Fallout Shelter: The 15 Best Outfits & Armor To Wear

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If you want to help your Vault thrive and avoid the ridiculous disasters we so often find exploring a Vault in Fallout, then you’re going to need suitable outfits that’ll keep your dwellers safe, happy, and productive.

It can be tough for a newbie to figure out what equipment to aim for. And even veteran players might not know the best outfit for each situation is.

That’s where we can help.

Here I’ll talk about some of the very best outfits you can get your hands on in Fallout Shelter – and how to get them, whether it’s through crafting, questing, or being very lucky.


15. Lucky Nightwear

Lucky Nightwear from Fallout Shelter

Stats: C +7

The Lucky Nightwear is a Legendary craftable outfit that’ll help any dweller talk and seduce their way through life.

In gameplay terms, this translates to increasing their success in making babies at the Living Quarters and shortening waiting times while working at the Barbershop.

How to craft: If they have high Charisma, any dweller can craft this at an Outfit Plant. They’ll just need five Tri-fold Flags, four Wonderglues, and 21,000 caps.


14. Commander Fatigues

Commander Fatigues from Fallout Shelter

Stats: S +7

Strength is a vital asset when trying to survive in the Fallout series’s post-apocalyptic landscape. And these Commander Fatigues will give you a sizable boost in that regard.

They provide the highest Strength gain out of every outfit, making them ideal for dwellers operating the Power Generator or the Nuclear Reactor.

They’re also decent in combat.

Strength helps fighters land more hits at the higher end of their weapon’s damage spectrum.

Plus, this Legendary outfit is craftable.

How to craft: A dweller with high Strength can craft these Legendary fatigues at an Outfit Plant. They’ll need five Tri-fold Flags, four Globes, and 21,000 bottle caps.


13. Expert Lab Coat

Expert Lab Coat from Fallout Shelter

Stats: I +7

Strength is nothing without the brains to direct it. So let’s take a look at a Legendary outfit fit for a genius.

The Expert Lab Coat provides the largest boost to Intelligence out of all the outfits, making it perfect for dwellers working the Medbay or the Science Lab.

Smartypants wearing these threads will also be more successful in saving wounded humans they come across in the Wasteland, and they’ll bring back tons of Radaways and Stimpacks.

How to craft: This outfit can be crafted at an Outfit Plant by dwellers boasting high Intelligence. They’ll spend five Chemistry Flasks, four Teddy Bears, and charge 21,000 caps for their services.


12. Heavy Vault Suit

Heavy Vault Suit from Fallout Shelter

Stats: P +7

One of my favorite outfit designs in the entire game is the Heavy Vault Suit.

There’s just something about this armored take on the basic yellow-and-blue uniform that drives me crazy!

This craftable Legendary outfit is ideal for dwellers working the Water Treatment or Water Purification plants due to its massive boost to Perception.

How to craft: You’ll need a high Perception stat to craft this Vault Suit at an Outfit Plant. The recipe asks for five Tri-fold Flags and four Brahmin Hides, plus 21,000 caps.


11. Expert Jumpsuit

Expert Jumpsuit from Fallout Shelter

Stats: A +7

An excellent option for increasing your survival in the Wasteland – be it scouring for resources or completing missions – is the Expert Jumpsuit, which provides the highest Agility gain.

Agility is critical during combat, as it determines how often your dweller fires their gun or swings their melee weapon.

In other words, more Agility means more damage.

It’s also fantastic for dwellers to perform better in the Diner or the Garden.

How to craft: A dweller with high Agility can craft this Legendary jumpsuit at an Outfit Plant by spending four Teddy Bears and five Yao Guai Hides, along with 21,000 bottle caps.


10. Heavy Wasteland Gear

Heavy Wasteland Gear from Fallout Shelter

Stats: E +7

Another fantastic Legendary outfit to craft is the Heavy Wasteland Gear – possibly the best outfit for Wasteland survival.

Its massive boost to Endurance can turn a dweller with a high-enough base Endurance utterly immune to radiation damage. They’ll explore at ease, and it’ll save you plenty of Radaways and Stimpaks.

An excellent strategy for leveling up dwellers fast is to send low-level dwellers into the Wasteland while wearing this.

Radiation won’t kill them, and they’ll heal by leveling up, allowing them to fight on until their pockets are full.

How to craft: Any high-Endurance dweller can craft this at the Outfit Plant by spending four Globes, three Yao Guai Hides, two Chemistry Flasks, and 21,000 bottle caps.


9. T-45f Power Armor

T-45f Power Armor from Fallout Shelter

Stats: S +2 / P +5

If you’d prefer something more varied, the T-45f Power Armor has a more nuanced stat distribution.

The substantial Strength bonus and sizable Perception increase on this Legendary craftable armor make it ideal for hunting valuables out in the Wasteland.

Strength will keep your damage up, while Perception will reveal more goodies to your dweller.

How to craft: This Legendary power armor can be crafted by a high-Perception dweller at an Outfit Plant. The recipe requires four Wonderglue, three Giddyup Buttercup, two Military Circuit Boards, and 21,000 caps.


