Enter the Gungeon: The 15 Best Synergies, Ranked

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The Gungeon is a ruthless place full of treacherous traps and vicious (if adorable) monsters.

The best Gungeoneers are those that master the gifts of the depths. If you know how to get the most out of your drops, you’ll get ahead.

Since the Advanced Gungeons and Draguns update, that means knowing what synergies to look for and what they do.

The following are some of the best synergies that can carry you through the whole game.


15. Diazepam


I’ve always been a fan of accurate, reliable weapons like the Winchester and Sniper Rifles.

So anything making them more viable gets a like from me.

The Muscle Relaxant item is supposed to make your weapons 66% more accurate, but it grants a 50% damage increase to compensate for the redundancy on already accurate weapons.

This synergy is especially good with the Hexagun and Hegemony Rifle, as they benefit from both the accuracy and damage.

Items needed: Muscle Relaxant + A.W.P., Bow, Hexagun, and most Rifles.


14. All Chests Unlocked


This isn’t strictly a synergy so much as it is a combo, but it’s too good to leave out.

The Mimic Tooth Necklace has always been an excellent tool for skilled players.

It turns all chests into mimics and lets you battle for loot instead of spending keys.

Add a Ring of Mimic Friendship, though, and all that’s left are a bunch of open chests full of treasure.

If you manage to pull this off, you’re guaranteed a fantastic run.

Items needed: Mimic Tooth Necklace + Ring of Mimic Friendship.


13. Meltdown


As its name might suggest, Meltdown is a synergy that brings together two highly radioactive weapons.

Putting together the Gamma Ray’s ionizing radiation with the Big Boy’s nuclear payload splits the green beam into five branches. You’ll quickly fry bosses if you manage to aim correctly and keep your distance.

On top of that, calling down the Big Boy while holding the Gamma Ray will partially replenish your ammo so you can keep destroying your enemies down to their DNA.

Items needed: Gamma Ray + Big Boy.


12. King Bomber


Money is power.

And that’s just as true in Planet Earth as in Gunymede.

There are plenty of merchants in the Gungeon, selling everything from powerful weapons to health, armors, and blanks – if you’ve got the cash.

The King Bomber synergy is one of the best ways to get it.

Combining the Lil’ Bomber with some bling will make every bomb it shoots drop up to nine casings on hit.

It also looks a bit like King Bob-omb from SM64.

Items needed: Lil’Bomber + Coin Crown, Crown of Guns, or Gilded Bullets.


11. Hidden Tech Time


Everybody talks about Gunknight Greaves + Ballistic Boots stopping time after taking damage.

It’s helpful, but it requires you to get hit regularly to provide a real advantage.

Hidden Tech Time, on the other hand, only requires a table to work. Flip it, and your enemies will freeze in time for a bit. The TTS item triples your shots during this time, guaranteeing massive damage.

This synergy rends any room with a table completely trivial.

Items needed: Table Tech Sight + Bloody Eye.


10. Great Queen Ant


The Gungeon Ant is a hard to master weapon that alternates between spewing flammable oil at enemies and lighting it up by spitting fire.

It’s useful but a bit dangerous to use, and it’s annoying to wait around as your enemies burn to death.

Coupling it with a royal item gives birth to the Great Queen Ant – a grotesque-looking rocket launcher with great stopping power. On top of that, the blast destroys enemy bullets in the vicinity.

Items needed: Gungeon Ant + Crown of Guns, Heck Blaster, Gilded Bullets, Coin Crown, or Ring of Fire Resistance.


9. Rubenstein’s Monster


The RUBE-ADYNE weapons are pretty good individually, but together they’re devastating.

Combining them gives birth to the Rubenstein’s Monster, which fires a rapid stream of powerful pink lasers that ricochet on impact.

This high DPS and long-range come together to make the gun undeniably lethal.

You can get a peek at the Rubenstein’s Monster in action in the animated trailer for the Advanced Gungeons and Draguns update.

Items needed: RUBE-ADYNE Prototype + RUBE-ADYNE MK.II.


8. To Serve Android


Despite being excellent company for the trip into the bowels of the Gungeon, the police officer summoned by the Badge isn’t all that durable – and his damage could use a boost.

