How To Farm Dragon’s Wrath in Epic Seven

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The best way to get Dragon’s Wrath is to farm Stage 15. Silver Monarch Hall of the Unrecorded History Side Story. You’ll also be able to buy Dragon’s Wrath from the Side Story AP Exchange Shop there.

Stages That Drop Dragon’s Wrath Map Zone Chapter/Episode Availability of Dragon’s Wrath in the Exchange Shop
  • 15. Silver Monarch Hall (Best Source)
Side Story Epilogue (Unrecorded History) Available

You can also farm some additional Dragon’s Wrath by participating in Login, Giveaway, and Story Events or by visiting your Guild Member Shop and buying Epic Catalyst Chests or Catalyst Chests.


Method #1: Farm Unrecorded History Stage 15. Silver Monarch Hall (Best Method)

Stage 15. Silver Monarch Hall (Stage Details) / Epic Seven
Stage 15. Silver Monarch Hall (Stage Details)

Farming Stage 15. Silver Monarch Hall in the Epilogue Side Story missions is the most reliable way of getting Dragon’s Wrath as drops.

Unrecorded History (AP Exchange) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History (AP Exchange)

By farming this specific stage, you can also purchase up to 10 Dragon’s Wrath per week in the Unrecorded History AP Exchange Shop stationed there for 400 AP each.

If you want to farm AP faster, I recommend bringing Pets that boost your AP acquisition rate.


Method #2: Participate In Events

Rise of the Great Mortelix Event (Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Rise of the Great Mortelix Event (Exchange Shop)

One of the best things about Epic Seven is that it always has at least one Event running at any given time.

This means that you’ll often be able to farm tons of valuable resources, which includes Epic Catalysts like the Dragon’s Wrath.

Events give away all kinds of Catalysts, and I highly recommend participating in them so you won’t have to spend as much time grinding in the Adventure Stages.


Method #3: Visit Your Guild

Guild Member Shop / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop

Being a Guild member comes with many perks, and one of those is being able to purchase Catalyst Chests whenever you want.

You can buy up to 2 Epic Catalyst Chests per week from the Guild Member Shop for 150 Commander’s Armbands each.

They’re fairly easy to save up for if you’re not looking to buy anything else, so I highly advise buying them whenever you can if you lack Epic Catalysts like the Dragon’s Wrath.

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