Best Uses For Mana Prisms & Rare Prisms in FGO

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Most gacha games will have at least two forms of currency. One to roll the gacha that can be topped up with real money, and another to do everything else (often referred to as “gold” but in FGO it’s known as “QP”).

Mana Prisms are a totally separate currency from the traditional premium/all-inclusive currency. They’re obtained through lottery events, or by dismissing certain rarity units.

Rare Prisms are even harder to come by, and can only be received by burning four-star and above servants.

Needless to say, it’s important to know what to spend these prisms on so they don’t go to waste.

And we’re here to help with that.


Mana Prism Best Uses

First we’ll start off with our top 5 suggested uses for Mana Prisms in the game.


5. Skins (Wardrobe Key)

Yes, as beautiful as they may be, skins fall to the bottom of the priority list – mostly due to the fact that they’re purely cosmetic and in no way help your account improve.

Skins that cost 1000 mana prisms are designed to be picked up by players overloaded with prisms that have nothing better to spend them on.

If you’ve just started up FGO and managed to hit 1000 mana prisms, make sure to not waste it on a single wardrobe key.

…unless it’s for your waifu of course.


4. Lantern of Chaldea

Here’s another item that’s reserved for people in the late-game of FGO.

The Lantern of Chaldea allows for a bond 10 Servant to surpass this threshold and continuously acquire more bond levels.

With each further milestone, the player will receive rewards such as additional Saint Quartz.

Needless to say, if you’re highest bond Servant is Heracles at level 4, don’t pick up the Lantern!


3. Fous/EXP

Fous and EXP fall under the same umbrella of improving your Servant’s power and level.

However, both of these items can be farmed through daily quests, or by rolling the Friend Point gacha.

So these can be an option. But picking up either of these items is something you do when you have mana prisms to spare – not when you’re looking to make an investment.


2. Limited Time CEs

This is where things start to get real.

Several CEs will be periodically introduced to the mana prism shop for a limited time only.

After this time expires, they’ll no longer be available for purchase for a considerable amount of time (they will occasionally return in the rare prism shop).

Picking up these CEs should be done quickly if possible.

However, make sure to only purchase these CEs if you have enough to max limit break them.

What this means is, only buy these CEs if you have 5000 mana prisms for each of the five copies you’ll need.


1. Summon Tickets

Unquestionably, the five summon tickets that can be picked up per month are a must-buy from the mana prism shop.

Always make sure you have enough mana prisms to buy these summon tickets, which allow you to pull five times on the banner of your choice for free!

Whales, Dolphins, and Free-To-Play alike all should be buying these summon tickets with no exception!

Honorable Mention: Card Openers

Command Codes are a more recent addition to the world of NA FGO.

New players don’t need to worry too much about these. But by purchasing these Card Openers, you can engrave a Servant’s face card with a specific skill.

These Command Codes provide minimal buffs at best, and CEs should always be prioritized.


Rare Prism Best Uses

Now let’s get into the more difficult to obtain currency (well, prisms) and see what’s the best stuff to grab for your Rare Prisms.


5. Consumables

Consumables should only be purchased by whales, since they can be obtained by other means simply though playing the game (only it’ll take a long time).

Consumables include Gold Fous, Friend Points, Crystallized Lores, and Code Removers.

Save your rare prisms for limited availability items to ensure they don’t go to waste.


4. Trial Quests

Trial Quests let you relive old events that were released during a previous time in FGO’s lifespan.

These should pretty much be avoided at all costs.

For one rare prism, you’ll receive a few lines of dialogue and a summoning ticket. That’s it! Do not buy!


3. Lantern of Chaldea

Again, the Lantern of Chaldea is used to break a bond 10 Servant’s threshold to acquire more bond EXP and greater rewards.

You would use this item on a Skadi or an Edmond Dantes – the servant that carries you through lottery events, and will undoubtedly be gaining a lot of EXP.

However, just like before, these are not necessary to gain any meaningful benefits – and they should not be prioritized over the following two items.


2. Craft Essences

Some of the best Craft Essences in the entire game can be found from the Rare Prism shop.

Well, using the word “found” isn’t inherently true. You see, by spending one rare prism, you can unlock that CE and have it placed back into the regular Mana Prism shop.

There, you can spend the usual 5000 Mana Prisms to MLB it.

This may seem like a scam. But these CEs are just so good!

Mona Lisa is a must-pick-up for anyone stuck in QP hell.

Additionally, Chaldea Lunchtime and Teatime are great for quickly raising the bond levels of your Servants!

Several other CEs are available for direct purchase from the Rare Prism shop (including all five copies). However the Mana Prism Exchange CEs are almost always favored.


1. Mystic Codes

To be honest, either Mystic Codes or Craft Essences could occupy this top spot.

Both items will significantly improve your FGO experience, and can help act as the catalyst for specific teams to function.

Anniversary Blonde in particular is a great CE for buster crit teams, while Royal Brand supports Quick users.

And when it comes to Mystic Codes there’s a lot worth checking out.

Whatever you decide to purchase, make sure to prioritize these two items before anything else.

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