How To Farm Powder of Knowledge in Epic Seven

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Powder of Knowledge is one of the rarest currencies in all of Epic Seven. And the best way to farm Powder of Knowledge is by farming Hunts.

Unfortunately, this currency will drop randomly from Hunts – and even if you are lucky enough to receive some, it will likely only be single digits.

But this is the only way to farm Powder of Knowledge. Although much like the other methods on this list, it’s not very sustainable considering it costs a maximum of 240 to buy an Artifact from the Powder of Knowledge shop.


Powder of Knowledge Shop Prices

Powder of Knowledge Shop Lower / Epic Seven
Powder of Knowledge Shop Lower
Item Powder of Knowledge Cost
Banner 5* Artifact 240
Bottle of Knowledge 240
Rotation 5* Artifact 180
Rotation 4* Artifact 60
Greater Artifact Charm 9
Lesser Artifact Charm 3

Other Ways To Acquire Powder of Knowledge

There are a few other ways to obtain Powder of Knowledge in larger amounts, but these are either account limited or require spending actual money.


#1: Purchasing Powder of Knowledge Directly

The Pack Shop / Epic Seven
The Pack Shop

Several purchasable packs come with varying amounts of Powder of Knowledge.

For example, the Artifact pack comes with 60 Powder of Knowledge, while the Powder of Knowledge Pack contains up to 300 Powder of Knowledge.


#2: Dagger Sicar

Dagger Sicar / Epic Seven
Dagger Sicar

After reaching Account rank 66, Heirs will unlock the Dagger Sicar.

Here, you can complete certain missions in order to acquire Powder of Knowledge.

These missions are spread across Hunts, Expeditions, and Labyrinth before being further divided into easy, medium, and hard difficulty.

Challenges vary but usually revolve around team composition or total damage. For example, reaching a certain damage total during Expedition will result in one mission’s completion.


#3: Huche Shops

Friendly Stage / Epic Seven
Friendly Stage

You can visit Huche’s shops in certain Labyrinth or Friendly Adventure stages. Here, you can purchase Powder of Knowledge using Skystones.

However, you will receive very little Powder of Knowledge for an exorbitant amount of Skystones.

Tip: Occasionally, Huche will appear in the lobby and host his own pop-up shop. Here, you can purchase a rotating number of items, so be sure to check back regularly.


#4: World Boss

World Boss Rewards / Epic Seven
World Boss Rewards

World Boss has a random chance to drop Powder of Knowledge.

However, much like the Huche shops, you will only be receiving 1-2 Powder of Knowledge per run.


#5: Abyss

Abyss Screen / Epic Seven
Abyss Screen

Certain Abyss stages (such as 89 and 95) will give Powder of Knowledge once per account after completion.

This is the quickest way to acquire bulk amounts of Powder of Knowledge. Usually these floors will pay out a whopping 150 Powder of Knowledge – but again, it’s a one-time deal.


#6: Selling Artifacts

Selling Artifact / Epic Seven
Selling Artifact

You can also sell Artifacts directly for different levels of Powder of Knowledge.

Artifact What You Get
3* Artifacts 1 Powder of Knowledge
4* Artifacts 8 Powder of Knowledge
5* Artifacts 30 Powder of Knowledge

If you have excess Covenant Bookmarks, you can summon on any banner to acquire more Artifacts to sell.

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