How To Farm MolaGora in Epic Seven

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The best way to acquire MolaGora in Epic Seven is to buy them from the Transmit Stone shop. You can purchase 2 MolaGora per week from the Transmit Stone shop for 15 Silver Transmit Stones each.

Unfortunately, there is no way to farm MolaGora in any game mode.


Other Ways to Acquire MolaGora

Aside from the Transmit Stone shop, there are other ways to acquire MolaGora.

Some of these refresh on a weekly basis, while others are available only once per account.


Method 1: Side Stories

Side Story Exchange / Epic Seven
Side Story Exchange

Usually, Side Stories will have both a MolaGora and Gold acquisition node. These nodes can be challenged only one time, and the MolaGora node will reward you with one MolaGora.

MolaGoras are also often available from several Side Story Exchange shops. You can exchange currency for usually up to one Molagora.

Note: The Book of Memories, available for purchase for 900 Skystones per event, also sometimes rewards players with MolaGora.


Method 2: Conquest Points

Conquest Point Shop / Epic Seven
Conquest Point Shop

Players can purchase one MolaGora a week in the Conquest Points Shop for 150 Conquest Points.


Method 3: Guild Shop

Guild Exchange Shop / Epic Seven
Guild Exchange Shop

Players can purchase one MolaGora a week for 250 Brave Crests from the Guild Member Shop.


Method 4: Sanctuary

The MolaGora farm will provide you with one free MolaGora every 7 days.

After the most recent update, it’s now possible to take care of your MolaGora 3 times a week, which will shorten the duration it takes to harvest.

Note: Obtaining your MolaGora early by taking care of it does not increase the rate you can acquire the next MolaGora. After obtaining a MolaGora this way, the farm will enter into a resting phase until the end of the 7-day period.


Method 5: Huche

Friendly Stage / Epic Seven
Friendly Stage

Huche’s pop-up shop will occasionally appear in the lobby for a short duration and can also be found in certain labyrinth/Friendly Stages. Here it’s possible to purchase MolaGora for Skystones.

Note: Huche’s pop-up shop also has a list of rotating items, so check back daily to see if any additional MolaGoras are in stock.


Method 6: Dagger Sicar

Dagger Sicar Screen / Epic Seven
Dagger Sicar Screen

It’s possible to complete certain missions in the Dagger Sicar based on team composition, among other limitations, to acquire up to 200 Reforge Materials.


Method 7: MolaGora/Hunt Expert Challenge

MolaGora Challenge Screen / Epic Seven
MolaGora Challenge Screen

By clicking the Event tab, you can complete the MolaGora challenge to receive ten MolaGora.


Method 8: Adventurer’s Path

Adventurer's Path Screen / Epic Seven
Adventurer’s Path Screen

The Adventurer’s Path was designed to streamline the new player leveling experience. As such, there are plenty of MolaGora available to pick up here also.

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