Best Ways To Farm Credits/Gold (Counter:Side)

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There are a total of six effective methods of farming as many Credits as you can in Counter Side:

  • Farming Main Stream Stages
  • Farming Gutter Rat Extermination Stages
  • Farming Chloe’s Credit Search Stages (Best Method)
  • Farming Free Contract Stages
  • Farming Profit Creation Stages
  • Participating in Events

Technically speaking, Chloe’s Credit Search is the only game mode you need to farm if you solely want Credits. But the other methods will provide you with other valuable resources as well.


Method 1: Farming Main Stream Stages

Main Stream Episodes / Counter:Side
Main Stream Episodes

Your Main Stream Stages, first and foremost, can be one of the best stages to farm if you’re looking for specific resources to obtain or if you’re struggling to clear other Credit-farming stages consistently.

The best stages to farm out of all the Main Stream Stages are often the highest stages you can clear.

Here, you can set specific resources you want to obtain in addition to Credits.

For example, you can clear Stage 5-5-5 at Hard Difficulty for High Appraisals or Stage 5-5-2 at Hard Difficulty for a Gold T4 Gear piece.


Method 2: Farming Gutter Rat Extermination Stages

Supply Operation - Gutter Rat Extermination Plan Stages / Counter:Side
Supply Operation – Gutter Rat Extermination Plan Stages

Farming Gutter Rat Extermination Stages is another great way to get lots of additional resources alongside Credits.

Gutter Rat Extermination Stages are generally quick to farm, making them a viable choice for players who need Credits ASAP.

For maximum returns, farming Gutter Rat Extermination Plan Part 4 is recommended. This stage will provide you with several T4 Gears and unit upgrade materials per run.


Method 3: Farming Chloe’s Credit Search (Best Choice)

Chloe's Credit Search Stages / Counter:Side
Chloe’s Credit Search Stages

Chloe’s Credit Search is, by far, the best game mode to farm if you only want tons of Credits as drops and nothing else.

You can get at least 100,000 Credits per run if you can clear Stage 1-3 of Chloe’s Credit Search.

That’s a lot of moolah!

Of course, the only drawbacks to this are that you can’t get any other resource from it besides Credits, and you will need high-level Units to be able to clear the hardest stage.


Method 4: Farming Free Contract Stages

Free Contract Tasks / Counter:Side
Free Contract Tasks

Doing Free Contract tasks is yet another method of farming Credits in addition to several other valuable loots.

It may not be the best credit-farming stage anymore, but Stage 3-3-3 in Free Contract is still very much viable simply because of the amount of T5 Gear Molds you get there.

Also, you get a lot of other useful resources upon clearing Free Contract Stages like High Appraisals, T4 Gears, and Advanced Gear Materials.


Method 5: Farming Profit Creation Stages

Supply Operation - Profit Creation Stages / Counter:Side
Supply Operation – Profit Creation Stages

Profit Creation, unlike most of the sources on this list, mainly gives you Credits as drop rewards compared to other resources.

Despite that, Profit Creation stages are arguably easier to clear than almost every Credit-farming stage there is, thus making it a viable choice for beginners.

It may not give as much Credit as the other game modes above, but it is still worth clearing for the first time clear rewards if you’re an advanced player with stronger, well-built units.


Method 6: Participating in Events

Deliver Food Coupon Book (Punch-in Event) / Counter:Side
Deliver Food Coupon Book (Punch-in Event)

Time-limited events come and go several times per month here in Counter Side.

So it is very important for players to participate in them as much as they can.

After all, Events can often be a hassle-free way of farming lots and lots of extra Credits — especially if you visit and do them regularly.

Events come in all forms like playable story stages, punch-in cards, straight-to-mail rewards, and more, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for them as often as you can.


Protip: Activate Your Personal Consortium Buffs

Consortium (Personal Buffs) / Counter:Side
Consortium (Personal Buffs)

If you’re about to farm stages for Credits or EXP, then you should always remember to apply your Consortium Buffs to yourself first.

Doing this every time you start your farming runs will increase your EXP and Credit gain by as much as 15% and 10% respectively.

Imagine how much that adds up to over time!

Just note that Consortium Buffs of the same type do not stack. This means you can only choose one buff each for increased EXP-gain and Credit-gain.

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