Best Accessories in Final Fantasy XV (And Where To Find Them)

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Arguably being even more important than armor, these secondary pieces of gear are famous for their wide variety of bonuses.

These include things like boosts to hit points, attack, or immunity to elements and other status effects – all the good stuff.

There are a lot of accessories in Final Fantasy XV, well over forty.

So which ones are worth tracking down?

Let’s take a look.


10. Stamina Badge

Stamina Badge Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

Sprinting around at top speed is not only fun, but gets you to where you need to go faster.

Especially useful in dungeons and before you get either chocobos or the off-road Regalia, the sprint is a key part of Noctis’ movement.

It comes at a cost, however: stamina.

As a familiar feature in most modern games, Noctis can only run so long before having to take a breather – or at least, he used to.

The Stamina Badge negates stamina loss, meaning our Lucian Prince can sprint as much as he wants, all the time.

Play for a while with the Stamina Badge and you’ll sorely miss it when you have to take it off – if you ever do.

How to Obtain: It is part of the Holiday+ pack, which comes standard in both the Windows and Royal editions of the game.


9. Blitzer’s Fanfare

Blitzer’s Fanfare Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

After every battle the crew gets a ranking on three aspects of their performance: Time, Finesse and Offense.

Get an A ranking or better and you’ll get rewarded with some bonus AP, which is great! It’s the perfect incentive to make sure you finish battles fast, strong, and with style.

How could it get better?

The Blitzer’s Fanfare is an accessory that makes it so when you get an A or better in the Time category (which is the easiest to nail) you’ll earn an extra two AP.

That means that every piddly battle you have with scorpions or beasts will get you three AP instead of one – and believe me that adds up.

You’ll get all those shiny abilities before you know it!

How to Obtain: It’s part of the Holiday+ pack, which comes standard in both the Windows and Royal editions of the game.


8. Ring of Resistance

Ring of Resistance Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

Magic is so cool to use, right?

Throwing out a Quintcast of power level 500 Firagas and Thundagas is awesome!

Not only does it look really cool, but it does so much damage. The only downside is that typically, magic can’t differentiate between friend and foe.

This means that any one of Noctis’ friends caught in the blast will take equal amounts of damage – quite unfortunate.

The Ring of Resistance is here to help.

Basically a required bit of accessory for any wanna-be mage, this Ring makes it so that there’s no friendly fire when it comes to magic.

Cast all you want! Throw the spells at Ignis’ feet, doesn’t matter!

Go wild and none of your friends will suffer for any of it.

How to Obtain: It’s part of the Holiday+ pack, which comes standard in both the Windows and Royal editions of the game.


7. Nixperience Band

Nixperience Band Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

XP in Final Fantasy XV works differently than in other Final Fantasy games.

Rather than earning and applying the stuff in the same moment, experience is stockpiled like a currency – and then spent whenever the gang stays at a hotel or camp.

This means it’s better to wait until you get to a place that has an experience modifier, such as Galdin Bay’s double or Altissia’s triple experience hotels.

Holding onto that experience isn’t easy, though.

At some point, you’re going to have to stay at an inn or camp out.

But with the Nixperience Band, you can make sure all your banked EXP stays with you until you’re ready!

It’s an accessory that stops experience from being applied when you sleep, making it so much easier to accrue the stuff and spend it where it counts.

Play your cards right and you can go from 1 to 100 in a single night!

How to Obtain: Part of the free-to-download Holiday Pack (for all versions of the game).


6. Moogle Charm

Moogle Charm Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

Speaking of experience, here’s the Moogle Charm!

One of the few mentions the kupo crew gets in FFXV, the Moogle Charm increases experience gain by 20%.

This is amazing on its own – and keeping it equipped all the time means you’ll be rolling in tons more experience.

But when combined with big experience buffs from cooking, you can just about double your XP gain.

Put this together with the Nixperience Band and you can create a system where you gain all the experience in the world, and then still have the agency to decide where & when to spend it.

How to Obtain: There are five hidden all over the world, including at the racing track in Duscae, in the Crestholm Channels, Daurell Caverns, Costlemark Tower and the Pitioss Ruins. Iris even gives you one for giving her flowers!


5. The Founder King’s Sigil

The Founder King’s Sigil Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

Most accessories in Final Fantasy XV either increase stats, or enhance already existing abilities.

It’s rare to get an accessory offering something entirely new – and that’s what the Founder King’s Sigil does.

Equipping this bit of royal lineage allows Noctis to tap into the old kings and use the Armiger Unleashed limit break.

Armiger Unleashed takes the place of Noctis’ default Armiger ability. The Unleashed version is doubled in power, and has tons of new ways to deal crazy amounts of damage.

It’s such a powerful form to take, that even Noctis’ friends take a backseat to it, allowing the Lucian Prince to go full-force.

Armiger Unleashed also breaks the damage limit, so it’s even more exciting to use.

How to Obtain: After obtaining all 13 Royal Arms, go visit the Founding King’s Statue near Keycatrich.


4. Field Medicine

Field Medicine Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

Items in Final Fantasy XV are pretty vital.

Using them liberally can get you through just about any fight. Keeping your hit points above zero is pretty much the whole point of battle, after all.

The Field Medicine accessory helps Noctis do that even better by automatically applying a potion when his HP drops below 50%.

Longtime Final Fantasy fans will probably recognize this as another entry in the long-running Auto-potion series of abilities – and yes, it is.

But that doesn’t make it any less helpful!

You can just about touch immortality with this great accessory.

How to Obtain: Found in the Duarell Caverns.


3. Magitek Suit V2

Magitek Suit V2 Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

An accessory doesn’t always need to do something super flashy to be good. The Magitek Suit series is a great example of this, with none better than the second version.

The Magitek Suit V2 is a piece of gear that bolsters the wearer both in health and body.

It has an incredible +2000 boost to HP, +100 Strength, and even +70 to vitality.

If you have enough skills to pay enough bills, and the patience to do it, you can farm enough of these suits so each member of the crew can have three – and make them just about invincible.

How to Obtain: A rare drop from the rare Imperial mech, the MA-X Angelus-0.


2. Black Hood

Black Hood Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

After fifty hours of fighting your way through Eos, are you getting tired of holding down the button so Noctis can phase through enemy attacks?

I don’t blame you.

Would you believe that there’s an accessory to help this very specific complaint?

After you’ve cleared the main story, you can dive through an optional dungeon and get the Black Hood, which makes Noctis automatically phase-dodge enemy attacks, as well as automatically parry attacks.

Helpful, right?

Take a break and let the game work for you!

How to Obtain: Find and clear the optional Pitioss Ruins


1. Ribbon

Ribbon Accessory in Final Fantasy XV

If ever there was a classic Final Fantasy accessory, it would be the Ribbon.

I bet I don’t even need to go any further for a lot of you reading, because this iconic Final Fantasy bit of cloth has done the same thing for years – and it won’t disappoint in the fifteenth installment.

The Ribbon in FFXV prevents 99% of status ailments, as well as elemental detriments, such as slowdown from ice.

The Ribbon is just about required to get for the optional dungeons and superbosses – and it probably should be in your hair all the time anyway.

How to Obtain: Rewards from the Frogs of Legend and Dead General Strikes down the King sidequests and one can be purchased in Altissia for 40 Oracle Ascension Coins.

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