Dark Souls 3: Best Weapons For Sharp Infusion (Ranked)

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Alongside strength, dex is part of the bread-and-butter basis for almost every build in DS3.

Known for the faster, smaller, and more nimble weapons, dex is perfect for players that want to stay light on their feet – getting in and out of an exchange before their opponents have time to react.

And unlike most infusions, sharp still allows your weapon to be buffed – making it one of the best choices for pures and hybrids alike!

But which weapons should you be keeping an eye out for? In this list, I’ll be ranking the best weapons to use for sharp infusions!


5. Murakumo

Murakumo Greatsword in Dark Souls 3

A greatsword might not be the first thing that springs to mind when thinking of dex, much less one with a 20 strength requirement…

But the Murakumo hits an S-scaling in dex when sharp infused. And, when paired with its crazy range and stun-lock, it becomes one of the best dex weapons out there!

And thanks to its great range, it gets good use of its ‘spin slash’ skill – making it a multi-hitting roll-catching monster!

How to get: Dropped by the invading Alva just before Irithyll dungeon.


4. Sellsword Twinblades

Sellsword Twinblades Screenshot in DS3

On the subject of multi-hitting, the sellsword twinblades are also great receivers of a sharp infusion!

And that shouldn’t be surprising, seeing as they topped our ‘best PvE weapons’ list – their effectiveness speaks for itself.

These spammy, stun-locking dual blades may only hit an A-scaling in dex when infused.

But when paired with a weapon buff they’ll utterly shred through the entire game with ease.

Hell, they’ll decimate most bosses in just a matter of seconds! But they can be a little too easy… and RSI-inducing.

How to get: Starting equipment for the mercenary, or found behind the black knight in the road of sacrifices.


3. Astora Greatsword

DS3 Screenshot of Astora Greatsword

Again, an ultra greatsword might not but quite what you have in mind for a dex infusion.

But whoo boy will this thing make you see differently!

Reaching an S-scaling in dex when sharp infused, the Astora greatsword is actually one of the top dex options.

And it’s good to have some variety, as most dex weapons don’t pack quite the same staggering punch as this hulking sword.

What’s even more surprising is it weighs practically nothing, meaning no unnecessary investment into vitality is needed!

How to get: Found on a corpse in the graveyard near the cleansing chapel bonfire.


2. Lothric Knight Sword

Lothric Knight Sword DS3 Preview

Well… here we are again.

By now you must know of the LKS – understood by most as being the best weapon in the entire game.

Well it just so happens to also get an S-scaling in dex when sharp infused. Color me surprised.

There is simply nothing this sword cannot do – thanks to its crazy damage, easy-to-learn moveset, long range, and above-average crit modifier.

Oh, and availability from the first area of the game.

Get to the high wall, grind this weapon from the knights, and beat the game. Simple.

How to get: Dropped by the Lothric knights on the high wall.


1. Crow Quills

Crow Quills Weapon in DS3

Now (because I refused to allow the LKS to have another number 1 slot) we have the crow quills.

Don’t let that thin blade fool you – with its lightning-fast moveset and S-scaling in dex, this is undeniably one of the best weapons for a dex build.

It sports huge crit damage and good range, but it’s the crazy, unpredictable moveset that’ll keep your opponents on their toes!

And to top it off, it has a built-in ‘fan of knives’ ranged attack for finishing fleeing foes!

How to get: On the raised plinth near the rotting village in the painted world. You have to jump from the building on the wall to reach it.

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