To Serve Android massively improves the police officer by turning him into Robocop – or as close as you can get without infringing copyright.

In this form, your law-enforcing companion is entirely invincible and does slightly more damage.

It’s one of the best allies to have in the Gungeon.

Items needed: Badge + Bionic Leg, FMJ, Mass Shotgun, The Judge, Deck4rd, or Grasschopper.


7. Ice Water


The Mega Douser is great summer fun.

But it’s somewhat useless apart from pushing enemies away.

But couple it with the Snowballer’s blast freezing technology, and you’ll get a vigorous stream of icy water that freezes enemies and leaves a coat of ice all over the floor.

It’s basically Mr. Freeze’s Ice Gun.

With it, it’s easy to just keep everyone frozen as you deal with them one by one.

The Ice Water synergy also grants both weapons a 30% damage increase, turning these two mediocre guns into significant powerhouses.

Items needed: Mega Douser + Snowballer.


6. Cosmic Horror


This is a synergy I’d be scared to get if I was a Gungeoneer.

Cosmic Horror takes the BHG’s already ominous black holes and makes them a deal more lethal when three autonomous tentacles shoot out from them to grab enemies in the vicinity and pull them in.

Moreover, the implications of this synergy are chilling.

Is there another dimension behind the black hole’s event horizon? Is it filled with tentacle monsters?

I never want to find out.

Items needed: Abyssal Tentacle + Black Hole Gun.


5. Particle Accelerator


The Particulator by itself is already pretty good.

It shoots a giant bullet that splits into 10 smaller ones that home in on nearby enemies.

With the right cover, it can make clearing a room a walk in the park.

On the other hand, the Laser Sight is a somewhat superfluous item – but bring them together, and you’ll get one of the most devastating combinations in the game.

Whenever one of the Particulator’s tracking projectiles hits a target, a powerful laser is fired in its direction to finish the job.

This will clear a room in seconds and make short work of many bosses.

Items needed: Particulator + Laser Sight.


4. Jolly Roger


Making a pact with dark forces is always a great way to get some extra firepower.

Get a hold of the Skull Splitter and VertebraeK-47, and the spirit of Nuign the Cursed will flow through you, creating the Jolly Roger synergy.

Both weapons are already among the best in the game by themselves, but they’re just plain overpowered together.

The Skull Splitter gets increased damage and range, and the VertebraeK-47 will freeze enemies in an instant.

With this, you’ll clear rooms and finesse bosses like it’s nothing.

Items needed: Skull Splitter + VertebraeK-47.


3. Betrayer’s Lies


Answering Brother Albern’s questions isn’t too hard.

But sometimes you just want to damage some private property.

Destroy his chest, and you’ll find it’s full of Lies.

By themselves, the Lies are harmless – but couple them with the Betrayer’s Shield, and you’ve got yourself one of the best defensive weapons in the Gungeon.

It gives the gun infinite ammo and larger magazine size, rending you virtually untouchable if you play moderately well.

If you’re used to being called a liar and a thief, this is for you.

Items needed: Betrayer’s Shield + Lies.


2. Akey Breaky


The AKEY-47 is one of the best guns in the game thanks to its substantial damage, and most importantly, its ability to open chests without spending keys.

Since the Shelleton Key does basically the same.

The devs decided to give us something outstanding as compensation if we ever held the two.

The AKEY-47 changes its shape to resemble a Shelleton, and now shoots skulls instead of keys.

As a result, not only does it do much more damage, but it gets infinite ammo.

Items needed: AKEY-47 + Shelleton Key.


1. Cormorant, the Aimless Knight


Cormorant is the most legendary item combo in Enter the Gungeon.

As you get further into the Gungeon, you’re bound to find a couple of Gunknight items.

I always knew there had to be something more if you got every piece, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Once you get all four pieces of armor, you’ll turn into Cormorant, the Aimless Knight, which reduces all reload times to 0.0s.

It also increases your Curse by three – but by then you’ll be decked out in Armor pieces, and it won’t matter so much.

Items needed: GK Helmet + GK Gauntlet + GK Armor + GK Greaves.

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