Where To Farm Strange Jelly in Epic Seven

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Strange Jelly, like all Rare Catalysts, can be obtained from a variety of different sources.

The best method of acquiring strange jelly is to simply farm Adventure stages in the Unrecorded History Chapter that features them as drops.

In total, there are six sources of farming Strange Jelly that we’ll cover in this guide, and they are:

  • Adventure Stages (9-2, 9-8, 2S-S6) (Best Method)
  • AP Exchange Shops (Central Taranor or Levulin)
  • Catalyst Chests
  • Guild Member Shop
  • Guild Aid
  • Events

Method 1: Farming Adventure Stages (9-2, 9-8, 2S-S6)

Unrecorded History (Map 2S - Stage S6) / Epic Seven
Unrecorded History (Map 2S – Stage S6)

Almost every Adventure stage features Catalysts as possible drop rewards. They can be Rare Catalysts, Epic Catalysts, or even both!

To know which stages in Adventure drop Strange Jellies, simply check the drop table of each stage located at the lower right-hand side of the Pre-Battle Page (check the screenshot above). I’d recommend these three stages specifically for Strange Jelly drops: 9-2, 9-8, or 2S-S6.

TIP: Always bring a pet that multiplies your total AP gain. This will help you gain AP faster while farming for Strange Jellies.


Method 2: AP Exchange Shop (Central Taranor or Levulin)

AP Exchange (Strange Jelly) / Epic Seven
AP Exchange (Strange Jelly)

After gaining enough Adventure Points through farming Adventure Stages repeatedly, you can exchange them for all sorts of Catalysts in the AP Exchange Shop.

The maximum stock for Rare Catalysts like Strange Jellies is ten per month. This stock is refreshed every week.

If you want to farm as many Strange Jellies as you can, try to be mindful of the Adventure stages you’re clearing. More specifically, only farm Stages that are on a map that has Strange Jellies in the AP Shop and also feature Strange Jellies as drops. In this case you’ll want to farm in Central Taranor for that shop & for drops.


Method 3: Catalyst Chests

Rare Catalyst Chest (Strange Jelly) / Epic Seven
Rare Catalyst Chest (Strange Jelly)

Opening Catalyst Chests is a way for players to obtain all sorts of Catalysts quickly and completely hassle-free.

You can obtain these chests from several sources in the game.

They can either give you random Catalysts, or allow you to obtain a Catalyst of your own choosing.

TIP: Although they can be obtained as rewards from all sorts of areas in the game they are still quite rare.

Try to use them only on Catalysts you lack or find very hard to farm.


Method 4: Guild Member Shop

Guild Member Shop (Catalyst Chests) / Epic Seven
Guild Member Shop (Catalyst Chests)

The Guild Member Shop allows you to purchase many valuable items through a few guild currencies.

Of course, this includes different kinds of Catalyst Chests which you can only purchase a limited number of times per week.

TIP: Doing your Guild Activities and participating in Guild Events consistently will allow you to buy a lot of Catalyst Chests every week.

Do keep in mind, however, that you should also join Guilds that are active to get easier access to all possible Guild rewards (e.g. Guild Currencies).


Method 5: Guild Aid

Guild Aid (Strange Jelly) / Epic Seven
Guild Aid (Strange Jelly)

Next up, we have the Guild Aid, which allows you to request all kinds of items from your fellow Guildmates.

And as you can see from the image above, you can even send a request to receive Catalysts throughout your entire Guild!

TIP: Be sure to mind your Guild’s policies regarding the kinds of items that are allowed to be requested as Aid.

After all, requesting Catalysts instead of less rare items is moderately frowned upon in most Guilds and should only be done sparingly.


Method 6: Events for Strange Jelly

Diverging Faiths Event (Exchange Shop) / Epic Seven
Diverging Faiths Event (Exchange Shop)

Events come with all sorts of Catalysts for players to farm – as long as they have the time and patience for it.

Strange Jellies aren’t available in every single Event Exchange Shop since the available items in these shops may vary for each Event.

Even so, farming Event stages is still recommended because you can also gain Catalyst Chests just by doing so.

TIP: Some pets also have skills that allow you to acquire Event Currencies at a much faster rate.

Be sure to bring these kinds of pets along to maximize your farming potential.

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