8. Tattered Longcoat

Tattered Longcoat from Fallout Shelter

Stats: S +2 / E +2 / C +2 / L +2
In-game experiments by very dedicated players show that Endurance, Charisma, and Luck are essential stats if you’re hunting for Legendary junk out in the Wasteland.

The fantastic Tattered Longcoat provides a boost to each of them while also improving your dweller’s Strength.

It’s incredible for Wasteland explorers, helping them fight and keeping their pockets full of shiny stuff.

It’s a shame it can only be worn by men, though.

How to get: Old Longfellow wears this outfit. He was obtainable for free during a promotional event for Fallout 4: Far Harbor, but nowadays you need to get lucky with a Lunchbox.


7. Piper’s Outfit

Piper’s Outfit from Fallout Shelter

Stats: P +2 / E +2 / A +2 / L +2

For the women in your underground community, I recommend Piper’s Outfit: Legendary threads that’ll make your female dwellers into sharp explorers, just like Diamond City’s reporter extraordinaire.

Endurance will keep them safe from radiation, while Agility and Luck guarantee they’ll shoot fast and true.

Perception, on the other hand, will help them find Rare and Legendary loot.

How to get: This outfit can be obtained from Lunchboxes or crafted at an Outfit Plant by a high-Agility dweller. It costs five Yao Guai Hides, four Teddy Bears, a Tri-Fold Flag, and 22,550 caps.


6. Detective Outfit

Detective Outfit from Fallout Shelter

Stats: P +4 / E +4 / I +4 / L +4

The top six spots are reserved for the cream of the crop.

These +16 outfits are just miles ahead of the competition.

The Detective Outfit shines for providing stats that should turn most Wasteland events into significant victories for your dweller, along with plenty of Endurance to keep radiation at bay.

Nick Valentine would be proud.

How to get: It’s obtained by completing The Bigsby Brown Case, the final part of the Detective Case Files questline.


5. Rackie Jobinson’s Jersey

Rackie Jobinson’s Jersey from Fallout Shelter

Stats: S +4 / C +4 / P +4 / A +4

It may look just like a regular Baseball uniform, but you’re looking at threads once worn by a legend – and the massive +16 stat boost reflects this.

Its stat distribution makes it pretty versatile.

It’ll be fantastic for questing thanks to the Strength and Agility, helping you make short work of enemies, and it’ll work wonders during Wasteland exploration events thanks to the Charisma and Perception.

How to get: Rackie Jobinson’s Jersey is given out as a reward once you complete the Here’s to You, Rackie Jobinson quest – the final mission in The Search for Jobinson’s Jersey.


4. Famine’s Vestment

Famine’s Vestment from Fallout Shelter

Stats: S +4 / E +4 / I +4 / L +4

The Four Horsemen of the Post-Apocalypse are some of the most fearsome figures in the Wasteland – and after you beat them, you should wear something that reminds would-be attackers not to mess with you.

Famine’s Vestment doesn’t just remind foes of your combat prowess, but also makes exploring the Wasteland easy and profitable.

Strength and Endurance should keep you safe, while Intelligence and Luck net you more Radaways, Stimpaks, and cash.

How to get: Once you complete Part 3 of the Horsemen of the Post-Apocalypse questline, choose Famine’s Vestment from the available rewards offered by Drusilla.


3. Pestilence’s Plating

Pestilence’s Plating from Fallout Shelter

Stats: E +4 / C +4 / I +4 / A +4

If you’re not worried about the possible mutations wearing Pestilence’s still-radioactive exoskeleton might cause, you’ll find that it makes your exploring much easier.

Much like Famine’s Vestment, it has Endurance to keep you rad-free and Intelligence to help you find restorative items.

Charisma also helps with loot, and you’ll make short work of any foe thanks to the extra Agility.

How to get: After completing the Horsemen of the Post-Apocalypse questline, choose Pestilence’s Plating as your reward.


2. Death’s Jacket

Death’s Jacket from Fallout Shelter

Stats: P +4 / E +4 / A +4 / L +4

I won’t go into too many details regarding Death’s Jacket.

Like all other +16 outfits, it provides massive bonuses that’ll make any dweller wearing it a force to be reckoned with, either while you’re out questing or exploring the Wasteland for resources.

What’s important about this outfit is that it’s a leather jacket. And your dwellers will look bad-ass in it.

It’s just really, really cool.

How to get: After you’re done with the Horsemen of the Post-Apocalypse multi-stage questline, choose Death’s Jacket as your reward from Drusilla.


1. War’s Armor

War’s Armor from Fallout Shelter

Stats: S +4 / P +4 / E +4 / C +4

The most potent version of the T-60 Power Armor used to belong to War – and after you beat them in fair combat, it’s only fair to pass it on to you.

Solid Strength, Perception, Endurance, and Charisma makes it a dweller’s best friend when scouring the wasteland for rare gear and junk.

It will keep them safe from radiation, help them carry more valuables, and guarantee better loot.

How to get: War’s Armor is among the possible rewards for finishing the Horsemen of the Post-Apocalypse questline.

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