How To Farm Mana Tablets in FFX (Methods + Uses)

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The best way to farm Mana Tablets is by bribing Chimera fiends. For 105,000 gil you get x10 Tablets.

But you can also get them as rare steals from Behemoths (Master Thief is recommended for that method).

  • Chimeras can be found all around in the Macalania Woods, so they’re easy to find & bribe
  • Behemoths can be found on Mt. Gagazet & in the Zanarkand Ruins

Also, you can get a one-time reward of 60 Mana Tablets by unlocking Ironclad at the Monster Arena.

Ironclad is unlocked after capturing 10 Iron Giants and 10 of both types of Gemini fiends (Gemini A + Gemini B). These fiends are located in:

  • Iron Giants can be found on the Thunder Plains
  • Gemini can be found in the Final Dungeon
Behemoth in the monster arena / FFX HD
Behemoth in the Monster Arena

What Are Mana Tablets Used For?

When applied with the Use command, a Mana Tablet will double the Max MP of one party member. This can be useful in the right situations, but not truly required to beat the game.

Additionally, Mana Tablets can also be used to customize the MP Stroll ability onto a piece of armor. Customizing MP Stroll requires x2 Mana Tablets.

Rikku can also mix up some Mana Tablets with other stuff to create some cool new stuff with her Overdrive.

Some of the results include:

Eccentric (Door to Tomorrow + Mana Tablet): Makes the party’s Overdrive bars fill twice as fast.

Hyper Mana (Al Bhed Potion + Mana Tablet): Doubles the party’s maximum MP.

Supernova (Blessed Gem + Mana Tablet): Deals an extreme amount of damage to all enemies.

Chimera in the monster arena / FFX HD
Chimera in the Monster Arena

Is It Worth Farming Mana Tablets?


If you’re looking for MP Stroll, farming Qactuars on the Thunder Plains is an easier way to get that onto your armor.

And Mana Tablets aren’t tremendously useful as an item for any other purpose.

The best thing to do is just unlock Ironclad at the Monster Arena for the one-time gift of 60 Tablets. That’s more than enough to last you the entire game.

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