Where To Farm Hearts of Hypocrisy in Epic Seven

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Heart of Hypocrisy is an Epic-rarity Catalyst that, although very uncommon, can be farmed. Here’s the full list of all your options:

  • Adventure Stage – Unrecorded History 9-1 West Taranor World, Stage 9-3 Awakened Hill
  • AP Exchange Shop in West Taranor (Most Recommended)
  • Events
  • Epic Catalyst Chests
  • Guild Member Shop

Method 1: Farm Stage 9-3 Awakened Hill

9-1 West Taranor (Stage 9-3 Awakened Hill Drops) / Epic Seven
9-1 West Taranor (Stage 9-3 Awakened Hill Drops)

The best game mode to farm The Hearts of Hypocrisy — just like most Catalysts in the game — is in the Unrecorded History or Prologue Chapter.

Specifically, Stage 9-3 Awakened Hill where you can also farm other Rare Catalysts like Ring of Glory, Flame of Soul, and Sun Badge.

But the drop rates of Catalysts in all Adventure Stages are equally low, so you might have to grind a lot if you’re expecting a Catalyst to drop while farming this stage.

TIP: Bringing Pets with specific abilities along will allow you to gain more Adventure Points per stage cleared which you can then spend on AP Exchange Shops for Catalysts. In short, make sure to bring Pets that boost your AP acquisition rate before you farm this Adventure Stage!


Method 2: West Taranor AP Exchange Shop (Best Choice)

West Taranor World - AP Exchange Shop / Epic Seven
West Taranor World – AP Exchange Shop

AP Exchange Shops are by far the most reliable source of all sorts of Catalysts — including Epic Catalysts like The Heart of Hypocrisy.

Once again, you can visit the AP Exchange Shop in Unrecorded History 9-1 West Taranor World to avail The Hearts of Hypocrisy. This is why specifically farming Stage 9-3 Awakened Hill is great for Hearts of Hypocrisy in the first place, since the shop is on that very same map.

TIP: Keep in mind that you can only buy five Hearts of Hypocrisy per week.

Try to always buy what you need from AP Exchange Shops before each stock resets every week so you don’t have to wait a long time for another reset.


Method 3: Events

Between Guilt and Grudge Event (Exchange Items) / Epic Seven
Between Guilt and Grudge Event (Exchange Items)

Events are another great way to farm not just Catalysts, but also all kinds of precious materials and resources in the game.

Of course, even the most uncommon Epic Catalysts out there — like The Heart of Hypocrisy — can be farmed through events. You can either get them as clear rewards, reputation rewards, and most notably, as purchasable items in the Event Exchange Shop.

TIP: There are also Pets that boost the acquisition rate of Event Currencies, so make sure to bring them along to make the grind more efficient.

Also, while they will always appear, the Catalysts featured in Event Shops vary from Event to Event.


Method 4: Epic Catalyst Chests

Epic Catalyst Chest Selection (Heart of Hypocrisy x7) / Epic Seven
Epic Catalyst Chest Selection (Heart of Hypocrisy x7)

Epic Catalyst Chests are one of the rarest resources in the game, but they are by far your best bet if you want to get Hearts of Hypocrisy completely hassle-free.

All you need to do is check your inventory and see if you have a chest, and bam! Easy Epic Catalyst.

Of course, you should always use these chests wisely as they are pretty hard to come by.

TIP: If you happen to have an Epic Catalyst Chest where you can select which Epic Catalysts you get, keep in mind to only take what you need.

Also, make sure to always check for any ongoing seasonal/promotional events as they sometimes give away Epic Catalyst Chests as rewards.


Method 5: Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop (Epic Catalyst Chest) / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop (Epic Catalyst Chest)

And we also have our Guild Member Shops where you can buy Epic Catalyst Chests in exchange for Guild Currency (Commander’s Armband).

But the Epic Catalyst Chests that can be bought here give you a random Epic Catalyst every time you open them.

You cannot choose which Epic Catalyst you want, so you’ll most likely have to go through a ton of these just so you can obtain Hearts of Hypocrisy.

TIP: Being active in your Guild is all you really need to do so you can accumulate enough Guild Currency every week to buy these Epic Catalyst Chests.

Although the most important thing here is to donate every day, so you can get as many Guild Currencies as you can per week.

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