Best White Mage Weapons in FF12: The Zodiac Age

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The White Mage can be a very versatile job for your characters to play.

It’s generally known as the healer job in the party, but they can also do some great damage if properly equipped.

This ranking will obviously be focused on Rods for the FFXII White Mage, however, there are some great alternatives from the license board.

Whether you’re building an offensive melee battlemage or a strong healer, you’ll find the absolute best options here.

Some of these weapons may actually surprise you.


6. Power Rod

Power Rod FFXII Render

We’ll start off slow with the Power Rod.

This is a mid-game weapon with a decent attack of 56 and a magick power sitting at +3.

There isn’t anything particularly special about this weapon in terms of status effects.

But this rod is definitely a solid upgrade over the previous White Mage weapons up until this point in the game.

License needed: Rods 3
How to get: Found in the Karydine Glacier area of Paramina Rift. Also can be purchased in Mt. Bur-Omisace or Mosphoran Highwaste for 4,950 gil.


5. Empyrean Rod

Empyrean Rod FFXII Render

The next step up from the Power Rod is the slightly more interesting Empyrean Rod.

With an attack power of 60, but a lower magick power of +2, this rod has some other tricks up its sleeves.

The Empyrean Rod shares the same license as the Power Rod – so they’re pretty comparable.

As you’ll see, the Phon Coast is the place to be if you’re looking for this rod.

License needed: Rods 3
How to get: Found in the Pora-Pora Sands area of Phon Coast or the Realm of the Elder Dream area of Tchita Uplands. Also can be purchased in Archades or Phon Coast for 6,000 gil.


4. Platinum Dagger

Platinum Dagger FFXII Render

Wait, White Mages can use daggers?


Although you’ll have to unlock Famfrit first before having access to it on the license board.

The Platinum Dagger is a really interesting choice for an offensive White Mage. It has a huge attack stat (compared to most rods) at 83, and a combo rate of 12%.

There isn’t any magick power associated with it.

But if you’re running a melee attacker White Mage build, this weapon should not be forgotten.

Plus it has a 10% chance to Immobilize on hit.

License needed: Daggers 5
How to get: Found in the Edge of Reason area of Feywood. Also can be purchased in Balfonheim Port for 13,700 gil.


3. Holy Rod

Holy Rod FFXII Render

Here’s the best offensive rod for the White Mage in all of FF12.

The Holy Rod has a moderate attack power of 63, and a magick power of +4.

It may not seem like that attack power is overly strong at first glance. But this rod also has the effect Holy, which will do even more damage to your enemies.

The combination of a high attack power plus Holy damage can be particularly powerful against many enemies and bosses throughout the game (especially undead).

And keep in mind that swapping weapons based on your situation can be very powerful.

Simply carrying this rod around until the need arises to blast your enemies with Holy damage can change the entire course of gameplay.

For the magically-inclined offensive White Mage, the Holy Rod is the absolute best choice around.

License needed: Rods 4
How to get: Found in the Old Elanise Road area of Cerobi Steppe. Also found in the Bhrum Pis Avaa area of The Great Crystal.


2. Save the Queen

Save the Queen Greatsword Render from FFXII

Fans of the Final Fantasy series will immediately see some parallels in this weapon, as it has made an appearance in quite a few FF games.

And for good reason!

The Save the Queen greatsword is an amazing two-handed weapon with attack power of 92, and an evade of 20.

It also has a solid combo rate of 8%.

For the license board, you’ll need to either unlock Chaos or do some fancy cross-job planning with a job that can get the +310 HP license.

This is a really fun weapon for an offensive melee White Mage build.

It has definitely earned this spot as the strongest greatsword for a White Mage to take advantage of.

License needed: Greatswords 2
How to get: Found in the Colosseum in Ridorana Cataract. Also can be purchased in Balfonheim Port for 16,000 gil after getting the Treaty-Blade. The bazaar system rewards this weapon as the Attenuated Greatsword as well.


1. Rod of Faith

Rod of Faith FFXII Render

It’s fair to say that White Mage has always made the most sense as a healer job.

And what good is the best healer unless they have the best healing rod in Ivalice?

The Rod of Faith gets its name due to the Faith effect that it casts on the party.

Since the healer is generally casting Faith anyway, this weapon is even more powerful to save time on that cast.

With a low attack of 21 and a decent magick power of +6, the Rod of Faith isn’t ideal for attacking your enemies.

But you’ll want to be using it for healing instead anyway.

The combination of high magick power and the free Faith cast can be very powerful for any party.

It’s worth noting that this weapon isn’t the easiest acquisition in the game. But it’s definitely worth the effort if you’re looking for the most powerful healer White Mage rod.

License needed: Rod of Faith
How to get: Found in The Terraced Bank area of Cerobi Steppe. Also is acquired as a reward for the Behemoth King hunt.

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