The Best Hunt Club Rewards in FF12: The Zodiac Age

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On the shore of the Phon Coast there’s a group of Bangaa discussing their preferences for a more elusive kind of hunt.

Of course, Vaan will stick his nose into their business. And before you know it you’ll be involved in their Hunt Club.

The Hunt Club sets you out to find Ivalice’s Rare Game.

Rare Games are like hunt board hunts, but without a petitioner – or even a board.

You’re left on your own to find out how to find and spawn these elusive beasts. They’re among the trickiest and toughest beasts in the world. But the rewards you can get for nabbing these rare games are tremendous.

The list of Hunt Club rewards is large, but let’s take a look at the absolute best items you can get.


10. Cat-Eared Hood

As the quintessential accessory for making money, the Cat-Eared Hood has the power to turn the LP you earn into gil.

Throw one on a party member who’s in reserve and watch as your coffers fill up.

For every LP the Hood obtains, it gives back that same amount, plus that character’s level times five.

So a level 50 Vaan earning a single license point would get 101 gil instead.

If you get a high enough chain, you could earn millions of gil this way.


9. Golden Amulet

Golden Amulets are a miraculous accessory that doubles the license points that the wearer earns.

This makes the process of filling out your license boards go by twice as fast (and can make Cat-Eared Hoods that much more effective).

In the original release of Final Fantasy XII, Golden Amulets could be freely purchased for paltry amounts of gil.

In The Zodiac Age, however, they’ve been removed from the market, and are now in limited quantities.

You can only find six in the game, with the hunt club being one of the precious few locations.


8. Masamune

The legendary sword, all for you!

The Masamune is statistically the most powerful katana in the game. It has a high attack power and combo rate, meaning your favorite Bushi can use it to produce tons of damage in a very short amount of time.

The effects of the Masamune can be juiced up even more with a pair of Germinas Boots.

And (most importantly) the Masamune looks really, really cool.

There’s no better sign of status than having a sweet looking sword.


7. Nihopalaoa

This necklace with a Hawaiian name has the unusual power of reversing item effects.

This means restorative goods like potions and elixirs will cause damage in their respective amounts, rather than healing.

This has applications for doing damage, of course.

But the real magic happens when you start using status items.

Since the Nihopalaoa makes it opposite day, using an item that would normally restore a status will inflict that status.

Eye Drops cause blind, Echo Herbs cause silence, and Remedies cause everything.

If you drop a Nihopalaoa Remedy onto a tough enemy at the start of the fight, you’ll cripple it, making the battle that much easier.


6. Sage’s Ring

As you learn more advanced magicks, you’ll notice that your MP might not be able to keep up as well as it did before.

Higher level spells can cost more than seventy MP!

And you can’t go without it, right?

This is where the Sage’s Ring comes into play.

This wonderful little trinket cuts all MP costs in half. A ninety-eight MP Curaja gets reduced down to a much more reasonable forty-nine.

A Sage’s Ring will make being a healer (or spellcaster) that much more manageable – and the rest of your party will thank you for it.


5. Thief’s Cuffs

Stealing is an important method of item acquisition.

Enemies all over Ivalice carry items of some value. And gathering the goods for the best bazaar items all but require theft.

Stealing, of course, comes with an innate risk of not getting what you want. And it can be downright frustrating to keep missing your larceny attempts.

The Thief’s Cuffs increase your chances of a successful steal attempt, increasing the odds of getting normal and rare items by almost double the amount.

And as an added bonus, the Cuffs make it so you can steal multiple items at once.

And it gives you +1 to speed!

If you’re into theft at all, these Cuffs are an accessory you can’t miss out on.


4. Zodiac Escutcheon

Finding a Zodiac Escutcheon in the wild is a tough task.

The chest that holds it only has a 1% chance of spawning – and it’s in a deep, scary cave.

So using the Hunt Club to obtain it is much easier.

And you’ll want to obtain it, trust me.

The Zodiac Escutcheon is the ultimate shield, giving a tremendous +75 to evade and +45 to magic evade.

It’s one of the few shields that gives such a good bonus to magic evade.

If you give this beastly shield to a Shikari with the right weapon, you can create a character with an evasion so high that you’ll barely ever get hit.


3. Zodiac Spear

The Zodiac Spear is one of Ivalice’s legendarily powerful weapons.

Of course it would be, with a name like that.

You can find it in other places around the world, sure. But the Hunt Club allows you to purchase as many Zodiac Spears as you’d like.

And that alone is worth all the trouble of unlocking it.

The Zodiac Spear has a stupid high attack power and combo rate, meaning you’ll be able to poke whatever’s coming at you to death within seconds.

And the cherry on top?

It can also cause Disable on hit!

It’s a very exciting weapon and well worth the time it takes to earn it.


2. Ribbon

As one of the most iconic and classic accessories in the Final Fantasy series, the humble Ribbon has always done one thing:

Protect the user from status effects.

In Final Fantasy XII it’s the same deal.

With a ribbon on your wrist, you’ll be immune to every status effect (except instant death and X-Zone).

This is incredible on its own, and worth the work to give one to everybody in the party.

But The Zodiac Age version’s Ribbon adds a permanent Regen and Libra effect, making the already amazing accessory even better – and easily the best in the game.


1. Genji Gloves

These are perhaps the holy grail of combat accessories.

The Genji Gloves increase the chances of combo attacks by almost double.

The implications of this when applied to an already combo-heavy Job such as Shikari or Uhlan are incredible.

You can get up to seven hits in a single combo, with incredible damage as a result.

That’s enough to wipe out any normal Podunk enemy, or seriously injure the tougher variety.

Genji Gloves are a very rare find in FFXII.

You can only get two in the game:

One from robbing Gilgamesh, and one from progressing in the Hunt Club.

The other stuff on this list is good, maybe even great.

But a second pair of Genji Gloves should be reason enough alone to strike out and find all of Ivalice’s rare game.

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