How To Get Rid of the Possessed Status in Earthbound

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Possession is a rather rare status ailment, and there are only four ways to cure it:

  • Blue-haired Healer in any Hospital
  • Dr. Saturn in Saturn Valley
  • Visit Hot Springs in Tenda Village or Saturn Valley
  • Get targeted by an AOE attack that damages the Tiny L’il Ghost

What Are the Effects of Possession?

Under the effects of Possession on the overworld / Earthbound
Under the effects of Possession on the overworld

Once you’re afflicted with this ailment, a Tiny L’il Ghost will follow you around on the overworld and in battle.

There are only two primary symptoms of Possession in battle, which occurs at the start of the turn for each Possessed party member.

Either they take 1 HP damage, or there is a chance they’ll be solidified, meaning they’ll miss their turn.

Possessed in battle / Earthbound
Possessed in battle

Neither of these effects are particularly harmful, although it can get a little annoying if you keep missing turns.

There are absolutely no negative effects from being Possessed on the overworld, other than having a small ghost follow you everywhere you go.

In fact, probably the worst thing about being inflicted with Possession, is that there aren’t many ways to cure it.


How To Cure Possession

Just as with other ailments in Earthbound, visiting a Hospital is the sensible thing to do.

You can find them in every town and city in the game.

Each Hospital will have a blue-haired Healer that will purify your Possession, for the small price of $70.

Dr. Saturn will heal you for free / Earthbound
Dr. Saturn will heal you for free

Alternatively, visiting Dr. Saturn in Saturn Valley will also have this effect. The difference is that this doctor won’t charge you a penny!

The third cure is not one that you would normally plan, but ends up being a happy accident nonetheless:

If you are ever targeted by an AOE attack in battle, the attack will also target the Tiny L’il Ghost. These only have 100 HP, so it won’t take long before they’re defeated.

Unfortunately you can’t target the ghost yourself.

The last method is to visit the Hot Springs, found in either Tenda Village or Saturn Valley. These are great as they provide a full HP/PP heal, as well as remove all status ailments.

Annoyingly there isn’t any item in the game that cures Possession. Luckily the symptoms aren’t too extreme though.


Enemies That Can Inflict Possession

Zombie Possessor in battle / Earthbound
Zombie Possessor in battle

Fortunately only three enemies exist in Earthbound that are capable of inflicting Possession:

Enemy Location Weaknesses
Zombie Possessor Threed Graveyard & Tunnel to Grapefruit Falls Freeze, Flash
Stinky Ghost Fourside Sewers Fire, Flash, Hypnosis, Paralysis
Evil Elemental Fire Spring Fire, Flash, Hypnosis

All three enemies have the Possess command, which is their means of inflicting Possession on your party.

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