FFX Petrify Grenade Farming (Bribes + Steals)

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The best way to farm Petrify Grenades is to steal them from Jormungand at the Monster Arena. It has x4 Grenades as its common steal (~80% chance).

Additionally, simply unlocking Jormungand will get you a one-time gift of x99 Petrify Grenades – it’s a treasure trove of petrification explosives!

Jormungand is unlocked after capturing one copy of every fiend on the Djose Highroad. There are seven in the area:

  • Garm
  • Simurgh
  • Bite Bug
  • Snow Flan
  • Bunyip
  • Basilisk
  • Ochu

Petrify Grenade Bribes

If you’re looking for some Petrify Grenades in the early game, you can bribe x24 of them from Basilisks for 50,625 gil on the Djose Highroad.

Or you can bribe Iguion fiends in the Macalania Woods with 9,250 gil for x5 grenades.

There’s actually a number of fiends you can bribe for Petrify Grenades, but the two mentioned above are probably your best choices.

That said, here’s a table with every fiend you can bribe for Petrify Grenades:

Fiend Bribe Petrify Grenades Location
Iguion 9,250 gil x5 Macalania Woods
Cave Iguion 13,750 gil x6 Via Purifico
Basilisk 50,625 gil x24 Djose Highroad
Raptor 5,000 gil x3 Mushroom Rock Road
Dinonix 3,500 gil x2 Kilika Woods
Melusine 6,625 gil x4 Thunder Plains
Yowie 22,500 gil x12 Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Ipiria 4,500 gil x3 Mi’ihen Highroad Oldroad & Mushroom Rock Road
Basilisk on the Djose Highroad / FFX HD
Basilisk on the Djose Highroad

What Are Petrify Grenades Used For?

Their primary purpose is to be thrown with the “Use” command in battle. They have an above-average chance to petrify all enemies, as you might expect.

You can also use them to customize Stonetouch and Stonestrike onto weapons.

Stonetouch has a ~50% chance to petrify enemies with physical attacks, and Stonestrike has a near 100% chance.

Petrify Grenades can also be used to customize Stoneproof onto armor, which is arguably the more valuable skill. Stoneproof almost 100% protects against Petrify (there’s still a very minor chance, though).

  • Stonetouch requires x10 Petrify Grenades to customize
  • Stokestrike requires x60 Petrify Grenades to customize
  • Stoneproof requires x20 Petrify Grenades to customize

Petrify Grenades can also be mixed up with Rikku’s Overdrive for some pretty neat results. Some of these include:

Chaos Grenade (Amulet + Petrify Grenade): Deals exceptionally large damage to all enemies as well as inflicting Full Break, Slow, Poison, Darkness, Silence, and Sleep.

Megalixir (Antidote + Petrify Grenade): Fully restores HP and MP of the party. Also not what you’d expect from a Grenade.

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Petrify Grenade): Revives all KO’d party members to full HP. The Grenade taketh and the Grenade giveth.

Jormungand from the Monster Arena / FFX HD
Battling Jormungand

Are Petrify Grenades Worth It?


One of the earliest ways to cheese the game is by farming sixty Petrify Grenades as soon as you get to the Djose Highroad, that way you can customize Stonestrike onto a weapon – preferably for somebody like Wakka who has high accuracy.

You can just cruise through the next few hours of the story, turning every non-boss you meet into a rock with one hit.

Aside from that, there’s a late-game boss or two where having petrify protection is a huge asset. So it’s not a terrible idea to have a few pieces of armor ready to customize with Stoneproof.

And these grenades are an easy ingredient for some of Rikku’s coolest mixes.

In summation: yes, it is super nice to have a stack of Petrify Grenades in your inventory. And they’re not even that hard to get!

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