Final Fantasy X-2: The Best Accessories For Your Party

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Accessories have long been a JRPG staple. And the Final Fantasy series is no exception.

Their main purpose is to augment various attributes of your party members, as well as providing useful and sometimes unique effects.

They’re great for kitting out your party against upcoming bosses – and if you’re feeling particularly naughty, setting up wild cheese strats.

Final Fantasy X-2 has a ton of accessories. And with the right ones you can turn YRP into a collective killing machine.


15. Speed Bracer

Marriage Questline Screenshot in FFX-2 HD

Speed is a valuable attribute to have in any game, but especially JRPGs, allowing you to often fire off multiple attacks before your opponents even know what’s happening.

With the Speed Bracer equipped you’ll be able to channel your inner Chocobo by moving as fast as the wind.

Having this on a character will bestow them with Auto-Haste.

It also allows you to cast Hastega, so you can easily speed up the rest of your team on your first turn.

How to obtain: Successfully complete the Marriage quest in the Calm Lands and find this in a treasure chest in Via Infinito.


14. Heady Perfume

Chateau Leblanc Duty Calls in FFX-2 HD

This one lets you act out any inner desire to become Leblanc.

While it doesn’t offer any game breaking upgrades, it still provides little boosts to quite a lot of stats.

Having this equipped gives you HP & MP Stroll (recover HP/MP while walking) as well as a small boost to your Magic, MP, Defense, Magic Defense, Agility, and Luck.

How to obtain: Complete the Chateau Leblanc Duty Calls side quest on your 2nd attempt.


13. Defense Bracer

Yuna in Calm Lands in FFX-2 HD

“Taking less damage” is the name of the game with this one.

Some of the top tier bosses in this game hit extremely hard. So you’re gonna need all the protection you can get.

Having the Defense Bracer equipped gives you the Auto-Protect and Auto-Shell status during battle.

How to obtain: Obtained in a treasure chest in the Calm Lands in chapter 5.


12. Charm Bangle

Open Air Inc buying Charm Bangle / FFX-2 HD

For those that deem random battles a waste of their precious time, or want to add a little bit more of a challenge to this game, this one has you covered.

Having this Charm Bangle equipped will allow you to run freely through the game while avoiding all random encounters.

How to obtain: Purchase from the Open Air Inc. for 500 credits.


11. Enterprise

Pushing Tobli into the elevator in FFX-2

Having a lot of HP is often a surefire way of not dying.

And thankfully Final Fantasy X-2 has an accessory that unlocks your potential to have as much HP as you want.

Equipping the Enterprise allows you to break your Max HP Limit of 9999, truly giving you the freedom to be as bulky as humanly possible.

How to obtain: Firstly, skip the Moonflow quest in chapter 1. Then during chapter 2 once Tobli is aboard your airship you need to push him and the musicians into the elevator.


10. Lure Bracer

Bikanel Battle with Logos / FFX-2 HD

If the idea of avoiding enemy encounters fills you with utter disdain, then this one is definitely for you.

The Lure Bracer drastically raises the frequency of random battles – which is fantastic for EXP grinding purposes.

Equip this in the secret cave in the Thunder Plains and you’ll never have to worry about being underleveled ever again.

How to obtain: Dropped by Logos in Bikanel in chapter 2.


9. Mortal Shock

Ifrit Battle in Fiend Arena / FFX-2 HD

Killing enemies is fun.

Killing enemies in one hit is even more fun.

The Mortal Shock accessory grants you Deathtouch, adding the Instant Death status effect to all of your attacks.

If you have any AOE abilities such as Trigger Happy then having this equipped turns that character into a literal death machine.

How to obtain: Buy from Open Air Inc. for 12,000 credits. Also dropped by Ifrit in the Fiend Arena


8. Adamantite

Gunners Gauntlet Screenshot from FFX-2 HD

The Adamantite is just a Defense Bracer on steroids.

And it could quite easily make your characters unkillable.

Equipping this gives you the Auto-Wall status, as well as doubling your Max HP and adding 100 to your Defense and Magic Defense.

The only downside is that it makes you as slow as a turtle by reducing your Agility by 30.

Still, taking virtually no damage is not a bad trade off at all.

How to obtain: Complete Machina Panzer’s Fiend Tale or score 2800+ points during the Gunner’s Gauntlet minigame.


7. Ragnarok

Miihen Highroad Mystery in FFX-2 HD

Now we’re getting to the borderline game breaking accessories.

MP is a precious commodity for your magic casters once you start dealing with high end magic attacks – but that’s a thing of the past with Ragnarok.

Having this equipped reduces all MP costs to 0, allowing you to spam Curaga at will, or absolutely nuke your opponents with Ultima.

How to obtain: Choose to blame Rikku during the Mi’ihen Highroad Mystery event.


6. Cat Nip

Cloister battle in Via Infinito / FFX-2 HD

The sheer power of this accessory is dependent on which version of the game you’re playing.

In the OG PS2 version it makes every one of your attacks deal 9999 damage while you’re at critical HP.

The most well-known way to exploit this is by using the Trigger Happy ability to deal insane amounts of damage and ending most battles in one fell swoop.

The Cat Nip was heavily nerfed in the HD and International versions, though. So now it also gives you the Berserk and Slow status, making it impossible to choose any commands to really utilize any sort of cheese strat.

How to obtain: find this in the Cloister 40 of Via Infinito.


5. Invincible

Yuna in Kilika in FFX-2 HD

This accessory is designed with one thing in mind:

Allowing you to deal as much damage as possible.

Equipping it allows you to break the damage limit of 9999.

Once done, you can seriously shell out some insane damage with attacks such as Ultima.

How to obtain: Speak to the Kilika cameraman during chapters 1, 3, and 5.


4. Iron Duke

Trema in FFX-2 HD

Simply put, this is the best stat increasing accessory in the game.

The only catch is that by the time you get it, it becomes a little redundant.

The Iron Duke doubles your max HP and MP, increases Agility by 10, Luck by 50, and everything else by 100.

How to obtain: Defeat Trema in Via Infinito.


3. Ribbon

Plate Puzzle area in Bevelle Underground

Anyone with any sort of knowledge of previous FF games will know all about this accessory.

Ribbons are a series staple – and are generally known as one of the best accessories in any game due to their functionality.

Equipping the Ribbon in FFX-2 will protect you from almost all status effects, making enemies such as Malboros a breeze.

How to obtain: Solve the Plate Puzzle in the Bevelle Underground.


2. AP Egg

FFX-2 HD / Playing Blitzball for AP Egg

If you’re planning to max out the many Dressphere abilities in this game, then you’ll absolutely need to kit your characters with one of these.

Having the AP Egg triples AP growth, making short work of maxing out your Dresspheres.

How to obtain: given as a tournament prize in Blitzball.


1. Key to Success

Garik Ronso in FFX-2

This one is the daddy of all accessories, offering insane boosts and multipliers in a variety of ways.

Key to Success doubles all EXP, AP, Gil, and items received after battle, making it much easier to grind for whatever you need

Best of all, the AP growth stacks with the AP Egg – giving you a x6 multiplier for AP growth!

It also doubles the efficacy of all recovery & attack items, as well as doubling your Max HP & MP and adding 100 to your Luck stat.

How to obtain: Complete Moonflow chapter 3 without killing Garik.

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