Best Bushi Weapons in Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age

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One of the most iconic jobs across all of Final Fantasy is the samurai.

While FFXII: The Zodiac Age doesn’t give it away outright, the Bushi is more or less its spiritual successor.

The bushi wields katanas as its main weapon, and has the gimmick of wearing mystic armor which allows for a bunch of useful synergies with other jobs.

The fast combo-oriented nature and mostly straightforward acquisition of its weapons are also very enticing, in my opinion.

So if you’re looking for help with your Bushi build, let’s take a look at the best weapons for your character (and where to find each one).


5. Yakei

Yakei katana weapon render from FF12

The Yakei may not be the strongest weapon here, but it is the strongest katana available for purchase.

It’s easily comparable to the strength of other weapons available at this point – while still having the signature high combo rate of other katanas, and a small chance to poison enemies to boot.

While it won’t hold up to the stronger entries in this list, it’s a fine katana to help get you started in the endgame.

How to Get: Pick this up from the shop at Archades or later at Balfonheim Port.


4. Muramasa

Muramasa sword render from FF12

For sharing the same license as the Yakei, the Muramasa wins by a landslide in stats.

It comes with a 21 attack power difference separating them.

It’s also very easy to find, which means you’ll have a decent weapon to finish the game with if you’re not keen on hunting down the 2 stronger alternatives.

How to Get: The easiest acquisition is to wait and get it from a chest in Pharos – Second Ascent – The Bounds of Truth. Those seeking an earlier power increase can try their luck farming a chest in the Cerobi Steppe – The Terraced Bank with a Diamond Armlet equipped, or by killing the rare game Crypt Rabbit in the Feywood – Walk of Stolen Truths.


3. Masamune

Masamune and Kumbha Render / FF12

The Masamune isn’t nearly as big a power difference as the previous entries.

But it does have a much higher combo rate than any katana before it.

Although it comes with the caveat that you’ll have to battle a powerful and tricky boss, Gilgamesh.

But when you consider the amazingly synergistic Genji gear you can steal from him, it could be argued that it’s a bonus.

How to Get: If you’ve been keeping up with your hunts and have achieved the rank of Brave Companion with Clan Centurio, you can begin the quest to find Gilgamesh. After facing him in his final phase in combat at Lhusu Mines – Site 7, you’ll find a chest containing this sword. Alternatively if you’ve been doing the Hunt Club sidequest, the Masamune can be purchased for 700,000 gil if all 30 trophies have been given to Atak.


2. Karkata

Karkata Render from FF12

This is not a katana, nor even as strong as the Masamune.

But the Karkata ranks at #2 here because of its ludicrously easy attainability.

Whether by oversight or not, Trial Mode Stage 3’s Flowering Cactoid has this weapon as its rare steal reward.

Taking the time to defeat the esper Zalera early, which unlocks the license, can give you a huge power spike too – since no weapon will come close in power until much later.

Plus for some added benefits, it’s also a 1-handed sword, which lets you keep a shield for defense. And it has a guaranteed chance on hit to inflict the powerful status effect Confusion on enemies susceptible to it.

How to Get: Grab three party members with Steal as a technick and gang up on the Flowering Cactoid in Trial Mode Stage 3. Remember, you’ll need to defeat Zalera in the Barheim Passage to unlock the license.


1. Kumbha

Masamune and Kumbha Render / FF12

This legendary katana isn’t actually a katana at all. But rather a 1-handed weapon like the Karkata.

That said, it is a katana in all the ways that matter.

With one of the highest combo and evasion rates in the game, the Kumbha’s power is magnified significantly by its ability to be paired with a shield.

With the right combinations, a Kumbha-wielding Bushi can be one of the deadliest warriors in the entire game.

How to Get: Unlike the other weapons, the Kumbha’s only weakness is in how difficult it is to acquire – because it must be created through the bazaar. To get it to appear as the Master-Crafted Blade, you’ll need to acquire and sell 2 Gemsteels, 3 Orichalcums, and 2 Mallets, then drop 350,000 gil.

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