.


5. Geb

Geb Stand in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: N’Doul

Water-based Stands being colored blue doesn’t exactly the most astute observation I’ve ever made… but here we are nonetheless.

In the anime, Geb is portrayed as a small body of water that can transform into a hand and decapitate people with no issues.

It’s a long ranged Stand that uses sound in order to maneuver around. And it’s basically impervious to physical attacks.

Fire is a different story though.


4. Notorious B.I.G.

Notorious B.I.G. JJBA Stand

Season: Golden Wind
User: Carne

Although this Stand isn’t completely blue, its blue and white mask is certainly the most distinguishing feature. So for this list it still counts.

It’s definitely one of the most terrifying Stands in the entire show, as it’s basically unkillable while packing some serious destructive power and speed.

Plus, it can’t ever get out of range of its user. So it’ll follow you forever.

But this Stand’s user also has to die in order to activate it, so.


3. Aqua Necklace

Aqua Necklace Stand from JoJo

Season: Diamond is Unbreakable
User: Anjuro Katagiri

Can we all just acknowledge that this dude looks terrifying?

I usually associate blue with the sky or the sea. But now I just have to think about this creepy-looking thing.

As its name would suggest, this Stand is also completely made up of water – and it can squeeze in just about everywhere.

No clue where the necklace part came from.

But its power is the ability to shapeshift into different liquids and then control (or kill) anyone who happens to drink it.

Overall, Aqua Necklace is a pretty versatile and dangerous Stand to face.


2. Dark Blue Moon

Dark Blue Moon in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Season: Stardust Crusaders
User: Impostor Captain Tennille

Speaking of water, you do not want to throw hands with this dude anywhere besides a desert.

He’s a marine Stand that can absolutely out-maneuver any other Stand in the world. And he create whirlpools just by spinning around.

He can also create barnacles that’ll stick to opponents and suck out their energy.

No wonder “barnacles” is a swear word in SpongeBob lore; this dude probably started it.


1. Sticky Fingers

Sticky Fingers JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stand

Season: Golden Wind
User: Bruno Bucciarati

Okay, this Stand isn’t exactly completely blue. But I would say it gets the majority vote in his design.

Plus, it’s a Stand from the main cast, so calling him notable would be an understatement.

Sticky Fingers is one of the weirdest and most versatile Stands in the entire series, as he can create zippers on just about anything.

He can dig through the ground by placing a lot of them down one after the other, or even evade attacks by splicing off a part of his body and then reattaching it later.

This definitely makes for quite a show.

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