How To Farm X-Potions in Final Fantasy X

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The only way to farm X-Potions is by bribing Valaha, a type of fiend that spawns in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth (the Sunken Cave near Mt. Gagazet).

Bribing 217,500 gil will get 60 X-Potions.

So you deffo get your money’s worth!


What Are X-Potions & How Are They Used?

Healing, primarily.

An X-Potion restores a character to full HP (capped at 9999).

They are the ultimate type of potion in FFX.

You can also use them to customize HP+5% onto a piece of armor. Or your Aeons can use these potions to learn Cura.

HP +5% requires 1 X-Potion to customize.

Cura (Aeon) requires 30 X-Potions to customize.

Also you can use some of these in Rikku’s mixes, although the total list of what you can use these for isn’t too long.

But here’s a few mixes that stand out:

Megalixir (Grenade + X-Potion): Fully restores the party’s HP and MP.

Hyper Vitality (Stamina Potion + X-Potion): Doubles the party’s maximum HP as well as applying cheer.

Mega Null-All (Fire Gem + X-Potion): Casts NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide and NulFrost on all allies.

Valaha Fiend Battle Screenshot / FFX HD

Is It Worth Farming X-Potions?

Super YES.

X-Potions are really quite handy.

They can heal you to full HP (provided you don’t have Break HP Limit). And isn’t that enough right there?

If you have only X-Potions in your inventory, and if you have Auto-Potion on your armor, you will heal yourself to full whenever you take damage. Pretty sweet, huh?

There’s no reason to not have a bunch of X-Potions.

Yes, it’s pricey to bribe them from Valahas.

But you get sixty of them for the cost of a bit over 200k gil – which is one of the best deals out there for bribes.

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