The Best Ammolets in Enter the Gungeon (Ranked)

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Surviving in the Gungeon is not only a matter of skill — you also need knowledge and a bit of luck.

Sure, you have to know how to dodge bullets and fire back. But it’s just as important to know which items are the most beneficial and how they work together.

One of the most ubiquitous item families in the Gungeon is Ammolets, whose name is a portmanteau of “ammo” and “amulet.”

But these have nothing to do with your regular ammo.

Instead, they affect your blanks, giving them special effects – as well as granting you one extra blank at the beginning of each level.

By themselves, they’re just a tiny boon to make life a little easier. But learn to master them, and you’ll come up with powerful strategies.


7. Ammolet of Endurance

Enter the Gungeon Ammolet of Endurance screenshot

First up, we have the Ammolet of Endurance: a B-tier item that’ll prevent your combos from resetting whenever you take damage.

But… why have you never seen this item in the Gungeon before? Moreover, is there such a thing as combos in this game?

Haha! Got ya!

The Ammolet of Endurance is exclusive to Exit the Gungeon, the bullet hell “dungeon climber” sequel.

Now let’s take a look at the real deal…


6. Gold Ammolet

Enter the Gungeon Gold Ammolet screenshot

Made from the brass of melted bullet casings – a ubiquitous material in the Gungeon – the Gold Ammolet can make blanks just a little bit sweeter by increasing their damage.

Regular blanks do so little damage! You probably hadn’t noticed they did.

With this B-tier item, they might actually help you clear a room or two.

Most of the time, the Gold Ammolet’s impact on your run will be modest – but if you pair it with a blank-producing weapon like the Dark Marker or the Composite Gun, the damage adds up quickly.


5. Lodestone Ammolet

Enter the Gungeon Lodestone Ammolet screenshot

The Lodestone Ammolet is the only one of these trinkets you’ll find in brown chests.

But don’t think that makes it any less useful.

This D-tier passive item grants your blanks additional knockback – just a little extra oomph to push those bullet kin down bottomless pits.

More importantly, enemies will now be stunned for three seconds after a blank goes off.

A little bit of breathing room like this can’t be underestimated in Enter the Gungeon.


4. Uranium Ammolet

Enter the Gungeon Uranium Ammolet screenshot

Uranium is a highly radioactive material.

It’ll do all kinds of ugly stuff to your DNA if you stay near it for too long.

Carrying a Uranium Ammolet throughout an entire run will almost certainly cause fatal damage to a Gungeoneer’s cells – but it’ll also poison your enemies with radiation every time a blank goes off.

All other blank-like effects from active items (or companions like the Owl) also become poisonous.

So many poisoned enemies will make the lower floors more manageable, even with sub-optimal weapons.


3. Copper Ammolet

Enter the Gungeon Copper Ammolet screenshot

A similar effect can be achieved with the Copper Ammolet, which makes blanks incredibly flammable – effectively setting all enemies in a room on fire.

Fire and poison both amount to less healthy enemies that’ll take fewer shots to kill, but the Copper Ammolet is better thanks to its many synergies.

This B-tier item will interact with the Armor of Thorns to set enemies on fire and make the Flare Gun shoot green flames that never go out – much like Wildfire in Game of Thrones.

Just remember to keep an eye out for oil spills and spiderwebs.

These flammable materials become a death trap when enemies are burning alive all around the room.


2. Frost Ammolet

Enter the Gungeon Frost Ammolet screenshot

Something even better than fire and poison is the power to freeze enemies – and that’s exactly what you get with the Frost Ammolet.

This B-tier item has a relatively high chance to encase any enemy in the room in ice after you shoot a blank. It’s similar to the Lodestone Ammolet’s three-second stun but lasts considerably longer.

Freezing is notoriously helpful in Enter the Gungeon.

It’ll even work on bosses, making them move slowly or not at all for a little while.

The Frost Ammolet also has many powerful synergies.

It can power up the AWP gun and increase the chance for Frost Bullets to activate.


1. Chaos Ammolet

Enter the Gungeon Chaos Ammolet screenshot

Why choose between poison, fire, freezing, and stunning… when you can have them all simultaneously?

The Chaos Ammolet will turn you into the Avatar of blanks – channeling the four elemental effects to great results.

Whenever a blank goes off, every enemy in the room has a chance of becoming poisoned, catching on fire, freezing up, or flinching for a couple of seconds.

They can even be afflicted by more than one effect at the same time.

Couple this with the Composite Gun or the Dark Marker for speedy room clearing.

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