FFX Friend Spheres: Locations, Uses & Farming Spots

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The best way to farm Friend Spheres is bribing Coeurls in the Calm Lands with 120,000 gil, which gets you 2 spheres each time.

You can also fight Vorban, a Monster Arena creation, which drops Friend Spheres as a common drop. But to unlock this creature you’ll need to get Capture Weapons and capture one of every fiend in the Omega Ruins.

Friend Spheres are used to learn abilities on the Sphere Grid that has already been learned by another character. They can also be used to put Counterattack onto weapons.

Note that you only need 1 Friend Sphere to customize Counterattack.


Where To Get Friend Spheres

Given how much traveling power these spheres have in the Sphere Grid, Friend Sphere are understandably kind of hard to come by.

Most of the enemies that drop them only do so rarely – and the one that has it commonly is a Monster Arena Creation.

But if you’re looking for all of your options, there are a few:

Vorban is a Monster Arena Creation unlocked after capturing one of every fiend in the Omega Ruins. It drops a Friend Sphere as a common drop, and this can be the most reliable way to farm them, although difficult until higher levels.

Master Coeurls and Spirits in the Omega Dungeon both have Friend Spheres as a rare drop.

Neslug is another Monster Arena Creation that has the item as a rare drop. It’s unlocked by capturing one of each capturable fiend in entire the game.

You can also bribe Coeurls in the Calm Lands with 120,000 gil in exchange for 2 Friend Spheres.

Coeurl in Calm Lands / Final Fantasy X HD

Friend Sphere Uses

The primary use is to quickly get around the Sphere Grid.

You can bring any character to another character’s section to pick up some distant abilities really quick.

Teaching Yuna Black Magic, for instance, can be a tremendous boon early in the game.

It’s also a great idea to try moving Tidus over to Auron’s spot to get some of the Breaks, or vice-versa for Auron to learn Quick Hit.

Friend Spheres can be invaluable if you’re looking for an easy way to personalize your party with specific nuance.

You can also use them to give a weapon Counterattack.

With that auto-ability, a character will automatically strike back after being hit with a physical attack by an enemy.

The additional damage you can deal with this ability can really add up.

And as it is with every item in FFX, Rikku can use Friend Spheres in more than a few powerful Mixes.

Mega Vitality (Stamina Tablet + Friend Sphere): Casts Cheer and doubles the max HP of one party member. (Full Mix List)

Chaos Grenade (Candle of Life + Friend Sphere): Deals a large amount of damage to one enemy and inflicts them with Full Break, Slow, Poison, Darkness, Silence, and Sleep for eight rounds. (Full Mix List)

Super Mighty G (Chocobo Feather + Friend Sphere): Casts Shell, Protect, Haste, and Regen onto the party. (Full Mix List)


Are Friend Spheres Worth Getting?


Not only are they good utility, but they’re amazingly helpful for moving around the Sphere Grid.

Playing through the game normally, it will be quite some time before you get all the tools together for any of the late-stage AP grinding tricks.

So having a way to easily move around the Grid is a Yevonsend.

Friend Spheres are really a great way to customize your characters exactly as you want them.

Stuff like Counterattack and the mixes are just a wonderful bonus!

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