FFX Silence Grenade Farming (Bribes + Steals)

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Silence Grenades are a surprisingly uncommon item!

The best way to farm them is to steal from either Thorns or Exorays.

Thorns are encountered earlier in the game (specifically in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth), and they have x2 Silence Grenades as their common steal (~75% chance).

Exorays only appear in the Final Dungeon, and they have x3 Silence Grenades as their common steal.

But what about bribes?

You can bribe a fiend in Via Purifico called Bat Eye. And for a bribe of 10,000 gil you can get x12 Silence Grenades that way.

However, Via Purifico is a one-time location.

So once you leave you’ll never be able to return.

And Bat Eyes are the only fiends you can bribe for Silence Grenades in the entire game.

So if you want to get a full stack of Silence Grenades quicker than stealing, be prepared to spend a little extra time in that dungeon – and bring some extra gil for bribing.

Thorn enemies in the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth / FFX HD
Thorn Enemies in Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

What Are Silence Grenades Used For?

As expected, they’re used for a lot of silence-based things.

Using a Silence Grenade with the “Use” command deals minor damage to all enemies, as well as silencing them for eight turns or so.

This can be helpful against certain late-game enemies, especially spellcasters like Demonliths in the Omega Ruins.

Silence Grenades can also be used to customize Silencestrike onto a weapon, which almost always applies Silence with physical attacks. Conversely, these items can also customize Silenceproof onto Armor, which prevents the ailment nearly 100% of the time.

Aeons can even get in on the mix and use Silence Grenades to learn both Silence Attack and Silence Buster.

  • Silencestrike requires x20 Silence Grenades
  • Silenceproof requires x10 Silence Grenades
  • Silence Attack (Aeon) requires x3 Silence Grenades
  • Silence Buster (Aeon) requires x10 Silence Grenades

As per usual with any item, Rikku can also use her overdrive to mix Silence Grenades with other items to produce some neat results, including:

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Silence Grenade): Revives all KO’d party members–quietly.

Cluster Bomb (Shining Gem + Silence Grenade): Deals a large amount of damage to all enemies.

Megalixir (Antidote + Silence Grenade): Fully restores the party’s HP and MP.

Bat Eyes in Via Purifico / FFX HD
Yuna vs. two Bat Eye fiends

Are Silence Grenades Worth It?

Not really, no.

There’s not too many enemies that really require being silenced, nor are there many enemies that silence the party.

Even the mixes that Silence Grenades are a part of can be made with other items.

On top of it all, Silence Grenades are annoying to get. Only a few enemies have them – and honestly it’s not really worth the time to get a stack unless you just want ninety-nine of every item.

And even then…

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